IrcsomeBot<zparihar> Hey folks... can any tell me why I get a Green Circle when i press the 'equals' sign on my Keyboard?  It seems to follow my mouse, slowly... : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/3b5f6287/file_65544.jpg05:59
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BluesKajHi all12:12
user|72Need help. On kubuntu Kubuntu 23.04. Everytime I log into my account system settings autostarts (not really a problem but it isn't set to do that). However, if I close the settings I cannot open them again without logging off and then back on.14:16
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IrcsomeBot<Omar> how to disable USB Power Saving in kubuntu 22.0417:51
diogenes_Vx15<Omar>, try with powertop.17:52
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IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> hey , i want to connect a ubuntu from my ubuntu via vnc21:15
tweakhi all. been trying for a week to troubleshoot 2 keyboard issues on an HP laptop. 1. can't get the mute button (f6) LED light to work at all. 2. Numlock for sddm i can't get to work either, even with numlockx.22:45

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