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nunyaI have a laptop running Ubuntu 22.04 I'd like to have 2 external monitors mirrored not extended. I can get the buitlt in monitor mirrored but not th 2 external monitors. I have on plugged into VGA and the othernmplugged into display port of the laptop then into HDMI adapter and into the monitor.I can think of a hardware way to do this. Is there a software method?00:37
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isak_I'm having trouble importing my OpenPGP key in order to sign the Ubuntu code of conduct. I synced my key to Ubuntu's server nearly an hour ago using seahorse.  I keep getting an error Launchpad could not import your OpenPGP key.01:09
isak_I got the key imported.  I had to upload the key at https://keyserver.ubuntu.com/01:18
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mzmmello blokes, trying to remote into a orange pi with remote desktop connection and having no luck. xrdp and tightvncserver have been installed03:41
rboxwhat do you mean "no luck"03:44
mzmmwhen i try to remote in, it times out and never connects03:45
rboxtry remote in how03:46
junebugSetting up a new ubuntu 22.04 server on a virtualbox. When I try to ssh into the server it hangs on the ssh user@ip line. I have enabled and reloaded ufw and ssh is showing as active. Any ideas?03:47
junebugssh -vvv gets stuck on debug1: Connecting to [] port 22.03:48
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kyonsalthi, I m using ubuntu and hp deskjet1000 printer. when I do "$lpr *.pdf" to process print tasks while the printer is sleeping, that the print task can not process correctly. How to give the printer a wakeup signal before print task?04:41
kyonsaltokey, I got the answer url:"https://askubuntu.com/questions/268064/how-do-i-wake-up-the-printer-when-it-sleeps", it works.04:53
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clarkkUsing 20.04 with gnome 3.36.8.  As the fonts are too small, I have to run vlc using this command:  QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=1.5 vlc   How do I make this the default, so that I can just double click on a video file and it will open with this setting?08:51
clarkkbtw, I installed vlc using snap08:51
samIS it safe and a good idea to run two different desktops in the same instance of ubuntu?09:10
koffeinfriedhofsam: With different users it should work. There can be some problems like GNOME-Tracker and Plasmas baloo (both file indexer) running at the same time. Have a look at `systemctl --user status` or similar.09:11
clarkkcan anyone help with this snap application issue?09:16
clarkkhow do I set a variable for a specific snap app?09:16
clarkkthe app is vlc, and I need the variable to be set so it works when I double click a video file09:17
koffeinfriedhofclarkk: No idea about snap, but there should be a desktop-file with an Exec line in it. Try 'Exec=env QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=1.5 snap run command' in it. Don't know if this works for snap or if it delivers qt with it (which is unsupported in 20.04 now)09:20
clarkkkoffeinfriedhof, QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=1.5 vlc    works at the shell, but I need it to work when I double click on a video09:21
koffeinfriedhofThats why you should use the desktop-file09:21
koffeinfriedhofclarkk: https://specifications.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/09:23
clarkkkoffeinfriedhof, you just said you didn't know if it worked for snap09:23
koffeinfriedhofI don't. But the basic way a gui program is started is with its desktop-file. You can copy the global /usr/share/applications/*vlc*.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/ and edit it per user. If it works, it works, if not just delete the local file.09:25
koffeinfriedhofwith the env command you alter the environment for the call, like you did on commandline.09:26
clarkkkoffeinfriedhof, there is already a variable in the Exec line. What is the format for adding a variable?  Separate with a space or a semi-colon?09:27
clarkkkoffeinfriedhof, there are no vlc .desktop files in /usr/share/applications/ or ~/.local/share/applications/09:31
koffeinfriedhofclarkk: If the changes are not applied after some seconds, try `update-desktop-database ~/.local/share/applications`. I do not know how properly gnome handles it09:31
koffeinfriedhofwhere did you find the second variable then?09:32
