oerheksnothing, you have firefox now00:00
David_HedlundNo I don't00:00
oerheksso you are in the ubuntu desktop gui now? or still on commandline, no gui?00:01
oerheksi am sure you have firefox now, as snap00:01
oerhekssnap list00:04
David_HedlundI'm in GNOME. But first of all. I cannot run `apt-get update` in GNOME which is unexpected, because I could run it before I installed GNOME00:04
David_Hedlundoerheks: snad list: bare, core20, gtk-common-themes, lxd, snapd00:05
David_Hedlundsnap list*00:06
oerhekswhat happens when you try? pastebin the output please00:06
oerheksweird, your first post says firefox is installed as snap.00:06
David_Hedlundoerheks: snap list: http://rafb.ath.cx/pastes/2BpxaO76.html00:07
David_Hedlundoerheks: No, I tried to install it but it failed00:07
David_HedlundBecause GNOME cannot access the internet00:07
oerhekswhy not?00:09
oerheksthat would be the root of your problem...00:09
David_Hedlundoerheks: Fresh install so I have no idea00:10
oerheksme too, as you seem to be able to pastebin 00:11
David_Hedlundoerheks: Oh, that's from my host computer. I'm experimenting with VMs00:12
oerheksfix your networking, maybe on your host?00:13
David_Hedlundoerheks: The internet worked fine in the VM before I installed GNOME in it.00:14
David_HedlundThis is not a VM issue at all00:14
oerheksthen this excperiment failed, try again fresh?00:16
oerheksmaybe better to use the desktop iso as a starter?00:16
David_Hedlundoerheks: I'm trying to learn how to start from Ubuntu Server as I've already learned the basics from Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE.00:17
David_Hedlund/usr/share/doc/netplan/examples/static.yaml is unmodified00:20
oerheksthose are docs, why would that get modified?00:21
oerheksit is not an active config00:21
David_Hedlundsorry, I pasted the wrong file, I'm a bit tired.00:21
David_HedlundThe "Network" GUI does not list a "Wired" entry00:23
David_Hedlund"Settings -> Network"00:24
David_Hedlundgnome-control-center -> Network does not list a "Wired" entry00:25
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JanCDavid_Hedlund: IIRC the Gnome control center will only show network interfaces that are managed by network-manager; as you came from a server then possibly your wired connection was/is configured by netplan instead?14:06
JanC(why install gnome on a server anyway?)14:08
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David_HedlundJanC: Oh. Never mind. I can run apt-get update now. The internet is working again. I don't know why it was down before.16:52
David_Hedlundapt-get update is working fine. But I'm curious to learn why I cannot install transitional snap packages. Please see http://rafb.ath.cx/pastes/pdwlB657.html JanC16:54
sdezielDavid_Hedlund: your connection is being reset in ^. Should you be using a proxy?16:57
David_Hedlundsdeziel: Why do I need that?16:58
sdezielDavid_Hedlund: I'm not saying you need one, just asking if you are aware of such requirement in your environment. Looks like the answer is no ;)16:59
David_Hedlundsdeziel: Oh, yeah.17:00
sdezielDavid_Hedlund: does it work when you try to snap install directly `sudo snap install chromium` ?17:04
David_Hedlundsdeziel: Yes it does. I tried it earlier. However, I don't want to run into apt issues later, so I rather solve this or file a bug report.17:05
sdezielDavid_Hedlund: maybe apt is using a proxy? `grep -riF proxy /etc/apt/` should tell you17:06
David_Hedlundsdeziel: No output from that command, thanks.17:11
sdezielDavid_Hedlund: hmm, puzzling cause apparently apt can make http connections and snapd can make https connections just fine but apt cannot do https connections17:12
David_Hedlundsdeziel: Do you have a chance to evaluate a VM?17:13
David_Hedlundsdeziel: I'm using virt-manager to quickly clone Ubuntu Server VMs that I modify and evaluate.17:14
ravageDavid_Hedlund: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-launch-an-instantly-functional-linux-desktop-vm-with-lxd#1-overview17:15
ravagemaybe that is a good way for your tests17:15
JanCmany APT mirrors (as well as the official repos) don't support HTTPS17:17
JanC(or some APT mirrors, I don't know what the current state is)17:17
sdezielJanC: the pastebin shows the chromium deb wrapper was used to pull in the snap version of chromium17:17
sdezielJanC: so the deb was fetched over HTTP fine but the inner `snap install` got a TCP reset17:18
JanCthen it's not APT but Snap, right?17:19
sdezielbut then a direct `snap install` worked which lead me to thing of a "leaked" http_proxy env by apt but apparently no17:19
JanCis snap in a Snap now?17:20
sdezielI think so17:20
ravagesnap is basically snapd. which is a snap yes :)17:20
sdezielsnapd is a shipped as a deb but that fetches the snapd snap ;)17:20
JanCmaybe something is going wrong there...17:21
David_Hedlundravage: Thank you.17:21
David_HedlundJanC, sdeziel: Solved with `sudo apt --fix-missing update` 17:27
sdezielDavid_Hedlund: hmm, I don't get it but cool17:27
David_HedlundI'll try to reproduce it in another VM clone.17:28
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