ubuntu_Hello, how can I change the File Manager icons to details please?  I've searched about 5 results on this and checked File Manager preferences but it's proving to be a complicated process?00:25
ubuntu_Amazing, ubuntu docs talk about it, but don't show any navigation path? https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/nautilus-preview.html.en00:27
Bashing-omubuntu_: Depends - please tell the channel what flavor and release you are running.00:27
ubuntu_Bashing-om, I'm running Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS.00:31
EriC^^ubuntu_: there should be a button in the right top corner i think, next to the down arrow00:32
ubuntu_EriC^^, yes, I've looked there in the Preferences, however nothing intuitive or obvious how to change from icons to details?00:34
EriC^^not the preferences, there's a button to the left of the arrow that has the caption 'show list'00:35
ubuntu_EriC^^, ah, thank you, that finally solved that epic.00:36
EriC^^ubuntu_: no problem00:36
Bashing-omubuntu_: A Turorial on the file manager: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/files.html.en#common-file-tasks00:38
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svm_invictvsUsing the ubuntu docker image, what's a command that can just test for a connection to another service?01:35
svm_invictvslike, curl hostname.com01:35
svm_invictvssomething very simple01:35
rboxwhat do you mean "service"01:36
docchi77*, depending on what you need to test connection to curl itself could be sufficient01:36
webchat68I need help02:14
webchat68I need solution for Nouveau driver error in Ubuntu02:15
Bashing-om!ask | webchat6802:15
ubottuwebchat68: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:15
webchat68What is solution for Nouveau driver error in Ubuntu?02:16
Bashing-omwebchat68: Share the error in a pastebin - give us something to work with :D02:18
stacyhi all i recently bought a used laptop  2 in 1 (lenovo yoga 12) on the lenovo  sit about that version  it talk about linux , so i guess they have some version sol wiht linux (ubuntu and som ewiht fedora)iplan on  making a dual bouot (windows linux ) on it  what ubuntu flavor woul work best with a converting  2 in 1 laptop03:14
wontfix[m]The latest version possible.03:17
Liowenexstacy, Just regular Ubuntu tbh03:17
stacyLiowenex, ok sowihtthe regular version the touch screen will work  and so will  the pen?thanskcause some site said  ubuntu mate other ubuntu unity  that why i said  ill log on this chat and ask03:27
stacyLiowenex, Thanks forthe help03:28
stacyi get the laptop next week03:28
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bobdobbsI'm running ubuntu 22.04 as my main desktop machine. At some point I installed docker, but I don't remember how I did it. I want to remove it.04:34
bobdobbs'apt purge docker' tells me that docker isn't installed. But docker commands exist on this system.04:35
bobdobbsIf I was a dolt then I'd just go around removing binaries, configs and images manually. But I aspire not to be a dolt.04:35
Bashing-ombobdobbs: Any hints ' apt policy docker ; snap find dicker ' ?04:40
bobdobbsall good, I think. I uninstalled the binaries with dpkg04:40
bobdobbsthen, like a semi-dolt, I went aroudn manually removing data04:41
juno__I'm looking for a laptop under $600 that can run ubuntu 22.04 with at least 8GB of memory and 256GB SSD. Any suggestions?04:44
matsamanjuno__: whereabouts are you geographically?04:51
juno__matsaman, US04:51
matsamanok let's see04:52
matsamanI mean, for starters, any chromebook that you can both 1) change the OS on [some make this easy, some hard] and 2) access & upgrade memory slots/m.2/storage slots on04:52
matsamanyou could easily buy a really cheap chromebook (<$200), upgrade the ram & storage for cheap, and swap the OS04:53
matsamanalso chromebooks' default OS, Chrome OS, actually uses the Linux kernel, so in a real way the hardware is designed for Linux04:53
matsamandownside: you encourage Google =P04:53
matsamandamn, are low end chromebooks $50 now? =P04:54
juno__matsaman, yeah I thought about that. Was hoping to find something a bit more ready made. I was looking at the HP Envy x360 but some people are saying there are wifi issues.04:54
matsamanyeah you'll be able to find something readymade04:55
matsamanfor slightly more money (but less effort)04:55
