xu-irc25wTrying to install Xubuntu 22.04 Jammy on HP Pro laptop from USB drive. When install was complete, and I was prompted to restart, I expected to see a prompt to remove USB, but instead the laptop did restart right away, and I saw there was a problem. Saw: Error in communicating with TMP chip. I did try installing again, this time removing USB drive20:43
xu-irc25wbefore restarting, but still saw problem. Something like: please install os on your hard drive. I was running Mint before on the laptop. Any suggestions? Thanks.20:43
tomreynxu-irc25w: enable "tpm" or "ftpm" in bios, or disable "secure boot"20:47
tomreynif "tpm" or "ftpm" is already enabled, then try disabling it20:47
tomreynalso consider a bios upgrade20:48
xu-irc25wOkay, thanks, tomreyn.20:51
tomreynxu-irc25w: oh and also make sure you're using the latest 22.04.x installer20:53
tomreynthat's 22.04.220:54
tomreynavailable at https://xubuntu.org/download/20:54
xu-irc25wI believe I am using the latest. Thanks.20:57
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