xnoxvorlon:  because that thing was regressing (at that time canary) images that destkop team was working on, and we had to revert and reapply it. And thus it got nominated to be reviewed via sponsorship team which desktop team wanted to review at the time.08:51
xnoxvorlon:  it was to do with multi-layered images not booting well08:51
vpa1977Hi,  sorry for a bit of spam. I am looking for a review and sponsorship of https://code.launchpad.net/~vpa1977/ubuntu/+source/jtreg7/+git/jtreg7/+merge/443388. This is a new upstream release of jtreg 7 required to build openjdk-21 for the early access release in mantic.  Thank you!!!!09:52
jawn-smithdanilogondolfo: have you looked into the sudo autopkgtest failure on ppc64el at all?13:08
danilogondolfojawn-smith, yep, still not sure what's wrong, it just works on my ppc64 instance...13:09
jawn-smithOkay, thanks for looking into it. let me know if you need the test restarted or anything13:09
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jbichahttps://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/glibmm2.68/mantic/armhf is interesting. Does /etc/fstab not exist on the armhf autopkgtest runners?14:10
danilogondolfojbicha, armhf are containers...14:19
danilogondolfoso that sounds about right14:19
jbichadanilogondolfo: I was thinking about changing the test to /etc/os-release . Do you think that would exist there?14:20
danilogondolfoit does, well, it does exist in mantic amd64 lxd containers at least...14:21
vorlonxnox: https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/ubuntu/+source/casper/+git/casper/+merge/373690 - I think that's a misuse of the sponsors team, really.  and it clearly didn't get timely review from the sponsors team for lunar.  How should we move this forward?  Who should *actually* be reviewing this?16:29
xnoxvorlon:  har har har.16:50
xnoxvorlon:  i attempted to adjust this merge request to get it to ubuntu-desktop's team eyes16:53
David_Hedlundapt-get update is working fine. But I'm curious to learn why I cannot install transitional snap packages. Please see http://rafb.ath.cx/pastes/pdwlB657.html16:55
David_HedlundFor Ubuntu Server.16:56
vorlonDavid_Hedlund: see the topic wrt appropriate channels when requesting support.  In terms of your actual error, if the download of the snap from the snap store fails, then yes the transitional deb won't be upgradable?17:17
vorlonyou've obfuscated the actual IP addresses in the log, I won't guess if this is a connection to the actual snap store or to some sort of proxy17:17
David_Hedlundvorlon: `sudo snap install chromium` works17:23
David_Hedlundvorlon: Solved with `sudo apt --fix-missing update`17:27
rbasakvorlon: "Why not a snap" led to some puzzlement. Until I realised you meant "Why (not a snap)" rather than "(Why not) (a snap)" :-P19:46
vorlonhmm ok :)19:47
rbasakvorlon: +1 to your proposal (rather than spamming the ML with +1s). My only comment is that "Since many Ubuntu developers run the devel series, we should get organic feedback about regressions there, before an SRU process completes" doesn't really happen IMHO, when someone uploads to the devel release concurrently with SRUs and they get accepted quickly and race proposed migration. If we want to rely19:50
rbasakon that, then we should impose a delay eg. a minimum of 14 days to -updates after landing in the devel release pocket or something like that. But I don't think that's necessary in this case.19:50
rbasakseb128: maybe we could book an hour together to work on the arch exception to get it done in the next couple of weeks?19:51
seb128rbasak, yes, good idea, do you want to pick a slot on the calendar or should I do it?19:52
rbasakI'll find a slot - thanks19:52
vorlonrbasak: also I broke mk-sbuild right before lunar release and no one noticed until mantic opened because it's only when there's a new release that developers run mk-sbuild, soooooo20:30
vorlonrbasak: AIUI our current process only requires a sign-off from a single member of the SRU team, should I mirror your +1 to the mailing list and add it to the wiki?20:31
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rbasakvorlon: +121:35
Unit193I'd never notice, I use pbuilder. :321:37
vorlonUnit193: hah I was down the line going to propose removing the pbuilder-related commands from ubuntu-dev-tools because I don't like us supporting two different implementations ;P21:39
Unit193vorlon: For my use that works, I don't use pbuilder-dist and I don't use that option of syncpackage. :321:41

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