clarkkthat was an old file from the previous installation09:33
clarkkit was on my desktop09:33
clarkkI must have put it there when I first installed the system09:33
koffeinfriedhofOkay. I'm starting up my Ubuntu-VM and have a look how snaps are started. Wired stuff those snaps ;)09:34
clarkkkoffeinfriedhof, wired, or weird? ;)09:34
koffeinfriedhofsorry weird ;)09:34
clarkkif the latter, then I agree with you. I don't like them at all09:34
clarkkthanks for your help with this koffeinfriedhof09:35
clarkkwhen I press the windows key and type vlc, I see the vlc icon and can start it from there09:35
clarkkso there must be a shortcut somewhere09:35
koffeinfriedhofnp, good to know how it works09:35
koffeinfriedhofcurrently installing the vlc snap… takes as long as installing a full os natively^^09:36
koffeinfriedhofI will try `which vlc` and `type vlc` and probably others09:37
clarkkmine says, vlc is hashed (/usr/bin/vlc)09:41
clarkkbut I uninstalled the apt vlc09:41
clarkkok, I needed to uninstall vlc AND vlc-bin09:42
clarkknow vlc won't run from the command line09:43
EvilGrywhat does it say?09:43
EvilGryit is a strange error for a package installed from apt09:43
koffeinfriedhofWell, seems not to be that easy. One can edit the snap and change variables in it, but thats not a stable way of customization. For me which vlc; type vlc is /snap/bin/vlc09:46
clarkkwhich vlc     /snap/bin/vlc09:47
clarkkok, vlc does run from the shell09:48
clarkktype vlc      vlc is /snap/bin/vlc09:49
koffeinfriedhofWell, there seems to be no configure hook in vlc snap. So there is only a workaround. Create a desktop file yourself, and set it as default for media files. This should work, but I'm trying myself.09:55
koffeinfriedhofclarkk: https://ctxt.io/2/AACQN8IjFw > I created this desktop-file in ~/.local/share/applications/ ran `update-desktop-database ~/.local/share/applications` and changed the default program to VLC CUSTOM in GNOME Settings. This works for me.10:03
koffeinfriedhof(well, the icon does not, but you can change that later)10:03
clarkkkoffeinfriedhof, the file isn't at ctxt10:04
clarkkjust a blank page10:04
clarkkok, works now10:04
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koffeinfriedhofah, ok. I do not use those services often as my default os does not allow most JavaScript.10:05
koffeinfriedhofworks now sounds good10:05
ograclarkk, cp /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/vlc_vlc.desktop ~/.local/share/desktop/ ... edit the env in the line ... no need to run update-desktop-database, it should just work (many people use it that way and i think it is even documented in forum.sanpcraft.io somewhere)10:06
koffeinfriedhofogra: thanks for the original desktop file! yes, change that.10:06
koffeinfriedhofthe update-database was needed here for my VM, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (real LTS β€” main/restricted).10:07
ograclarkk, though note the one in ~/.local will *always* override the snap one now ... if you see odd behavior after a snap update, try to remember you ave overridden it maually (the snap one might have changed) πŸ˜‰10:07
ograkoffeinfriedhof, hmm, it shouldnt, the desktop has an inotify watch for such dire that should execute the command automatically if the dir content changes ... though not sure that works if your homedir is shared with the host10:08
ogra*such dirs10:09
clarkkkoffeinfriedhof, I don't have ~/.local/share/desktop/ but I do have ~/.local/share/applications/ with desktop files in it10:09
ograyeah, thats the dir ...10:09
ograsorry, my fault10:09
clarkkI also have ~/.local/share/desktop-directories/10:09
ograno no, do not touc that one10:09
ogra.... ~/.local/share/applications is correct10:10
clarkkthank you ogra10:10
koffeinfriedhofWell, the BAMF-variable seems to be unused now? Do not find much about it but Unity7s bamf-daemon which isn't available in my Ubuntu.10:12
koffeinfriedhofdoesn't matter, just curious10:13
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clarkkkoffeinfriedhof and ogra - thanks for all your help. That worked a treat! I'm happy now :)11:22
bhechingerOk, I'm stumped. I'm on 22.04 and when I start this openvpn3 client it causes dns to stop listening on which of course breaks everything.11:48
bhechingerI've tried installing openvpn-systemd-resolved and resolvconf and calling the update script from my ovpn client. I've tried tweaking things with resolvectl.11:48
