winnyHello, anybody know of a way to get a Ubuntu package for Postgresql 15 on Ubuntu 22.04.2?  (It ship 14)00:18
leftyfb!latest | winny00:19
ubottuwinny: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.00:19
leftyfbwinny: postgresdb 15 released the same month Ubuntu 22.04 was released. It wasn't going to make it in00:19
sarnoldwinny: I suggest uninstalling the ubuntu one and following https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Apt  if you really need the newer version00:20
winnyleftyfb: sarnold thanks!  Google been giving me a lot of trouble of late, I did search a bit, didn't see the wiki article00:22
sarnoldidmbe, ravage, leftyfb, jammy ought to get hwe livepatches with the 6.2 kernels00:25
leftyfbsarnold: still concerning that there have been no livepatch updates for 6 months for the latest LTS kernel00:33
idmbeleftyfb: That truth00:35
idmbesarnold: i will try 23.4 with 6.2 kernel on other pc00:38
sarnoldwhat's 23.4?00:38
idmbesarnold: ubuntu 23.0400:39
sarnoldidmbe: I think livepatch is an LTS-only thing00:39
sarnoldleftyfb: yeah, given that the hwe kernels are popular, that's part of the reason for adding support for them00:40
idmbesarnold: i'm not sure about that but i will try just for test not for livepatch00:41
leftyfbsarnold: if the HWE/LTS kernels weren't the ones being livepatched, which ones were? GA?00:41
sarnoldleftyfb: yeah00:43
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bray90820So on ubntu some apps don't keep there previous position they open up windowed  in the center of the screen01:05
jo-erlendAfter 18 years, I have finally ended my relationship with Ubuntu, It's all fucking bullshit.01:09
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miiichaelHello, lightdm-gtk-greeter question here: how do I change the per-user background (apparently enabled by user-background=true)? I'm using XFCE.02:46
miiichaelI rebooted this morning and discovered that gtk shows the background image configured in lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf for everybody...except me -_-02:47
sarnoldha :(02:49
sarnoldisn't the point of the greeter that it doesn't know who the user is until after it's gone?02:50
miiichaelThen why does the background change depending on which user is selected in the greeter? :P02:50
miiichaelWhat does the 'user-background' option in lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf do?02:51
sarnoldah, so you click on a name or something, and then it'll change the background to what the user selected? or the admin selected for the user?02:52
miiichaelThe former02:53
miiichaelThis is my own desktop PC :P02:53
sarnoldmiiichael: pastebin your conf file and syslog messages? journalctl messages? that it might have logged when you used it, and maybe someone'll have an idea?02:56
miiichaelconfig: https://pastebin.com/gRHJyc5R03:01
miiichaelseat0-greeter.log: https://pastebin.com/vuuDqy5g (nothing useful there)03:05
miiichaelAlso nothing relevant from `journalctl -b -u lightdm`03:07
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Guest28Hi how do I open .eml files05:46
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wdoekeshi ubuntu peoples :) where do I report a 404 of the launchpad css?08:00
SvenKieskehey, the combo.css at bugs.launchpat.net does not load for me (HTTP Error 403), as a result the site has no CSS.08:05
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password2I'm in need of sending an email from terminal , if anyone can assist it would be appreciated. I tried mailutils , and it seem to have tried to send once and then not again08:13
SvenKieskepassword2: that's what any mailclient would normally do, if sending an email fails, you need to figure out why (usually a configuration error), fix the error and then try again, no?08:16
password2i dont get any logs anymore08:16
password2and i don't knwo why08:16
password2i think i have fixed the issue08:17
password2of why it did not send correctly the first time it tried to send08:17
SvenKieskepassword2: ok, if you might want to try another client take a look at: https://wiki.debian.org/msmtp08:18
password2i moved my mail.log fiel to mail.log_old and i get no new log file08:18
SvenKieskemaybe the user which runs your mail cli tool has no permissions to create the log file or the tool does only write to a file, but doesn't create it? did you try to recreate it? "touch mail.log" should create an empty file08:22
password2that would make sense08:23
password2do i need to setup anythign from msmtp08:25
password2i dont want to authticate or anythign08:25
