mparilloHere? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2023-May/thread.html#4256010:52
BluesKajHi all12:12
ahoneybun[m]Heyo BluesKaj and happy late birthday valorie 12:53
BluesKajhey ahoneybun[m]13:02
sheytanmmikowski: How does this work for Ubuntu out fo the box (without even fprint config to what it shlould use - password or finger print) and not for Kubuntu? 18:20
mmikowskisheytan: Unfortunately, I do not know the intricacies of the Ubuntu Gnome config. However, given they have the same basic libs, either Gnome is pre-configured to use fprint, or they have used a gnome-specific lib to implement. If it is the former, then the fprint tutorials should work. If you are motivated, you can investigate what stack is in use.19:42
mmikowskiIf you report it back here, I or others might be able to upstream changes to make it work in Kubuntu by default too.19:42
-queuebot:#kubuntu-devel- Builds: Upgrade Kubuntu amd64 [Mantic Daily] (20230505) has been added21:00
-queuebot:#kubuntu-devel- Builds: Upgrade Kubuntu i386 [Mantic Daily] (20230505) has been added21:01
valorieahoneybun[m]: thank you! celebrations are ongoing all of May :-)23:35
valorieare we a go on Mantic? Email went out asking, called "Question to flavours: touch-base on flavour participation for 23.10!"23:36

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