juno__I currently have an HP laptop and the wifi doesn't work on the newest kernel. I have to load up an old kernel every time I start it up04:55
matsamanwhat kinda screensize you want?04:55
juno__14 inches FHD04:56
matsamannewest or newest? =)04:56
juno__Anything after version 5.11.0-46 wifi doesn't work04:57
matsamanwhat's the wifi hardware?05:01
matsamanregressions happen, and sometimes drivers are fully deprecated and replaced with others05:01
juno__matsaman, how do I check it? I think it's RealTek or something05:02
matsamanjuno__: probably lspci or lsusb05:02
matsamanor lshw if you want to get overkilly05:03
matsamanI'd bet this issue is fixable05:03
matsamanHP uses really common ordinary cheap but functional parts05:03
juno__I've been trying for like a year to fix this. Would be nice05:03
matsamanand, honestly, I've never run into a laptop I couldn't get the wifi to work on. I know they exist, especially in the past, but still05:04
juno__lshw, what am I looking for?05:04
matsamanwireless, network, and so on05:05
matsamanHere's BestBuy for 8gb (not necessarily 8gb or higher), 250+ storage, new: https://is.gd/oziluq05:05
matsamanif you get a new one, you can just boot a live OS, check it works, and if it doesn't, return it05:06
matsamanyou can even backup Windows or set up a dual boot, make sure a to-metal install works, and if it doesn't, undo your changes and return it05:06
matsamanbestbuy, walmart, staples, office depot, they'll all have really good deals all the time, online & locally05:07
juno__Yeah that's what I think I'll do with the HP Envy05:07
juno__I don't see the brand in that network section05:07
matsamanwhat about like, lspci | grep -i net05:07
juno__Network controller: Intel Corporation Device a0f005:08
juno__I do see this though: Unassigned class [ff00]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTS522A PCI Express Card Reader (rev 01)05:09
matsamanjuno__: maybe just pastebin all of lspci05:10
matsamanshouldn't be anything sensitive in there =P just hardware05:10
juno__matsaman, https://pastebin.com/duXtkHs305:11
matsamanjuno__: okay how about lspci -n05:13
matsamanjuno__: erm, -nn, even05:13
matsamansuch a weird app =P05:13
juno__Looks about the same05:13
matsamanyeah but I want the ids05:14
matsamanthey're more specific05:14
juno__matsaman, https://pastebin.com/TbAMQA2505:14
matsamanjuno__: okay and if you lspci -k | less, what driver does it say is in use for the intel network controller05:15
juno__Kernel driver in use: iwlwifi05:16
matsamanmmm maybe this: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=26809405:18
juno__So clone the kernel, change the line, and compile and install?05:20
matsamanoh yeah we're in #ubuntu05:21
matsamanyeah that seems a reasonable suspicion, based on the last comment05:21
matsamanmore ... discussion at that referred to fedora bug05:22
matsamanred hat* bug05:22
matsamanif that's the issue, I think it just means they haven't mapped this particular offering in the series to the driver in the linux upstream05:23
matsamanso if it works, a pretty easy fix, and eventually probably they'll fix it in upstream linux05:23
juno__How do I fix it? I've never done this before. ::removes panties::05:23
matsamanwhich is, honestly probably always what a "my wifi doesn't work after version foo" bug was going to be about05:23
matsamanI haven't done it on Ubuntu, let's see05:24
matsamanthis would probably work: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel05:24
matsamanif you have um, zcat /proc/kconfig.gz05:25
matsamanthat's your running, existing kernel config05:25
matsamanand you can just copy it to build a new kernel from sources05:25
juno__I think this is way beyond my understanding. I write Java for a living. I've never touched metal before05:25
matsamannah it's not a big deal05:26
juno__What are the risks here? Bricking the machine?05:26
matsamanit's easier on the distro I'm on, but it's just a process05:26
matsamanwhat you do is...05:26
matsamanyou might want to customize GRUB's config a little05:28
matsamanthe worst conceivably that could happen is that you configure GRUB to only be easily aware of one kernel and that kernel is so without support for your hardware that it won't boot, and you have to fix that from a live OS which is easy05:30
juno__matsaman, it's ok. I'll keep the old kernel for now. When I get the new laptop I'll test the wife on 22.0405:31
