ItzSwirlzUnit193, made it -devel23:07
Unit193ubottu: join #ubuntucinnamon23:08
Unit193ubottu: join #ubuntucinnamon-devel23:08
Unit193ItzSwirlz: So it should be all set now.23:31
Unit193Once you get the logging set up, it'd be good to set up a notice in the entry message about the logging.23:32
Unit193Ah, and do you want your devel channel to default to the devel version when calling !info or do you think it doesn't really matter?23:36
ItzSwirlzthat'd be nice, not sure how tho23:37
Unit193That's a me thing.23:37
ItzSwirlzcan you do that please?23:38
Unit193Sure thing.23:38
Unit193!info libc623:39
ubottulibc6 (2.37-0ubuntu2, lunar): GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Built by glibc. Size 3,105 kB / 13,252 kB23:39

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