SvenKieskewell, all sane mailservers require authentication, that's not for the client to decide. clients support authentication. you might have luck and have a server - e.g. an internal server - which requires no auth, but it's certainly a security risk and not recommended, even for org. internal servers.08:28
SvenKieskebecause unauthenticated servers have a tendency to be used by spammers.08:28
SvenKieskeor worse - for phishing08:29
password2SvenKieske thats what i am testing here08:29
password2i need to generate a phising mail and see who falls for it08:29
password2hence why i'm not using company mail adress , cos it would be a poor test if they see its from internal08:29
SvenKieskepassword2: there are companies you can hire for phishing tests, I would not recommend to do this myself. also I can't help you anymore, because I have no way to judge if you are just legitimate testing your users for phishing or if you are a real phisher :)08:31
password2we want to do it internally08:32
password2i understand your concern08:32
password2I'm not phisisng someone outside company08:33
SvenKieskebut a last hint: if your mail solution accepts unauthenticated mail, scratch your garbage mailserver and replace it, before running phishing tests and blame the end user08:33
password2oh no i poked a tiny breathing hole in mail server08:34
password2a mail like this would normally not make it passed teh mail server08:34
password2seems so easy when someoen accidentally made our mail server and open relay08:36
password2well SvenKieske you have to admit i'm worst phisser yet!08:37
SvenKieskeyeah, but that's what script kiddies would do: outsource their first phishing attempt to IRC or chatGPT :P :D08:38
password2hah i dont trust chapt gpt08:39
password2iget this now  : msmtp: /home/ubuntu/.msmtprc: line 72: account freemail not (yet) defined08:39
password2lol : server message: 550 Submission must be authenticated08:42
password2really wish i could prove to you my intentions08:45
SvenKieskepassword2: I'm not affiliated, but there a dozens of companies doing what you want to do, it's usually way cheaper to pay for a phishing test, e.g.: https://www.sophos.com/en-us/products/phish-threat/free-trial08:47
password2bossman wont pay08:47
SvenKieskejust use a search engine you like and you will find many phishing tests, done very professional.08:47
password2if there is a free one , that would be nice08:48
SvenKieskewell there seem to be free trials, never tried them, good luck!08:48
password2i dont do trials08:48
password2because in 5 months when i ened to retest this i can't08:48
tekisuiupdating to 22.04 solved the problem :)09:18
tekisuii can acces nvidia server again with normal screen size09:18
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OverNaNThousandhello there09:42
Guillermohi there folks, is there any way to remove the .bak extension from a file in ubuntu?10:25
tarzeauGuillermo: try mmv10:40
Guillermonothing, i was in the wrong directory, but thanks anyways10:41
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BluesKajHi all12:03
leftyfbjhutchins: ?12:50
fedora_JOIN #ubuntu13:03
tekisuitry /13:04
dsc_tekisui: its not doing anything13:04
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leftyfbfedora_: you're already in #ubuntu. What can we do for you?13:09
fedora_never mind new to irc world :]13:10
jhutchinsleftyfb: Non sequiteur, nevermind.13:12
KIRIESHKAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edNYXOib9K8 ZMEY GORYNICH - Вжица (FULL ALBUM)14:17
lotuspsychje!ops | KIRIESHKA repeated spam/offtopic14:18
ubottuKIRIESHKA repeated spam/offtopic: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant14:18
tekisuiwhat´s happening ?14:19
leftyfbtekisui: this is an Ubuntu support channel. What can we help you with?14:20
tekisuioh it seems to be fixed after i updated to 22.0414:20
tekisuithere was trouble with the nvidia driver14:20
CS-CodesHello, wondering if anyone has had issues with the latest release of Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) Daily Build? https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/jammy/daily-live/current/14:34
CS-CodesWorked fine a few days ago for me using VM but today when setting up a VM with this ISO, after I download full version and try to re-start computer, VM screen goes black.14:34
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Teridonon focal: I tried to install a bunch of packages, but I filled up my /usr partition in the process and it failed.  I expanded /usr but how do I "clean up"?  I tried just running the same install command but it didn't seem to install anything else.14:46