bhechingerNo matter what I do DNS stays broken. I'm not using NetworkManager. My network is configured with netplan using networkd as the renderer.11:48
vershanUbuntu 22.04 LTS cant seem to install pidgin11:53
vershanReading package lists... Done11:53
vershanBuilding dependency tree... Done11:53
vershanReading state information... Done11:53
vershanSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have11:53
vershanrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable11:53
vershanhttps://dpaste.com/35K67A57G - ubuntu to install pidgin ubuntu 22.0411:55
bhechingerUgh, now it works after letting it sit for a minute. what the hell11:55
vershanpidgin wont install on ubuntu 22.04. see output above11:58
tomreynvershan: what does   apt policy pidgin   print?11:59
tomreynuse a pastebin again11:59
vershan@tomreyn, thank see output https://dpaste.com/67J97KVRU12:00
tomreyndid you   sudo apt update   before requesting the installation?12:01
vershan@tomreyn, yes12:01
tomreynwhat does   apt policy libpurple0    show?12:02
vershan@tomreyn, https://dpaste.com/B8WNJD6TV12:04
tomreynso it's unclear why we see "Depends: libpurple0 (>= 2.14.0) but it is not going to be installed", because this version would match12:05
tomreynchances are you have some incompatible third party sources installed, preventing this dependency from being resolved properly.12:06
tomreyncan you run:   apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999912:06
tomreynalso   apt policy | nc termbin.com 999912:06
vershan@tomreyn, I only did katoolin3 and fully uninstalled this. but afterwards I noticed that pidgin wouldnt install. Everything else works fine12:07
* tomreyn does not know what katoolin3 is12:07
tomreynah, if you want kali linux, use kali linux. you can live boot it or run it in a vm12:08
vershan@tomreyn, i already have kali on another box, just trying to figure out why pidgin wont install on this distro. i'm sendng output in a moment12:09
vershan@tomreyn, https://dpaste.com/8ZWWCPG3K12:10
bhechingerOh, FFS. The DNS server that's being pushed doesn't respond which in turn seems to completely piss off resolved.12:16
tomreynvershan: you are missing the ubuntu security apt repository12:17
vershan@tomreyn, what is it and i will add it to sources.list and try again12:21
tomreynvershan: echo 'deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jammy-security main restricted universe multiverse' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list12:22
tomreynthe security apt repository provides security updates. i do not know, hoever, whether ESM replaces it. so far i assumed it would add to it.12:22
tomreynand you are using ESM on this system12:23
vershanyes im using esm12:23
tomreynyour apt thinks that all these packages / package versions https://termbin.com/qx9h are not from a repository known to it. this makes me think you do actually need to continue to use the security repository.12:24
tomreynbecause these are really standard packages / package versions12:24
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tomreynthe command i provided above should re-add the security repository12:26
BluesKajHi all12:26
vershan@tomreyn, ive added the repo, confirmed that this on sources.list. done and update and upgrade. found some packages. but wonnt install pidgin  - see output https://dpaste.com/9TQWN2K8W12:29
tomreynvershan: run this:   sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt full-upgrade12:31
tomreynthen try installing pidgin again12:31
vershan@tomreyn, ok will give this a try now12:32
tomreynif it still fails then, run    apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 9999    again and post the link it prints12:32
vershan@tomreyn, fails again see link https://dpaste.com/AY5HHXN7Y12:35
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tomreynvershan:   sudo apt update && sudo apt policy    gives what?12:36
vershan@tomreyn, https://dpaste.com/3AKZK7WYB12:37
tomreynjammy-updates is also missing12:39
vershan@tomreyn, any idea what i should add?12:40
tomreynecho 'deb http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jammy-updates main restricted universe multiverse' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list12:41
tomreynthen     sudo apt update && sudo apt policy && sudo apt -f install && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo apt install pidgin12:43