alkisgjuno__: what's the output of this? dpkg -l | grep iwlwi05:31
matsamanif you want a new laptop anyway, yeah, makes sense05:31
juno__No output05:31
alkisgOK, and I assume dkms status also shows no output?05:32
juno__virtualbox, 6.1.38, 5.11.0-46-generic, x86_64: installed05:33
juno__virtualbox, 6.1.38, 5.15.0-71-generic, x86_64: installed05:33
alkisgOK. In which kernel version it works, and in which it doesn't? And I assume you haven't tested with the latest 5.19 kernel, right?05:33
juno__5.11 works. Others don't. Latest I have tried is 5.1505:34
alkisgYou can try this: sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-22.0405:34
juno__I'm on 20.04 and I don't think I've gotten a newer kernel through apt upgrade05:35
alkisgThis gives you the 5.19 kernel that most ubuntu 22.04 installations have05:35
alkisgAh sorry I thought you were on 22.0405:35
alkisgThen you'd want the opposite, sudo apt install linux-generic05:35
alkisgThat would give you the 5.4 kernel, but it would be still maintained, receiving security updates etc05:35
juno__I can try that05:36
alkisg(Ubuntu LTS versions get two separate kernel series, the generic and the hwe)05:36
juno__Let me reboot and see if it works05:36
junebugWell that was interesting alkisg. Screen was super dark and the mouse didn't work at all but I had wifi05:41
junebugHad to switch back to the old kernel to come on here though05:41
alkisgWhen you do such tests, run: sudo dmesg >~/test1.txt05:41
alkisgThen when you're back online, upload the outputs of dmesg, it'll help with kernel module issues05:42
alkisgBut if you're moving to a different hardware, you can also just stick with 5.11 till then :D05:42
junebugYeah prob easier05:42
junebugWhat security risks should I be aware of though?05:42
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alkisgWell you'd be affected by all of the recent kernel vulnerabilities05:46
alkisgSo if you do want to spend some time in getting it to work in a maintained kernel, it would be better05:46
alkisg...in which case, do what I mentioned with dmesg05:46
junebugalkisg, I'll probably try live usb 22.04 on this laptop05:47
junebugMaybe it will be fixed there05:47
alkisgI.e. if you upload dmesg-5.4, dmesg-5.11 and dmesg-5.15, we could possibly pinpoint something to solve one of the issues05:48
alkisgSure, but try 22.04.2 which has 5.19, not any older version05:48
junebug22.04.2 is the newest?05:49
alkisgYes, the newest LTS version05:53
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* tMH is gone. nsf07:16
silv3r_m00nhi there, is it possible to write a simple standalone executable in C for linux/ubuntu and when user downloads it, double-clicking it runs it and it encrypts all files in the home directory. what protection mechanism does linux have against such a ransomware07:17
matsamansilv3r_m00n: none worth bothering with07:23
matsamanthe solution to end users being really silly, on any OS, is for them to not be07:23
silv3r_m00nmatsaman: i have data on external ssds/hdds all are directly writable from my ubuntu desktop user account07:24
matsamansilv3r_m00n: keep backups07:24
matsamanyou need to do that regardless of ransomware existing07:24
matsamanyou could also practice some separation of permissions & access07:24
silv3r_m00nokay, so in theory it is possible to write such a standalone portable C executable program that can download on a ubuntu system and atleast modify the home directory in undesirable ways07:26
belstI don't think downloaded files are +x by default07:26
belstmight be wrong about that tho, but I always had to set the flag explicitly07:26
silv3r_m00nbelst: is it something that chrome/firefox does ?07:27
matsamansilv3r_m00n: that a silly end user can voluntarily download and voluntarily run, yes07:28
matsamansilv3r_m00n: that's possible on every OS in the world07:28
matsamanfiles that download _themselves_ and run _themselves_? That's really rare on any contemporary OS, and GNU/Linux would easily trend to being the best about avoiding it07:29
matsamanmoreover, ransomware by its very nature generally targets weak links and popular OSes and their implementations07:29
matsamanyou can run an "antivirus" program on GNU/Linux if you want, and have it scan every download, even automatically07:29
matsamanand known ransomeware apps will be flagged07:30
