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David_Hedlundapt-get update is working fine. But I'm curious to learn why I cannot install transitional snap packages. Please see http://rafb.ath.cx/pastes/pdwlB657.html JanC16:55
David_HedlundThis is for Ubuntu Server, not Ubuntu16:55
leftyfbDavid_Hedlund: sudo snap install firefox   # and: sudo snap install chromium-browser16:57
leftyfbDavid_Hedlund: also, looks like you have a broken dpkg somewhere with the instructions on how to resolve it right in your paste16:57
David_Hedlundleftyfb: I didn't have any broken dpkg packages before I executed this (verified with a VM).17:04
leftyfbDavid_Hedlund: fix the broken package and install firefox and chromium using the commands I posted above17:05
David_Hedlundleftyfb: Solved with `sudo apt --fix-missing update`  -- Thanks17:27
leftyfbDavid_Hedlund: just curious why you didn't follow the instructions in your pastebin?   sudo dpkg --configure -a17:28
David_Hedlundleftyfb: I added that text, it's relevant if you cancel the apt-install by shutting down in the middle of the process for example17:31
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webchat2Hi there. I'm having an issue with my MS Bluetooth mouse, it disconnects after a while and will not connect, only rebooting will take care of it.20:58
webchat2With that being said, I have no idea on what is causing it to be honest. Has anyone ever dealt with this issue before?20:59
webchat2jeremy31: Aight, will reboot now.21:12
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webchat2Just rebooted, after like 1 minute it disconnected again.21:17
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tomreynwebchat2: some background info on what you just did: "btusb" is a kernel module, not a command you can run. kernel modules do have parameters you can pass to them, though, to make them work differently. the "modinfo -p btusb" command would list those of the "btusb" module, for your current kernel. kernel module options are applied while the module is loaded (called "module probing", i.e. "modprobe"), and placing them in /etc/modprobe.d is a way21:17
tomreynto do so. passing them on the kernel command line is another (type "!kernelparm" here for more info on that).21:17
ubottuTo add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters21:18
jeremy31webchat2: using wifi too?21:18
webchat2Yes, I happen to be using Wi-Fi as well.21:19
jeremy31Might need to change Bluetooth coexistence parameter of the wifi module21:19
jeremy31webchat2: post URL from terminal for>  lsmod|grep cfg|nc termbin.com 999921:21
webchat2jeremy31: https://pastebin.com/t6kAHM8D21:24
webchat2That's from lsmod.21:24
jeremy31webchat2: try> echo "options options iwlwifi bt_coex_active=0"| sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/iwl.conf21:27
webchat2Aight. Rebooting again.21:28
tomreynyou have "options" twice there21:28
jeremy31I hate doing things on my phone21:29
tomreynyou need nokia 9000 communicator21:31
webchat2jeremy31: Now the mouse doesn't even work.21:32
jeremy314:27 PM <jeremy31> webchat2: try> echo "options iwlwifi bt_coex_active=0"| sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/iwl.conf21:33
tomreynwebchat2: there was a typo in the command jeremy last provided, it said "options options". this ^ fixed command will correct it.21:34
webchat2jeremy31: It's working now, but oddly enough the mouse pointer is more sensitive now.21:37
webchat2Just made a few adjustments, now to see if it will disconnect.21:37
jeremy31webchat2: if anything goes wrong just delete the iwl.conf and reboot21:38
webchat2Btw, I've been getting some odd error messages, but not sure if they are related.21:38
webchat2It's usually right when I log in.21:39
jeremy31webchat2: if you find them paste them to paste.ubuntu.com and just post URL here21:41
webchat2Is there any folder where they are saved to?21:41
jeremy31webchat2: likely /var/log/syslog21:42
tomreynlikely /var/log/journal nowadays - use the "journalctl" command to view them21:45
webchat2Jeremy31 Found it, but it's... a lot of information. Too much in fact.21:45
tomreynor just "dmesg" for only kernel messages21:45
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webchat2Odd, it shows some logs, but from 12th May.21:48
tomreynjournalctl -b -p3    should list errors logged since boot21:48
tomreynjournalctl -b -p4    should list warnings and errors logged since boot21:48