jhutchinsCS-Codes: That's how rolling releases work.  They break.14:48
jhutchinsCS-Codes: They exist primarily to help locate areas where the code is broken so they can be fixed before they're released.14:50
CS-Codesjhutchins yep, makes sense, I don't think there's a better way to download a stable ISO right now with ARM however14:52
Eickmeyerjhutchins: Hardly rolling release, really he's testing future
EickmeyerCS-Codes: Those daily builds aren't supported here, if you want to join in testing, you'd want to follow the testing procedures in https://iso.qa.ubuntu.com. Feel free to join #ubuntu-quality.14:54
EickmeyerCS-Codes: Stable ARM builds should be available. Let me locate.14:55
CS-CodesEickmeyer awesome, appreciate it :)14:55
EickmeyerOooo fun! Site is down.14:56
leftyfbTeridon: don't split /usr into it's own partition. There's zero benefit and as you are experiencing, plenty of downsides14:59
EickmeyerCS-Codes: I assume you're doing this for Raspberry Pi?15:01
leftyfbEickmeyer: the pi doesn't utilize an ubuntu iso/installer15:01
Eickmeyerleftyfb: I'm aware, this is why I'm asking.15:02
CS-CodesEickmeyer Setup is virtualized env. on my Mac which uses an M1 chip (ARM architecture) , VM is VMWare fusion Player Version 13.0.115:03
Teridonleftyb:  it's a requirement here to split /usr and /var and others off.  :-P15:04
EickmeyerCS-Codes: I see. Yes, for ARM, if you want something reproducible, you'd want to utilize the server installer and install ubuntu-desktop on top.15:04
leftyfbTeridon: why is that?15:04
EickmeyerCS-Codes: Otherwise, the dailies are all you have, which is for testing only.15:04
jhutchinsTeridon: Required by what or whom?15:05
CS-CodesEickmeyer Dang, that's what I thought would be the case unfortunately -- but then even if you did download server installer, ubuntu-desktop available still isn't stable, right? The only desktop images released for ARM are daily builds I thought15:07
Teridonjhutchins: US govt federal security baseline.  actually I just checked and only /var, /var/tmp, /var/log need to be separate.  So separating /usr is not required.  In any case, can you help me with the clean up?15:07
EickmeyerCS-Codes: No, that's not the case. The ubuntu-desktop that you get would be exactly what you get from the repos. There's no stable/unstable repo.15:07
leftyfbputin: no15:08
putinbeibi la vida es un ciclo15:08
Eickmeyer!es | putin15:08
ubottuputin: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:08
putinhow are you?15:08
jhutchinsTeridon: have you tried apt -f install?15:08
Eickmeyer!support | putin15:08
ubottuputin: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:08
leftyfbTeridon: I would recommend booting a live cd/usb, rsync'ing all the data from the /usr partition to a /usr/ directory on root and deleting the /usr partition15:09
leftyfbTeridon: and removing the /usr mount in fstab15:09
Teridonjhutchins:  Nope, didn't try that but I will now15:09
leftyfbTeridon: unless you have lots of large files in /usr/local/, you're unlikely to "clean up" any space. My guess is your /usr partition is not adequate15:10
TeridonI expanded /usr.  I'm worried about package states (incomplete installs)15:11
CS-CodesEickmeyer gotcha, so use this download for ARM server -> https://ubuntu.com/download/server/arm and then when setting up the server you use ubuntu-desktop -> https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop -- but then when you download this ISO It always downloads at AMD , wouldn't this be a problem?15:14
EickmeyerCS-Codes: Nah, it's not that complicated. Just set up the server, then install the package "ubuntu-desktop" via "sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop".15:17
CS-CodesEickmeyer Sweet, appreciate your help here, will give it a go:)15:20
Teridonjhutchins:  apt -f didn't seem to do anything.  Here's a complete output of the original failure and attempts to fix:  https://dpaste.org/kf59315:22
jhutchinsTeridon: Not sure exactly what you're doing there, but it's not something I'm familiar with.15:40
TeridonI can't tell if the dependency issues are because of the /usr filing up or what.  But e.g. the first run, apt tried to install the package libgegl-common and failed.  But now if I try to install it, it says unmet dependencies15:54
Teridonapt output:  https://dpaste.org/gbPTT15:55
leftyfbTeridon: sudo apt install -f15:55
jhutchinsTeridon: I'm somewhat familiar with apt, aptitude, and apt-get.  I think I would verify your sources.list.15:55