tarzeaumatsaman: the knife is not dangerous in itself, it's the user of it07:38
matsamanyeah kinda07:40
matsamanknives actually are dangerous =P07:40
matsamanbut silly users of knives are moreso07:40
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LarsErikPanyone here know anything about the packaging of ceph in jammy-updates? Would be nice to have the new 17.2.6 version =)10:27
koffeinfriedhofLarsErikP: stable distributions do not provide newer versions. That's why they are called stable. If you need newer versions for specific packages you can use PPA, snap, AppImage, flatpak, docker,compile yourself… whatever provides it.10:49
p3limafter installing ubuntu desktop, is there a cloud-config file generated from the options specified during the installation somewhere?10:52
LarsErikPkoffeinfriedhof: so, hypothetically - what happens if it turns out that ceph 17.2.5 has a critical security issue which is fixed in a newer version?11:01
koffeinfriedhofLarsErikP: Depends on the possibility to backport it and if there is a maintainer for doing so.11:06
LarsErikPokok. wast just curious11:09
koffeinfriedhofLarsErikP: https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/c/ceph/ceph_17.2.5-0ubuntu2/changelog shows you what happened to the package. Basicall applying patches from debian maintainers.11:09
koffeinfriedhofThe "cherry picking" is backporting. But this does not work in every case. Some bugs are also related to a higher version. This really depends on the package itself and there can't be a general rule.11:11
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LarsErikPI see. Actually this is the current version: https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/c/ceph/ceph_17.2.5-0ubuntu0.22.04.2/changelog but I get the point11:12
koffeinfriedhofThis is the version provided in jammy-updates and newer (kinetic, lunar, mantic)11:13
LarsErikPright. that's the one we're currently using11:13
LarsErikPmy case is that I have a 17.2.6 cluster running on focal; and no upgrading to jammy is impossible since that version is not available, and you can't join a 17.2.5 ceph-mon to a cluster where everything else is 17.2.611:14
LarsErikPand now*11:14
koffeinfriedhofThe official way is: remove every non-ubuntu-package, dist-upgrade and reapply needed changes. In your case it would be installing a new release, manual switch to .6 as you did in focal and migrate your stuff after everything is setup. (sounds easy, but isn't)11:16
LarsErikPnot worth it :P11:16
koffeinfriedhofNope. Better stick to repo-versions in this case.11:16
LarsErikPWe'll just keep it at focal for now, until there is a version we can use on both focal and jammy11:17
LarsErikPI guess ceph will build 18.x.x for jammy i.e11:17
Guest76Hier en marchant dans les rues, j’ai aperçu un mec plutôt canon. Arrivé à mon niveau je l’ai salué il m’a répondu en me regardant avec hésitation de haut en bas mais tout deux on ne s’est pas arrêté pour entamer la conversation11:32
BluesKajHi all12:12
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webchat47Hello.  I just installed Ubuntu 23.04 server on a Raspberry Pi 3 A+.  My use case for this is to record audio from a USB microphone.  Unfortunately, the server does not detect the microphone.  Any ideas on what I can try?  Is this configuration just not possible with the Pi?  Any help would be appreciated13:41
tarzeauwebchat47: so you open a terminal, type "dmesg -Tw" and unplug replug the usb microphone nothing happens?13:42
tarzeauwebchat47: lsusb doesn't show it either? tried all usb plugs?13:42
webchat47Looks like it does see it after all13:44
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:04 2023] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, device number 213:44
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:08 2023] usb 1-1: new full-speed USB device number 3 using dwc213:44
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:08 2023] usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor=3142, idProduct=5060, bcdDevice= 1.0013:44
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:08 2023] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=1, SerialNumber=013:44
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:08 2023] usb 1-1: Product: Fifine Microphone13:44
webchat47dmesg -Tw does show that it sees the microphone13:47
