jo-erlendI would like to delete my account at Launchpad.net, including my membership in Ubuntu and my Ubuntu.com email address address.00:40
sarnoldjo-erlend: https://launchpad.net/~/  -- hit the "change details" link, then there's a "Deactivate your account" link at the bottom of the page00:42
jo-erlendsarnold; I want to permanently delete it.00:43
sarnoldjo-erlend: there's a mention on https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/Closing about changing your name that might be useful00:48
sarnoldI probably wouldn't have thought of that myself, anyway, heh00:48
jo-erlendWell, if I have to jump through hoops I will jump through hoops, but they won't be nice hoops. I just pretty much want to undo the last 18 years. If it needs to be loud, then it needs to be loud.00:51
sarnoldI'm not about to risk it myself, but the description on that help page suggests it's like four clicks00:52
jo-erlendBut I still want to keep my relationshipts with third-parties I've made using Ubuntu OIDC.00:56
jo-erlendNo. I opened myself as part of Ubuntu. I'm leaving it. It's all ok. We just delete it. All of it. Everything that was ever associated with my involvement with Ubuntu. Oh, man, this feels big. This is literally more than a death sentence in Norway. Let's get'r done.01:02
jo-erlendYes. My account has been deactivated. How do I delete it all?01:02
jo-erlendsabdfl isn't even here. It's all bullshit.01:07
rbasakAm I right in thinking that a git branch must exist in order to file an MP against it?14:27
cjwatsonrbasak: t14:54

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