TeridonI'm already root15:55
leftyfbTeridon: apt install -f15:56
Teridonleftyfb:  oh you mean just run it without a package name...15:56
ograTeridon, since apt -f install did not help, try doing the exact same you originally did but addiionally use the --reinstall option to the apt install command ... that might have a small chance to help15:56
leftyfbTeridon: correct15:56
ograoh, i thought you did that above15:56
Teridonyeah sorry I misunderstood, I thought I was meant to run it with the packagelist again.  I'm running it now..15:57
ograso follow leftyfb first ... if that doesnt help, try the --reinstall one (though thats just a wild guess and only a small chance it might help at all)15:57
Teridon"apt install -f" seemed to do .. something.  I'm trying to figure out what now15:58
ogra-f means --fix-missing ... it tries to resolve missing bits and pieces15:58
Teridonok yeah now when I try to run my original install it's no longer complaining about missing dependencies15:59
Teridonleftyb, jhutchins, orgra:  tyvm for your help; everything I tried to install appears to be installed now.16:07
leftyfbTeridon: I would strongly recommend doing away with the separate /usr partition. Otherwise, you are more than likely going to run into similar issues going forward.16:13
jhutchinsTeridon: -f mostly fixes missing dependencies and installs that didn't complete the configuration script.16:34
jhutchinsTeridon: I think --reinstall actually re-runs the transaction, so you install those packages again.16:34
iomari891greetings, is there any way fo do-release-upgrade do show approximate time remaining?16:35
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alkisgopenssl req -batch -x509 -nodes -newkey rsa:4096 -days 999 -keyout server.key -out server.crt17:09
alkisgAfter that ^ command, if I lose server.crt, can I extract it from server.key?17:09
loswedsededwhat's the easiest way to use speedtest-cli if im behind a proxy? I get 'error 403, forbidden' each time I try to use it17:14
loswedsededI don't feel like unproxying the computer, running the test and reproxying17:14
akikloswedseded: try if speedtest.net's own client works better17:19
MoosemsUbuntu 22.04.2 booted directly into manual partitioning, what should I do?17:20
loswedsededthanks akik17:29
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loswedsededhow /join #ubuntu-offtopic17:40
Eickmeyerloswedseded: You need to register first.17:40
Eickmeyer!register | loswedseded17:40
ubottuloswedseded: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://libera.chat/guides/registration - For any further help, ask in #libera17:40
loswedsededthank you17:46
Guest8hi, i got kicked out of my desktop session just during the release-upgrade for 23.04. it seems like the upgrade is still running. is there a way to reconnect some gtk-gui to the lingering upgrade process? i can e.g. see a process /usr/bin/python3 -s /tmp/ubuntu-release-upgrader-vmmkknwx/lunar --mode=server --frontend=DistUpgradeViewGtk317:55
tribuCongrats, people. I need some help, time ago somebody helps me to find an Scanner Software who supports my BenQ s2w 4300u scanner. Thank you.17:55
tribuI need to find the software again17:56
tribuit was a payment software17:59
tribuI don't know how to do the searching, he did it faster ever18:00
tribuIt was in linuxmint, but now i'm in ubuntustudio and i lose it18:00
tribuhow can i install vuescan on ubuntustudio?18:05
Guest8i could solve the aborted release-upgrade by killing a waiting dpkg process and later sudo dpkg --configure -a, just learned again the hard way to never ever triggering a release-upgrade from within a user session, but always use terminal in conjunction with byobu/screen18:14
jhutchinsGuest8: tmux is another option.18:32
namiroffHello People anyone know a good resource for me to study Gentoo linux?19:06
leftyfbnamiroff: https://www.gentoo.org/get-started/. Though you might have better luck asking in #linux19:07
leftyfbKIRIESHKA: please stop posting random links in here. This is a support channel19:18
leftyfbKIRIESHKA: please stop19:23
SteelRose_hi all! I have an issue with a device mapper partition. The system sees 620GB but the data disk is 1024 GB ... is there any way to extend it without destroying anything? Thanks!19:37
arraybolt3SteelRose_: Are you using Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Desktop (or a flavor thereof)?19:40
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SteelRose_arraybolt3: Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS on Azure19:40
