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lnxtx[m]<samy1028> "I have a copy of a good boot..." <- link doesn't work09:22
lnxtx[m]<samy1028> "Any thoughts?" <- remove "quiet splash" options from the kernel line; add "nomodeset" option09:24
lnxtx[m]and try again09:24
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effendy[m]Does anyone know anything about cloudinit changing its behaviour with the newer cloudimage? SSH server starts before the cloudinit settings are being applied/before the virtual machine is finally rebooted in order for cloudinit to really apply the settings. This has been happening since 20230602 (https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/jammy/20230602/)16:03
sbeattieblackboxsw: ^17:46
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blackboxswhrm effendy[m], we don't expect anything to have hit jammy from cloud-init's side this month that would have changed this. If possible can you file a bug including tarfile from `cloud-init collect-logs`describing the issue. 20:49
blackboxswultimately  we'd care about seeing journalctl logs vs /var/log/cloud-init.log to compare timing of openssh vs cloud-init to triage behavior. ... and cloud-init collect-logs tars up these files for us20:58
blackboxsweffendy[m]: the fact that you mention before the machine is rebooted makes me think you are using a live server or live desktop installer image maybe?20:59
blackboxswtypically cloud-init settings provided under the `autoinstall:user_data`or `autoinstall:identity` keys in `#cloud-config` are only applied to the target system in live installer ISOs. Typically top-level cloud-config keys outside the `autoinstall` scope apply to the running (ephemeral/installer) environment before reboot.21:04
blackboxswSo if you have complex needs in early installer time prior to reboot, you may be providing both `autoinstall:indentity` config as well as `ssh_import_id` or something. seeing your user-data an d intent would help understand the problem you have.21:04
effendy[m]Hi blackboxsw . I'm using exactly the ova image in the installer which I import in vsphere. These are only servers. I'm not making any changes to autoinstall (I did use that before switching to ova templates).21:21
effendy[m]I meant to say, I'm using the ova images in the link above.21:21
effendy[m]The difference between 20230524 and  20230602 is very clear. In the first one, the virtual machine doesn't boot completely – I just see services loading and similar things. Then it restarts and it boots fully and the SSH server is also available.21:22
effendy[m]The cloud-init config file I'm using is quite simple and just ensures some authentication for Packer, which eventually connects to the VM over SSH to install stuff through ansible. So I wouldn't say there's anything complex going on in the early stages.21:24
effendy[m]And just to be clear again: the virtual machines reboots in both versions. What is being started is just different in this intermediary phase. I'm providing the cloud-init through vApp (vSphere), available only for ova templates (at least as far as I know).21:27
effendy[m]Then I guess I should fine a bug on launchpad (?)21:27
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blackboxsweffendy[m]: if possible upstream cloud-init is in github so https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/issues21:37
effendy[m]Sure, I'll try to do it tomorrow. Thanks.21:39
blackboxsweffendy[m]: if possible please check cloud-init version in both 20230524 vs 20230602 images (I'll do the same my side in the meantime) we didn't publish any different version of cloud-init.during this timeframe so I'm expecting oit21:41
blackboxswI'm expecting it is something different than cloud-init21:41
effendy[m]Yeah, I did check it, then I deleted the file where I wrote it :D (I'll check again), but it did seem to be the same version, indeed.21:42
effendy[m]I deleted the file with of the cloudinit version of the newer image, 'cause I only had that etc. :)21:42
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