webchat47I'm using "arecord -l" to list devices and it is saying no sound card is found.  Looks like I just need to do some more research on arecord.  Thank you13:47
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:08 2023] usb 1-1: Product: Fifine Microphone13:49
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:08 2023] usb 1-1: Warning! Unlikely big volume range (=496), cval->res is probably wrong.13:49
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:08 2023] usb 1-1: [50] FU [Mic Capture Volume] ch = 1, val = 0/7936/1613:49
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:08 2023] input: Fifine Microphone as /devices/platform/soc/3f980000.usb/usb1/1-1/1-1:1.2/0003:3142:5060.0002/input/input113:49
webchat47[Fri May  5 13:44:08 2023] hid-generic 0003:3142:5060.0002: input,hidraw0: USB HID v1.00 Device [Fifine Microphone] on usb-3f980000.usb-1/input213:49
WaV!paste | webchat4713:49
ubottuwebchat47: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:49
lubuntuhello, my gpu is not working in my linux distro but is detected by the system, is anyone availible to help me out?13:50
tarzeauso the "server" sees the hardware. it's just you must find the right software and right sound api software13:50
tarzeaui was ok with OSS, and ALSA. gave up aftewards13:50
tarzeaupulsewhatever and pipestuff13:51
tarzeaulubuntu: nvidia? which one? (see lspci |grep VGA)13:51
tarzeaulubuntu: i'm installing nvidia/cuda stuff with: https://github.com/alexmyczko/autoexec.bat/blob/master/config.sys/ubuntu-system-cuda13:51
tarzeauworks like a champion got about 200 machines with that (nvcc, tensorflow, pytorch, biology/photogrammetry/physics stuff)13:52
lubuntuits amd and is detected with lspci "VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Baffin [Radeon RX 460/560D / Pro 450/455/460/555/555X/560/560X] (rev ff)"13:52
tarzeauhaha, ok i've got two machines with amd 3d stuff, and i had to use the proprietary drivers to get it to work13:53
lubuntuit also shows my intergrated gpu which is the one that programs use when i run anything, and DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo shows the IGPU aswell. not the DGPU.13:53
tarzeaui've got this one: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Raptor Lake-S GT1 [UHD Graphics 770] (rev 04)13:54
tarzeaui've added this repo: deb [arch=amd64,i386 signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/intel-graphics.gpg] https://repositories.intel.com/graphics/ubuntu jammy arc13:54
lubuntuso you think drivers may be the issue?13:55
tarzeauand made sure that: https://dpaste.com/FFWDW5SSP13:55
tarzeauno idea. not familiar with non-nvidia gpu. but maybe13:55
ivan_hello, is there any reason why i dont have firefox in lubuntu on internet section ? iso is valid from lubuntu website13:55
lubuntuat any attempt of amd_gpu installs im greeted with this https://dpaste.com/6WNMKFGJ214:00
ravagelubuntu, does the documentation tell you to enable i386 architecture maybe?14:42
ravageor run it with --no-3214:43
pycurioushttps://github.com/konstruktoid/hardening - is this a dependable repository? I know that the pro version of ubuntu comes with some hardening scripts. How do those compare with this one? Any suggestions?15:12
sgenHello, Im trying to upgrade from ubuntu 18 to 22. Since its such a jump I've backed up my old OS and am trying to wipe, then install 22 on the old partition15:17
sgenIts a dual boot setup.15:17
sgenI am trying to select "Device for bootloader installation" however when I select '/dev/sda' "Install Now" is disabled15:17
sgenIts my understanding that I want GRUB on sda. Any idea why the installer wont let me install to /dev/sda?15:18
alkisgsgen: for example, it's possible that you are booted in uefi mode, yet your disk is mbr15:23
alkisgsgen:  (sudo lsblk -fe7; sudo ls /sys/firmware/efi) | nc termbin.com 999915:24
sgenalkisg: That might be it15:24
alkisgWhat's the output of that? ^ Include the parenthesis in the commands15:24
sgenalkisg: https://termbin.com/r359x15:27
sgenIm not sure how to figure out if Im on uefi mode from that output15:29
sgenSo 22 doesnt support mbr?15:34
EriC^^sgen: something else is amiss, it should be fine for /dev/sda for uefi and mbr15:41
EriC^^sgen: can you take a screenshot of your partition layout in the installer15:42
EriC^^did you set a partition as "/" ?15:42
