Ivan69hello, after fresh installation of lubuntu i cannot find firefox in internet section14:07
Ivan69when i install manual thru apt-get install firefox i get this error > https://pastebin.com/EpakSkk1 can someone please help me14:07
Ivan69the only purpose of this laptop is to use firefox :)14:07
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> Can you try this?14:11
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> sudo dnf(apt) reinstall snapd14:11
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> Or maybe try installing older firefox version?14:11
lubot[telegram] <vanitas77> sudo systemctl restart snapd.seeded.service && sudo systemctl restart snapd.service14:12
Ivan692023-05-05T16:13:11+02:00 INFO Waiting for automatic snapd restart...14:14
Ivan69i type apt-get install firefox after sudo apt reinstall snapd14:14
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> Try restarting your system14:15
Ivan69firefox 112.0.2-1 from Mozillaâś“ installed14:15
Ivan69ok, will try to restart14:15
Ivan69vanias it works! thank you so much14:17
Ivan69this laptop causing me troubles all day long14:17
Ivan69finally thing is working, after i change system to MBR instead GPT14:18
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> No problem!14:23

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