tomreynand if it still fails, show the output from these commands. and then run and show the output of these, too:  sudo grep -hEv '^([ ]*#.*)?$' /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*.list} 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999   ; apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999912:45
tomreynvershan: ^12:45
vershan@tomreyn, failed https://dpaste.com/BWVXBGXS6 - working on the above output now12:46
vershan@tomreyn, see output for both commands - https://dpaste.com/EMFFHW9QU12:48
tomreyn!info apache2 jammy12:49
ubottuapache2 (2.4.52-1ubuntu4.5, jammy): Apache HTTP Server. In component main, is optional. Built by apache2. Size 96 kB / 533 kB12:49
tomreynvershan: okay, so the remaining problem now seems to be that you actually have package versions installed from some unknown source, such as  "apache2/now 2.4.57-2 amd64 [installed,local]", as seen on https://termbin.com/3cub12:51
tomreynthis package has version 2.4.52-1ubuntu4.5 in "jammy" (which is the codename for the Ubuntu 22.04 release)12:52
tomreynbut your system has a higher version installed.12:52
tomreynyou can downgrade all these packages to the versions you should be having. or reinstall.12:53
vershan@tomreyn, how would i go about downgrading12:53
tomreynbe very careful with third party software sources12:53
vershan@tomreyn, noted yeah third party tell me about it.12:54
tomreynto downgrade, first you need to understand which version you actually should be having. replace "apache" in this url by the package you need to find the version for: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?exact=1&suite=jammy&keywords=apache212:55
tomreynthat's the TARGETVERSION12:55
tomreynthen run  sudo apt install PACKAGENAME=TARGETVERSION12:56
tomreynfor apache2, that would be   sudo apt install apache2=2.4.52-1ubuntu4.412:56
tomreynthis is a very manual process, i'm not aware of a better one.12:56
tomreynand downgrading is not actually supported12:57
vershanahh i see, so reinstall would be a better option12:57
tomreynyes, almost always after such major mistakes ;)12:58
tomreynbut don't loose your data12:58
vershan@tomreyn, yeah mate. the instalation media doesnt have the option to keep data, only two options. 1 to erase disk and reinstall clearing apps and data. 2 to reinstall clearing apps and data but option to encrypt drive or some what13:00
tomreyntwo important things to learn from this: (1) third party repositories can break your installation (2) worse than that, any apt repository you configure effectively gets root on your computer, can do anything on your computer, with or without you noticing.13:01
vershan@tomreyn, absoluty I agree. I'm going to do a fresh install. I'll backup the data first. Really appreciate your hard work and efforts here. True super star mate :)13:02
tomreynvershan: you should always backup your data, regularly so, and know it can actually be restored from that backup. if you do this, breaking disks or file systems or bad system admin (i.e. you) decisions are no longer much of a concern if you can just reinstall and restore your backups.13:03
tomreynyour system still works somewhat in its current state, you can probably still create a tarball with your important data and store that on a different storage media.13:03
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup, !borg, and !cloning13:03
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:04
vershan@tomreyn, I have a timeshift snap shot from last week. Should I give that a try first?13:04
tomreynvershan: maybe, i don't have experience with timeshift.13:04
tomreynmaybe backup first, then try the timeshift13:05
vershan@tomreyn, ok mate ill give that a try first, failing which I will reinstall13:05
tomreynalright, good luck. for the future i'd recommend borg backup13:06
tomreynit has a nice and simple gnome gui named "vorta"13:07
tomreynwhoops i mean "pika"13:07
vershanahhh ok ill give that a try @tomreyn thanks a pun for all your help13:08
tomreynyou're welcome13:08
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alprolifehi, anyone can help me ? I have an ipv6 in my ubuntu server but if I ping google for example in ipv6 don't work, don't give me a reply15:00
tomreynalprolife: so are you using systemd-networkd for network management (default on new ubuntu server installations)?15:03
alprolifetomreyn: how can I see ?15:04
hms_rorqualHi all15:05
