anirbanHi, I am having some trouble in configuring pipewire-jack. I have kept jack.conf in /etc/pipewire. Set sampling rate to 96 Khz and quantum to 128. However when I am running jack_delay, pw-top is showing that the sampling frequency is 48 Khz, and quanta is 1024.11:48
anirbanbrb, reboot11:52
anirbanOkay there seems to be something wrong with pw-top.12:09
anirbanjack-delay is giving a round trip latency of 1.333 ms.12:10
anirbanI am confused.12:10
anirbanHow can a USB audio interface give that low an RTL at 96 Khz, 128 frames.12:10
anirbanOkay, it could be 1.333 ms because direct monitoring and monitoring through jack sound pretty much the same.12:17
anirbanBut pw-top still displays 48 Khz 1024 frames.12:17
anirbanI am on ubuntustudio 23.04.12:18

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