ezekielare there any pro kubuntu users here!!!01:06
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ezekielinfiniteany here good with kubuntu linux?01:36
mybalzitchits usually better to ask your question, instead of asking to ask01:37
ezekielinfinitemybalzitch, no dout01:39
ezekielinfiniteis there a way for my asus republic og gamers laptop keyboards shutsdown with my laptop?01:39
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gaetanohello everyone, is this the right place to ask support? I just installed kubuntu (first time using this distro) and sometimes the transitions between windows, when moving windors or using the 'start' menu the response feels to be a little slow. I want to check if everything is working properly. Thanks !06:39
weedmicyes, do you have a specific question? gaetano06:52
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gaetanogreat, yes weedmic, the question is what can cause a reduction in the transition/animations smoothness. For instance, if i'm on the desktop and open Dolphin the transtion seems is smooth and, when it's coming to the end and changing opacity to become fully white the animation seems to slow down07:10
gaetanobtw i'm running on a nVidia 1660 super with proprietary drivers on kubuntu 23.04 with kernel 6.2.007:12
weedmicgaetano: memory could be a cause, or if you happened to click it for the first time ever (no cache built), or you happen to click right when your computer was in the middle of other processies.  if it is consistant, that would be unusual.07:21
weedmicgaetano: a built in gpu by intel would be more than enough for any kde graphics07:22
gaetanohmm, I see. My RAM configuration is 1x16 GB DDR4 3200. It's not great since is the cheap ram provided in OEM computers, but should be enough to provide a good desktop experience. At the moment the usage 4 out of 16 GB.07:28
weedmic16 GB is very much pleantiful - is the slowness each time, or just the first time?07:33
gaetanosince I installed a few days ago, previously I was using linux mint (mate) on my old laptop. it was more basic but the overall readiness was above this. didn't expect that really :)07:35
weedmicthere isn't really any differenct between mint and ubuntu and kubuntu other than DEs and which items are snap v full version.07:39
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skramer_Anybody else experiencing issues with Kup backup? Backup does never start on Jammy while it used to work without problems on 20.0412:04
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