arraybolt3[m]Eickmeyer: Did you... write the Edubuntu website in pure HTML? I just opened it up to see if I could tell what engine you used to build it and it looks like perfectly formatted, hand-written HTML.01:55
arraybolt3[m](I'm working on rebuilding the Lubuntu website and am using Nikola, which produces much... messier... code :P)01:56
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: That would've been aaronprisk[m], and it's at https://github.com/aaronprisk/edubuntu.org01:57
EickmeyerIt's really only a temp site until we can get Canonical to host a wordpress site.01:57
arraybolt3[m]Wow. Well that's awesome. (Funny thing, Lubuntu is trying to migrate from Wordpress to a static site :P)01:57
arraybolt3[m]WP is a massive lump of unnecessary problems for us.01:58
EickmeyerI need it to be something easy for Amy to post to.01:58
arraybolt3[m]Ah. That makes sense.01:59
EickmeyerShe's not super technical and doesn't understand markdown, which is why she did the write-up, signed-in to discourse, and I just copied/pasted.02:00
arraybolt3[m]I wonder if there's some way to do that without Wordpress. I mean every time I've seen it used, it's just a massive headache and doesn't work half the time.02:02
EickmeyerI did the formatting from there, and did release notes and what-not and anything technical.02:02
arraybolt3[m]Anyway, you guys know what you're doing. Just was cool to see that.02:03
EickmeyerThe Ubuntu Studio website works, just have to ask Canonical IS to clear the cache for any instantaneous changes.02:04
EickmeyerOtherwise, just be patient and it'll update.02:04
arraybolt3[m]For us, WP has been "fantastic, I added extra buttons to the page but now one of them looks broken", "it won't let me in", "elementor is being grumpy", "oh joy only the first Imgur link is loading inline, the other two look weird", etc., etc.02:08
arraybolt3[m]Only thing that gives us more trouble is Discourse (which breaks randomly about once every two months and teward has to yell at the server loud enough to kick it back into shape).02:12
EickmeyerThat's odd, but on the other hand, lubuntu.me isn't hosted by Canonical.02:17

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