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Guest66I would like to know more about apparmor. For example, when considering server hardening, should apparmor left alone (ie. at defaults) or should applications be actively managed , or should applications unknown to apparmor be actively managed by creating profiles for them? Is there a list of profiles contained in the apparmor-profiles package13:54
Guest66(which is not installed by default) somewhere?13:54
rbasakGuest66: https://packages.ubuntu.com/jammy/all/apparmor-profiles/filelist14:19
rbasakYou might find the output of "sudo aa-status" helpful. Compare that with the services you run.14:20
sdeziel`ps fauxZ` is also handy to ID which profiles cover which processes14:22
Guest66thanks. I see that aa-status reports the currently loaded profiles which is handy. It doesn't tell me what's in that apparmor-profiles package though.14:42
Guest66ps fauxZ - not seem that one before. It shows a list of everything unconfined. Also useful. I guess between the two one can determine whether an app is managed by apparmor or not.14:44
Guest66I like that is also shows which user owns the running process. Thnx14:47
Guest66actually ps -ef does that as well...14:48
Guest66ios the an apparmor specific project, or irc channel?14:55
JanCGuest66: there is #apparmor on OFTC14:59
Guest66I guess that's why I didn't find that channel on Libera :-)15:06
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