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rbasakShould security regression reports be marked "Public Security"?07:34
amurrayrbasak: that sounds quite reasonable07:38
amurrayalso would be good to subscribe ~ubuntu-security07:38
rbasak(done for bug 2018547)07:40
-ubottu:#ubuntu-security- Bug 2018547 in ruby2.7 (Ubuntu) "puppet can no longer find puppet:// resources after ruby2.7 CVE Update" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/201854707:40
rbasakWith no judgement on the validity of that to be clear - I haven't looked.07:40
amurraythanks rbasak08:09
grimmwarehey, just noticed that the EOL for Bionic has moved to the end of May, any reason for that?10:41
ebarrettogrimmware, yes, we have been the past two weeks in planning and doing it together with the move to ESM would be too tricky, so it was decided to postpone it for a month further (end of may). I don't think this will be a thing in the future but rather an exception, but I could be wrong, only time will tell 12:29
grimmwareebarretto: ah so the motivation is essentially to ensure a smooth transition to ESM? Makes a lot of sense, thanks for the context :)13:07

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