ograenigma9o7, a) universe CVE updates have not existed before, this is a brand new thing that a bitg team in canonical works on b) that team needs to be paid by soeone, which is why it is behind a registration wall, so bigger commercial and enterprise customers pay the fee for you as enduser c) mint has nothing to do with it at all, nobody in canonical cares about mint, their userbase is really neglectable compared to the over-all one d) mirroring 10:03
ograviolates the terms of servics of pro ...10:03
JanClegally speaking, for anything that is GPL/AGPL/LGPL or similarly licensed, or anything else where the patches aren't licensed under a closed source license, you could mirror the source packages & rebuild them, of course...15:15
JanCbut that would require even more resources than just hosting them15:15

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