Saviqkarmavil: you want to install `mir-graphics-drivers-nvidia`, or make sure you build it when building yourself07:10
SaviqThe logs you shown don't actually show the server log, which would be more helpful to see what the server thinks the GPU setup is07:12
SaviqIt may be easier to run `mir_demo_server` first, to see that the server starts up07:28
RAOF* Wishing that my laptop with _16 GiB of RAM_ didn't enter OOM death quite so often :blobcat_angry:08:16
RAOFMore seriously:08:19
RAOF* Testing08:19
RAOF* Fixing up Screencopy again08:19
RAOFAnd: Question: do we have a test for screencopy anywhere I can run easily?08:19
SaviqWAYLAND_DISPLAY=… ubuntu-frame.screenshot should do08:20
SaviqOr just grim08:20
RAOFI see we have an agenda on the invite, so there is a meeting this evening.08:25
sophie-wGood morning all. Is there anything in particular I should be working on today?15:38
Saviqsophie-w: Hey, would you please write down everything Flutter you know; re: the multi-window prototype you wrote; any relevant resources; any next steps you can think of;15:40
sophie-wWill do15:40
Saviqsophie also: an example of how to use Flutter with layer-shell would be good15:43
sophie-wSaviq: I can try, but is that known to work? IIRC there was something fucky last time I tried it, but could have changed.15:43
SaviqYou're still best equipped to try, and note down what is effed15:44
sophie-w(something along the lines of flutter creating subsurfaces that didn't get committed right with gtk layer shell, could be entirely misremembering though. Will give it a shot.15:44
sophie-w* a shot.)15:44
SaviqToday:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/03c2791816964aaefd072fb17a3dde1f9a2551e5>)16:19
sophie-wThere hasn't been any upstream updates to the multi-window spike I can find. Updating the prototype would probably be a lot of work, and not get us anything except it running on top of the latest Flutter.16:40
sophie-w- Put notes about flutter multi-window and layer shell in https://docs.google.com/document/d/1odBc5PSwVhz1LUA5KvvxYnt_pm8JmlDPZzhvg3qPAXc/edit?usp=sharing22:58
sophie-w- Debugged problem using Flutter with gtk-layer-shell, had to dig deep into GTK22:58
sophie-w- Found a workaround (explicitly set window size, doc explains), and also made a fix to gtk-layer-shell: https://github.com/wmww/gtk-layer-shell/pull/16622:58

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