tomreynalprolife: systemctl status systemd-networkd15:06
tomreynthere may be a better way to test, this one just checks whether the daemon is active15:06
alprolifeyes, it's active (running)15:06
tomreynalsd resolvctl gives what? (use a pastebin)15:07
tomreynhi hms_rorqual15:07
alprolifetomreyn: -bash: resolvctl: command not found15:10
alprolifetomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Dh6vF4nqy8/15:11
tomreynalprolife: sorry i mean    networkctl15:12
tomreynalprolife: the otput you posted to the pastebin is from which command?15:14
hms_rorqualHi tomreyn :) Please, I'd like to know if ubuntu 23.04 and following versions and release will no longer incorporate ZFS as they have with previous versions. Is this the end of ZFS on Ubuntu after LTS support for 22.04 ends?15:14
tomreynhms_rorqual: i don't know. what makes you think that's the case?15:14
alprolifetomreyn: resolvectl15:15
tomreynalprolife: i see, sorry for my typo there. so you don't seem to have an ipv6 resolver configured15:17
alprolifetomreyn: yes, I haven't15:17
tomreyn(wstill, also when queried over ipv4, hostnames you are resolving may still resolve to ipv6 records)15:17
alprolifethey don;t work with ipv4 ?15:17
tomreyndo you have an ipv6 gateway cofigured, though?15:18
alprolifemust to add nameserver ipv6 ?15:18
alprolifetomreyn: no15:18
tomreynno, you don't have to add an ipv6 resolver15:18
tomreynbut you will need an ipv6 gateway15:18
alprolifeok, so I must to ask provider for this gateway ?15:19
hms_rorqualtomreyn I haven't downloaded 23.04 yet, I have 22.04 here running with ZFS. I have been told by some users that ZFS is no longer available in 23.04 - or is it available but not via the new installer for this new Ubuntu release?15:19
hms_rorqualI am quite worried about this, because Ubuntu is the hope of all Linux users who want to use ZFS natively in a Linux Distribution, and without the need to resort to the DKMS module for this.15:20
tomreynhms_rorqual: to possibly shortcut this: read the 23.04 release notes, and the "Known Issues" section of it.15:24
tomreynAKA bug 199331815:24
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1993318 in zfs-linux (Ubuntu) "ZFS + Encryption installations of Ubuntu Desktop do not come up correctly on first boot, systemd unmounts many of the zfs volumes" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/199331815:24
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alprolifetomreyn: I must to ask provider for gateway to put in settings or ?15:32
tomreynalprolife: your local internet gateway / router, if any.15:33
alprolifetomreyn: ok, I found it, and I put it on /etc/network/interfaces ?15:34
tomreynif that's how you configure your network? it's not how it's currently done on ubuntu server by default15:34
tomreynyou'd use netplan or systemd-networkd directly15:34
alprolifetomreyn: and how can I configure with netplan or systemd-networkd this gateway ? if I try netplan - command not found and systemd-networkd same15:45
ubottuNetplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/15:47
alprolifecd /etc15:48
tomreynalprolife: the very basics on how to configure your ubuntu server are documented at https://help.ubuntu.com15:50
alprolifetomreyn:  thank's !15:51
tomreynto test yur ipv6 connectivity later, you can use https://test-ipv6.com/15:51
alprolifetomreyn. ok, but first to configure ..I don't know how to add gateway with netplan .. I just installed netplan because they aren't installed by default16:01
jhutchinsMost routers provide DHCP to set address, netmask, and gateway.16:15
jhutchinsIf they don't provide ipv6 support it's likely the provider doesn't offer it.16:17
alprolifejhutchins: I have ipv6 ip and ipv6 gateway but I don;t know to setup16:18
ikoniayou may want to make sure your differentiating between IPv6 public address and IPV6 on your private network provided by your broadband router16:29
semi upgraded from 22.10 -> 23.04 recently, and have a new intermittent problem where my touch screen stops responding. Can I either get back to 22.10, or get help troubleshooting? Perhaps there are some logs that would be useful?18:22
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jhutchinsMy xfce panel/taskbar seems to be displayig the icons in very low resolution.  How can I fix this?  The desktop is normal.  REsolution set to 1600x900.  Intel graphics.19:02
jhutchins(#xfce has 200 silent lurkers)19:02