webchat2Used p421:50
tomreynif you want to share the output, use    journalctl -b -p4 | nc termbin.com 999921:54
ravagei see that there is a missing firmware file21:54
ravagecould that be a problem?21:54
webchat2I have no idea on what is missing.21:54
oerheksMDS CPU bug present and SMT on, data leak possible. This vulnerability was fixed by 20190514 update of microcode21:55
ravageif yes then here somoneone built a .deb with them https://github.com/winterheart/broadcom-bt-firmware/releases21:55
webchat2That would be a chipset firmware update, right?21:55
oerheksno, intel microcode21:55
ravagei dont think that affects his BT but could be a good idea to get that latest update too21:56
webchat2Where would I get that? I doubt Dell has Linux drivers.21:56
tomreyn"kernel: Bluetooth: hci0: Bad flag given (0x1) vs supported (0x0)"21:56
ravagewebchat2: sudo apt -y install intel-microcode21:56
ravagebut that should be installed21:57
webchat2ravage: Correct, it is.21:57
ravagemaybe install that .deb on github. it includes the file that is missing21:57
ravagefor your BT firmware21:58
jeremy31webchat2: in terminal> cd /lib/firmware/brcm && sudo wget https://github.com/winterheart/broadcom-bt-firmware/blob/master/brcm/BCM20702A1-413c-8197.hcd21:59
ravageok. the single file is a good idea too of course :)22:00
webchat2jeremy31: Is that all I have to do to install the update=22:01
webchat2Rebooting, brb.22:01
jeremy31That will get the firmware but you will need to reboot22:01
jeremy31Strange having Intel wifi and Broadcom Bluetooth unless it is a dongle22:02
tomreyndriver was "btusb"22:03
tomreynso i assume that's a dongle, probably22:03
webchat2Uh, this is awkward. The error messages disappeared alright. But now the Bluetooth Manager won't open.22:13
jeremy31webchat2: URL from terminal for>  sudo dmesg | egrep -i 'blue|firm' | nc termbin.com 999922:16
ravageit somehow does not like that firmware patch22:18
jeremy31webchat2: Lets get rid of it> sudo rm /lib/firmware/brcm/BCM20702A1-413c-8197.hcd22:18
jeremy31then reboot22:18
ravagedo we have a lsbusb output somewhere?22:19
jeremy31ravage: I bet it shows ID 413c:819722:21
webchat2Back. Now it opened, but couldn't interact with the window, and an error messaged showed up that BlueZ failed.22:22
jeremy31webchat2: Is it a Bluetooth dongle?  If it is, unplug for a couple seconds, then put it back in22:23
webchat2No, it is a module.22:23
jeremy31Internal then?22:23
jeremy31Must be an older HP22:24
ravageon what kernel version are you? maybe it was somewhere mentioned22:24
ravagei think its a dell22:24
Miles8of9i'm running command "sudo modprobe i2c-dev"... i'm getting a new prompt below, no error, nothing... Running "lsmod | grep i2c" shows no i2c-dev loaded22:25
jeremy31Miles8of9: That is because i2c-dev is built into the kernel and not as a module22:27
Miles8of9ah ok22:28
Miles8of9OpenRgb complains no i2c-dev module is loaded22:28
jeremy31Miles8of9: Check in terminal>  modinfo i2c-dev22:29
ottoschI have a PC which was working fine until a couple days ago, but now has network issues. I can't ping the router or for example ("Destination Host Unreachable")22:44
ottoschhow can I fix it?22:44
jeremy31ottosch: Start with a router reboot22:45
webchat2ravage: Correct.22:45
webchat2A Dell Latitude E6330 to be more precise.22:45
ottoschjeremy31: I can't do that at this specific moment (maybe in half an hour). Is it possible it's a router issue with this specific pc?22:46
jeremy31ottosch: The pc may have received bad info from the router22:47
ottoschjeremy31: ok, I'll try that soon22:47
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webchat2ravage: Correct22:52
webchat2ravage: Err, the kernel is 5.19.0-41-generic22:53
webchat2Well, my shift is about to end. Thanks for the help anyways, I'll see how it goes from here.22:57
ottoschjeremy31: hey man, I restarted the router and still can't ping anything. Got any other suggestion?23:49
ottoschUbuntu server can't ping router,, nothing23:52
sarnoldwhat error message do you get?23:53
oerheksis this bare metal install, or vm?23:53
sarnolddoes ip r  output look right? ip a ?  unexpected messages in dmesg? do you have link light on both ends?23:53
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ottoschsarnold: oerheks: Destination Host Unreachable.23:56
ottoschbare meta install (mini pc)23:57

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