arraybolt3I want to ask for a screenshot of the partition stuff but if you're on a server...19:40
arraybolt3Yeah, then screenshot won't work :P19:41
SteelRose_arraybolt3: I can provide you with outputs of commands to check things instead19:41
arraybolt3OK, so what's your partition layout look like currently? You mention device mapper, so I assume this isn't a simple GPT or MBR single-disk setup.19:41
arraybolt3Do you have RAID involved here? ZFS? Or...?19:42
SteelRose_arraybolt3: I inherited the system... all I see is /dev/dm-1 mounted on some mount-point19:43
arraybolt3Ah. OK, then in that instance I'll ask you to do some digging.19:43
arraybolt3Can you share the output of "sudo fdisk -l" in a pastebin?19:44
SteelRose_arraybolt3: it also points to /dev/mapper/1da1f8ea-c98a-42cb-bf06-1f551bce1bb019:44
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arraybolt3SteelRose: Can you share the output of "sudo fdisk -l" in a pastebin?19:47
SteelRosearraybolt3: 1 s19:47
arraybolt3np, just wasn't sure if it got missed19:47
arraybolt3...ok hold on my brain broke :P That is a bit more confusing than I expected.19:49
SteelRosearraybolt3: :-) no worries19:50
SteelRosethe disk is /dev/sdb (1 TB disk)19:50
arraybolt3SteelRose: OK, how about "lsblk -f"?19:50
SteelRosearraybolt3: https://dpaste.org/Kv55O19:51
arraybolt3Ah, so sdb has LUKS applied on the whole drive it looks like and then an ext4 partition inside.19:52
arraybolt3And how about "df -bG"?19:52
SteelRosedf: invalid option -- 'b'19:53
arraybolt3Sorry, "df -BG" :P19:54
arraybolt3My faulr.19:54
* arraybolt3 discards keyboard19:54
SteelRosearraybolt3: https://dpaste.org/zuTx019:55
arraybolt3SteelRose: OK, just to be sure, do you have a backup of this machine?19:56
arraybolt3From what I'm looking at, I *think* (and this is not necessarily for sure) that the /dev/mapper device you see is a full 1 TB, but the filesystem is for some odd reason smaller than that (perhaps the virtual disk was expanded later).19:57
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SteelRosearraybolt3: nope... but it's on a test environment... still, it'd be nice if nothing is broken :-)19:57
arraybolt3In that instance you can use a resize2fs command to fix it,19:57
arraybolt3SteelRose: OK. resize2fs can work online, so there's no need to unmount anything.19:58
SteelRosearraybolt3: exactly... the disk is 1 TB but the OS only sees 620 GB ... I want to extend it to use 100% of the disk19:58
arraybolt3Try "sudo resize2fs /dev/dm-1" and see if that works.19:58
arraybolt3That should automatically grow the filesystem to the partition size.19:58
arraybolt3er... not automatically, but you know what I mean. Autodetect.19:59
SteelRosehold on19:59
arraybolt3(You could unmount /var/blockchain if you want, but I don't think that's necessary.)19:59
SteelRosearraybolt3: FFS! I thought that resize2fs was for LVM only... that solved the issue...20:00
SteelRosethanks mate!20:00
* SteelRose is a moron :-) 20:00
arraybolt3Glad to help!20:00
arraybolt3And hey, don't beat yourself up.20:00
SteelRoseit's 22:02 CET here... still 4 more servers to go, and then I'll call it a day20:02
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jhutchinsDo you suppose he's doing this for the first time on lie production severs?20:53
leftyfb!who | jhutchins20:54
ubottujhutchins: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)20:54
jhutchinsleftyfb: I'll remember to do that if I mean to address someone in particular.20:55
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yes-linuxHey! Look at this: I had some older ubuntu images on my laptop's SSD and decided to move them all to my external SSD via USB connection. And so I did! Now, the copy (move) process took some minutes and the copy dialog disappeared into the window's title bar (the small circle showing the progress)... as time passed, I have forgotten about what is23:58
yes-linuxgoing on and even though some files were still copying, I have re-organized the copied files on the external SSD (I have basically moved all into another directory while the copy was still ongoing). And guess what?!? I suddenly woke up that I should have waited and that some files now may be corrupted, HOWEVER, to my surprise, every file got copied23:58
yes-linuxover and nothing was lost! :)  How is that possible? Using Ubuntu 22.1023:58
sarnoldyes-linux: files are interesting creatures .. the file data and permissions are associated with an inode object. this inode object can be assocated with directories in a filesystem ..23:59

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