sgenHow would I access the screenshot I just took?15:47
sgenIm typing this from a laptop beside the desktop Im trying to upgrade15:48
EriC^^sgen: it's probably in ~/Pictures15:48
EriC^^no internet on the desktop?15:48
sgentheres internet15:48
EriC^^look in ~/Pictures15:49
EriC^^upload to imgur.com15:49
sgenOkay. How do I access ~/Pictures from the Install Menu?15:49
EriC^^oh i see15:49
EriC^^try ctrl+alt+f215:50
sgenthat gets me a terminal15:50
sgenWhats the default login?15:50
EriC^^ubuntu and just hit enter for the password15:50
sgenThe screenshot is in ~/Screenshots15:51
sgenNow how can I upload it? Launch gnome?15:51
akiksgen: curl -F "file=@filename.jpg" https://0x0.st/15:53
sgenEriC^^, akik ^15:56
sgenakik: ty15:57
sgenlearning a lot about uploading things from the command line today15:57
EriC^^same here15:57
EriC^^sgen: you want to wipe the whole disk and install only ubuntu on it?15:57
akiksgen: i also have a function to use for termbin if you're interested15:57
EriC^^akik: i'm interested :D15:58
sgenIt needs to be Dual boot sadly. Until Adobe gets proper linux support15:58
EriC^^sgen: i see15:58
EriC^^ok, unfortunately in the pic the sda5 one isnt showing15:59
EriC^^if you lower down abit or expand the window15:59
sgenakik: also interested15:59
sgenEriC^^, will do15:59
EriC^^do you see next to the ext4 mountpoint as "/"15:59
EriC^^no need for pic15:59
EriC^^see if the mountpoint is set to "/" and "format" is selected if you want to erase it and install the new ubuntu there16:00
EriC^^sgen: probably best to double click it, select ext4 and mountpoint "/" in the installer16:01
sgenRestarting the installer to get out of terminal16:01
akikEriC^^: https://paste.linux.chat/?8c533251040067a9#7YaQBjGpacyNGRpbKEwzo9TnLZJDNwxs6ihNPJgEh36e to use it, it's just "grab_termbin command" and it grabs both the command and its output16:01
EriC^^press ctrl+alt+f716:01
EriC^^that should take you back to the gui installer16:01
sgenToo late already back to the installer lol16:02
EriC^^or f1 possibly16:02
akikEriC^^: and it also shows the output in the shell16:02
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EriC^^akik: nice, thanks :)16:03
sgenso /dev/sda5 is there and that is where the current Ubuntu 18 partition resides16:05
sgenI set it to mount as /16:05
sgenThats probaby it16:06
sgenAnd this wont overwrite the Windows 10 Installation?16:06
sgenThe installer didn't seem to reognize Windows 10 as being installed16:07
sgenIm going to backup windows just in case16:08
sgenEriC^^, akik, alkisg thyvm16:08
EriC^^sgen: np remember to select format as well16:09
sgenWill do!16:09
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vlm_is there a way to add a comment to ipset from iptables rule "-j SET --add-set someset" aslong as the set has comments enabled?16:23
hans_seems im hitting this exact bug on 22.04: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/s390-tools/+bug/197832316:24
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1978323 in s390-tools-signed (Ubuntu Kinetic) "cmsfs-fuse fails to mount file systems on Ubuntu 22.04 with error unknown option(s): '-o hard_remove'" [Medium, Fix Released]16:24
hans_but it says "fix released" for 22.04 there.. and my system is fully updated16:25
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hans_there it says fix for 22.04 was released 2022-07-0616:25
hans_sshfs -o transform_symlinks -o follow_symlinks -o allow_other -o hard_remove root@ waterboi_lan16:26
hans_fuse: unknown option(s): `-o hard_remove'16:26
hans_any idea how i can hit that bug on a fully 22.04 when the bugtracker says fix was released 8 months ago? should i fill a new bug? or16:27
hans_fully updated 22.04*16:28
oerheksThat fix must be hanging in 'proposed'  i guess16:28
wontfix[m]Is your hostname theme "Bad Adam Sandler films" ?16:28
hans_wontfix[m]: no, but it's my only watercooled system (all the others use air/fan cooling) and.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯16:29
akikhans_: you're also using a s390 system?16:32
hans_akik: no, x86_6416:33
akikhans_: it looks like it's only fixed for s390-tools16:34
MadMattManHi there everyone in ubuntu IRC land!16:37
pycurioushttps://github.com/konstruktoid/hardening - is this a dependable repository? I know that the pro version of ubuntu comes with some hardening scripts. How do those compare with this one? Any suggestions?16:37
