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m4ti just upgraded to 23.04 (and am using an ancient self-built ubuntu-mate-themes pkg from 20.04 to get Ambiant-MATE-Dark). i usually use gtk3-nocsd to remove the giant top bar on gtk3 apps, but noticed that with new virt-viewer the top menu is completely gone. so, i disabled gtk3-nocsd for it. but the menu is huge now: https://imgur.com/a/u5L7KWR  15:42
m4ti tried a few things from stackoverflow to add to .config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css, but none seemed to have any affect. any suggestions to make it less obnoxious?15:42
m4thttps://paste.ee/p/Vl8E7 is what i tried in gtk.css15:46
sixwheeledbeastI have never messed with the css files. Just used the original theme ppa to get the "proper" mate themes back. https://github.com/lah7/Ambiant-MATE19:21
sixwheeledbeastNo idea how well it works on all programs in 23.04.19:22
m4toh cool, thx19:26
m4thttps://github.com/lah7/Ambiant-MATE/commit/025faab1bac62aac3dc56cf71c1573d9d4a43207 promising19:26
m4tswitched over :)19:33
m4twould've been a better deal if my new PC didn't randomly reboot as i walked out of the room :( unstable undervolt, i guess :|19:34
m4talso, for some reason i'm not seeing weather in 23.04 clock applet - i tried removing/readding the location and adding e.g. new york city. i see it doing a dns request when i toggle weather checkbox, but no temp/icons show up19:40
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m4thmm i added http request logging to libmateweather using libsoup and it's definitely getting valid responses. just nothing displayed in the panel22:51
m4tyeah duh, it's definitely showing weather - like if you click it to show the calendar, it shows weather22:55
m4tand the applet gets wider if you show weather, but it just shows no icon/temperature :/23:01
m4ttried official yaru theme as well. only difference is that its minimum width is less... still no weather23:01
m4tya tried 23.04 live cd in a VM, it's broken there too23:13
m4toh wow i'm an idiot. i had to just expand the location and click 'set' lol :(23:48

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