EriC^^jhutchins: did you try messing about with the icon settings in preferences?19:14
EriC^^(in panel preferences)19:15
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RicHi, everyone! I'm new here, so I'd appreciate if anyone could help me understand something: how long can it take for the Ubuntu installer to change the size of a partition? Minutes? Hours?19:47
rboxit deepends on the data in the partition19:47
RicI'm installing Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS 64 bits alongside Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS on a 500 GB HDD. When asked, I decided to allocate 100 GB to the old Ubuntu partition and 400 GB to the new one. The installation process said it could take a while, but as it started there is no progress indicator, and the cursor is just the spinning Ubuntu logo.19:47
RicI'm sure the time it takes it depends on how the data is distributed in the partition as well, but is there any way to peek at the process running in the background to have even a rough estimate of how much longer it might take (or at least how much data still need to be moved)?19:51
rboxyou could try looking at one of the other virutal ocnosles19:52
rboxit might show status19:53
RicI can log to a virtual console, but I'm not sure where to look for this information.20:01
RicAny idea of which program would be doing this, and if it would log somewhere in /var/log/ ?20:01
rboxone of them shoudl show status20:04
Rictty1 is the GUI, tty2 to tty6 allow login, so no one is showing progress or status...20:06
rboxweird, one of them usually shows output20:09
RicFinally! It took about one hour to complete! But here was no progress at all, I just saw it now when checking /var/log/syslog20:14
RicThanks! :)20:14
lvsmmusicI am not able to remove an environment variable permanently using unset command. I also checked /etc/environment, /etc/profile, similar and also local ones but no entries were there20:17
lvsmmusicbut still env command shows the variables20:17
rboxlvsmmusic: unset just effects your current shell20:18
lvsmmusicrbox: Does the environment variable are cached somewhere?20:19
lvsmmusicrbox: Do you have to restart the system or just a relogin is enough after removing variables from /etc/environment ?20:21
rboxlogout login should do it20:22
lvsmmusicrbox: ty20:24
jhutchinsEriC^^: I didn't see any relevant settings except "Adjust size".  That's consistent with my systems that have normal panel icons.20:50
jhutchinsEriC^^: I mean that's "On", which is the same setting as my other systems.20:55
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loswedsededcan any of you invite me to github?22:23
oerhekshttps://github.com/ubuntu ?22:24
loswedsededno, send me an invitation for libera's android channel I meant22:28
rboxwhat does that have to do with ubuntu?22:29
oerheksloswedseded, just /join #android22:31
oerheksand those are 2 different things, github and android22:32
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rsjenIm trying to set up an http server by using Nginx. By default it works but when I try to change the home directory to another hard drive I get the 404 error with permission denied. I have tried to link the new location in the www directory with no luck. Im going bald due to me pulling my hair out, what am I doing wrong?23:05
rboxnamei -l /the/directory23:06
rboxfor the one that works and the one that doesnt23:06
rsjenThe one that works actually shows 'drwxr -xr -x root root "directory"'23:12
rsjenThe one that doesn't is 'drwx------ $USER www-data "Directory"'23:14
rboxand youre magically expecting the server to be able to access it?23:14
rsjenIf that makes since. Not magically, I just don't know how to make it accessible. Ive changed the host file, I just dont understand what Im missing.23:17
oerheksmaybe a help https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-move-an-nginx-web-root-to-a-new-location-on-ubuntu-20-0423:17
oerheksif that is what you call home folder23:17
rsjenI have followed that guide, but once I change it its not accessible. It has to be with the permissions.23:19
oerheks755 i guess23:19
rboxif you dont understand how permissions work... theres tons of guides that explain them...23:19
EriC^^rsjen: chmod -R 755 /path/to/dir23:21
rboxrandomly chmodding RECURSIVELY is ALWAYS the solution!23:21
EriC^^given the context and user yes23:22

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