alkisgakik, you're right, that package is available to my upgraded installations but not to my clean installations05:32
alkisgakik, you can manually modify the titlebar color by opening /usr/share/themes/Yaru/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml, and changing line 12 to:05:46
alkisg<constant name="C_titlebar" value="#cccccc" />05:46
alkisgI'd file a bug report if I were you though, as you're right, the difference is too subtle05:46
akikalkisg: thanks 06:10
akikalkisg: although i t§hink it's intentional06:10
alkisgIt doesn't matter. Since users are affected negatively from this, it should change to something more visible.06:11
akiki also figured out the following06:12
alkisgAmbiant is the old one, not maintained anymore06:14
akikso i t§hink it's an intentional "design" choice06:14
alkisgDesigning yaru is certainly intentional but it can be improved with people feedback06:15
alkisgThat's one bug report where you might actually get an "OK, you're right, we'll do it" :)06:15
akikalkisg: ok i can try06:16
akikalkisg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate/+bug/201817706:29
akiki can see the thumbs up in android termux :)06:30

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