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lissyxis it me or nautilus from gnome 44 does not have anymore the "new folder" option in hamburger menu?13:35
jbichalissyx: it's in the vertical ellipsis menu in the location bar13:54
lissyxvertical ellipsis?13:55
lissyxeither I dont know what you are referring to or I dont find it13:55
jbichaleft of the search icon is another drop down menu with a tooltip: "Current Folder Menu"14:01
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lissyxjbicha, sorry but do you have a screenshot of that?14:10
lissyxjbicha, https://pasteboard.co/21VKT7ij0L0z.png14:11
jbichaPress Escape I think to get your Location bar back to normal, see https://bicha.net/i/nautilus-44-new-folder.png14:14
lissyxescape does nothing14:15
jbichaclick the X at the far right of your location bar then14:16
lissyxI already tried that and it did nothing either14:16
jbichagsettings reset org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry14:18
jbichathen close Nautilus and reopen it14:18
lissyxthat was it, thanks14:20
lissyxno idea how it got changed ...14:20
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