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radix0I've never used netplan set before and it's not doing what I'm hoping it to, looking for assistance. I am using the following document. https://netplan.readthedocs.io/en/stable/netplan-set/15:01
radix0My first question is - is it a typo where it shows [network.] ? Should that be [network]. instead?15:01
danilogondolforadix0, the [network.] part is optional. You can do just this for example: netplan set ethernets.eth0.dhcp4=true15:03
radix0Second question, I'm running this command as root `netplan set "[network].ethernets.ens4.addresses=[]"` (exact address redacted to protect the innocent). I get a huge traceback error, lots of python exceptions regardless of using [network.] or [network]. , is there an obvious product with my syntax?15:04
radix0danilogondolfo, oh I see that's why the brackets are there, doh15:04
radix0I'd recommend whoever maintains documentation to clarify what is optional in that parameter example vs what is an array, because it's very confusing in its current state.15:05
danilogondolfoyeah the traceback shouldn't happen =/ (it's fixed upstream though)15:05
danilogondolforadix0, yeah looking at your example I totally agree with you, it can be misleading15:06
radix0Yeah this environment is probably out of date, not totally operational yet. Thanks though for the quick reply, looks like it's working.15:08
monradIs there a way of pointing a default out of a specific interface in a VRF, if I configure the route under the interface I get "Problem encountered while validating default route consistency.Please set up multiple routing tables and use `routing-policy` instead."20:29
monradBut when I configure a default route under the VRF it does not seem to be attached to that interface20:30
monradIt does not seem to work at least :)20:30
monradthis is the config I am trying out https://gist.github.com/monrad/ab86ca917f94628bc820258ff003106320:34
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monradnever mind it seems it's because I forgot to add the table to route :)21:31

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