oerhekspycurious, it was last updated 20 hrs ago, so it is active, no clue how it holds on 22.04. there are tons of such pages and githubs16:39
oerheksjust take a read on https://github.com/konstruktoid/hardening/blob/master/systemd.adoc to get the idea16:40
jhutchinsThis hardening system is also fairly old and is somewhat RedHat oriented, but very good on theory: http://www.trinityos.com/LINUX/index-linux.html16:47
oerheksjups, there are tons of them16:48
cybernoizedHELL o16:54
wontfix[m]Does the Ubuntu seed blacklist apply for build depends, the final product or both?17:13
murlidharhi all. how can i enable/disable my touchpad with a command line ?18:12
murlidharxinput isn't working since we have shifted towards xwayland server18:13
murlidharearlier we could do xinput disable idno18:15
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murlidharhello. can anyone tell me how to pastebin an output from terminal. i forgot the app that does it.18:52
murlidhari think it is installed by default18:52
vlmmurlidhar: could it be pastebinit ?19:13
murlidharvlm: i don't remember. someone a while back gave me a command. it just created a link and pasted back the link to share.19:16
vlmmurlidhar: echo ubuntu | pastebinit19:18
oerheksls | nc termbin.com 999919:18
vlmmurlidhar: my suggestion included the username maybe rather try oerheks suggestion19:19
murlidharoerheks: how to use it ?19:19
oerheks<your command> | nc termbin.com 999919:19
oerheksnc is installed19:19
murlidharah okay thanks19:20
murlidharoerheks: i did that and no link was provided19:22
oerheksit can take 30 sec19:23
murlidharsudo apt get upgrade | nc termbin.com 999919:24
murlidharthis should give the output to a pastebin ?19:25
murlidharjust a test19:25
murlidharWARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.19:26
murlidharE: Invalid operation get19:26
oerheks (sudo apt update) | nc termbin.com 9999 as it need some time19:26
oerheksthe brackets make it wait until completed19:27
oerhekslocal actions are swift19:27
murlidharmurlidhar@murlidhar-laptop:~$ (/home/murlidhar/test.sh) | nc termbin.com 999919:36
murlidharbash: /home/murlidhar/test.sh: cannot execute: required file not found19:36
murlidharoerheks: nope . this isn't working for reasons i don't know19:37
murlidharalso i did chmod 750 and still the script isn't running giving this error that required file not found19:38
oerhekscat /home/murlidhar/test.sh  | nc termbin.com 999919:40
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murlidharoerheks: https://termbin.com/qf3n19:45
murlidharoerheks: well i am not able to run this script19:45
murlidharoerheks: actually trying to append a hotkey for disabling/enabling the touchpad of my laptop19:46
oerheksi see ..19:47
murlidharxinput was easy i mean i got that with some help. it was a learning curve19:47
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murlidharxwayland is way different19:48
wontfix[m]It's in the name19:50
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biugwhat's proper way to install virtual machine on D drive? (windows)20:32
biug i installed once, but it doesn't work when launching , it works fine with C drive20:32
sgenSo having realized how to select a root partition, I have installed ubuntu 2220:49
sgenIm now trying to restore my backup from last night20:49
sgenHowever backup doesnt recognize it20:49
sgenAny idea how I can trouble shoot that?20:50
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tweakhi all. been trying to figure out how to get my mute button LED working for about a week now... any ideas? Soundcard is ALC236, using a laptop, kubuntu 23.0421:34
ggerigCoco Madison, Iker, and Brayan all have a diarrhea threesome at the Charleston Place Hotel on Mayday in 2023. Coco, a negro tranny, and Iker with Brayan, two hot sexy cholo mayates, have diarrhea fun on their trip to Charleston! https://justpaste.it/Charleston_Place_Shitshow21:41
ggerigFuck you   ChatGPT is the future of entertainment21:43
tweakhi all. been trying for a week to troubleshoot 2 keyboard issues on an HP laptop. 1. can't get the mute button (f6) LED light to work at all. 2. Numlock for sddm i can't get to work either, even with numlockx. sddm actually requires i press numlock twice to get it to turn on.22:48

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