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Guest35I'm trying to install 22.04 LTS server on a hard drive with a previously installed OS on it (which I want to overwrite). In the guided storage config screen, I select "Use an entire disk" and "Set up this disk as an LVM group". On the next screen, the installer says it will create three mount points (/, /boot, /boot/efi) with sizes 54.367G, 2.000G,04:53
Guest35and 1.049G respectively. Under Available Devices, it shows ubuntu-vg (new) using 108.734G and then free space taking 54.367G. My entire drive is 120 GB. Shouldn't the ubuntu-vg take up the entire disk? Is it not doing so because of the pre-existing OS on the drive?04:53
rboxif you're worried dabout the partitoins that already exist, then delete them04:54
Guest35my goal is to make sure my previous data is overwritten and I start with a "fresh install"04:54
Guest35rbox, under "Used Devices", under my disk label (Samsung_SSD_840_EVO_120GB), it shows 3 partitions, but they all say "new", does that mean I should be good?04:55
rboxno clue04:56
rboxbut like i said, if you are worried, just delete them yourself04:56
Guest35rbox, thanks, should i format as ext4?04:57
rboxformat what04:58
Guest35after removing the partitions, the drive, I guess04:58
Guest35sorry I'm a noob04:58
rboxstep 1 delete the partitions04:59
rboxstep 2 profit04:59
rboxthere is nothing else04:59
Guest35ok I try to delete a partition and it says "Cannot delete a single partition from a device that already has partitions."05:00
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toddcGuest35:  assuming you boot to ubuntu and selcted try ubuntu then open gparted then delete see https://linuxhint.com/gparted_ubuntu/05:08
hiyaSuddenly I cannot click any where in right most upper corner of any snap apps05:35
hiyaif I make them small and drag them to left then I can click on those apps05:35
hiyabut when maximized I cannot05:35
hiyaDid you ever face such issue?05:35
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2012388 in gnome-shell-extension-appindicator (Ubuntu) "X11 window (usually AnyDesk) at top-right of the screen is invisible and steals mouse clicks" [High, Confirmed] [duplicate: 2018290]05:39
hiya`this bug05:39
Guest35When installing 22.04 LTS, my installation just says at "curtin command in-target" and doesn't go beyond that. I've waited 20 minutes already.05:48
hiyaGuest35: Did you make a USB?05:50
Guest35hiya, yes, installing from a USB05:54
Guest35i set up the installer, update to latest installer, get all the way to the end where its installing after asking for user name and password and enabling SSH, and then just stays stuck at that line05:55
DumbLDoorHi all! I need some help with an old AMD Radeon on 23.0406:32
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bluf0xhi, on Ubuntu 22.04 is it possible to use add-apt-repository with the signed-by parameter, such as add-apt-repository 'deb [arch=amd64 signed-by=/etc/apt/keyrings/key.gpg] https://repo.com/repo jammy contrib' ?  or is the signed-by no longer supported?10:14
bluf0xfor add-apt-repository10:15
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SlartibartAfter updating some packages, linux-firmware or something, Ubuntu no longer boots. The last line - out of 32 - is '---[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0) ]---', but I guess that line alone doesn't give much?11:15
SlartibartIs there a packages updated history or something, where I can check what the name of the package(s?) was?11:16
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orangepiI am new11:33
weedmicwelcome - have you an issue/problem?11:33
Slartibarthttps://pastebin.com/j7XK2fG4 <-- That's the full dump I get now when trying to boot Ubuntu, minus the times to the left, of course.11:34
SlartibartDual boot machine with Windows, it works just fine11:35
Beroniai am new11:36
bluf0xHi, please can someone assist? im trying to add a repo that includes [arch=amd64 signed-by=/...], it adds successfully using echo and it updates successfuly using apt update, however the problem is that this repo does NOT show under Software & Updates > Other Software.  The only time it reflects correctly is if i remove the "signed-by" parameter within the .list file.  I also cannot add a repo via the Software & Updates > Other Software GUI, if i12:13
bluf0xinclude the signed-by parameter, its still greyed out and doesnt allow me to add it.12:13
bluf0xIs there an existing issue with the Software & Updates GUI ?  To reproduce the issue, you can try adding a repo that includes the signed-by parameter, even if you dont put arch=amd64, it STILL wont show up in the GUI.12:13
BluesKajHi all12:13
bluf0xthis is for Ubuntu 22.0412:14
ravagebluf0x: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/198735312:19
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1986513 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Software & Updates doesn't handle sources files properly when an entry has options" [Undecided, Confirmed] [duplicate: 1987353]12:19
ravageor better https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/198651312:19
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1986513 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Software & Updates doesn't handle sources files properly when an entry has options" [Undecided, Confirmed]12:19
bluf0x@ravage, ah thank you for that, for some reason the launchpad bugs dont show up on any web search.  Its funny that this bug has not been fixed yet almost 1 year later.12:22
weedmicI don't understand enough about the goal to offer anything useful bluf0x12:23
bluf0xravage, do you know if this bug will get fixed in jammy?12:28
ravageNo idea12:29
ravageMark yourself as affected12:29
ravageAnd hope for the best12:30
lotuspsychjebluf0x: a good practice to speedup bug solving, is marking yourself affected and find others to do the same, then do some tests yourself and keep the bug active/alive12:37
bluf0xlotuspsychje, so if only a few people are affected, does the bug fixing get ignored? is that why it takes months and years for launchpad to fix a bug, because not enough users mark themselves as affected?12:39
lotuspsychjebluf0x: there are several reasons why bugs dont get solved right away, it can depends on the dev(s) of the packages aswell or some bugs need to get solved upstream too12:40
bluf0xthank you lotuspsychje12:41
McParenhey, does anybody know why there is no ubuntu package for the IUP GUI library? is it just too obscure or was there a technical reason?13:36
webchat47hi,  on Ubuntu 23.04: the latest generic kernels (6.2.0-23 and 6.2.0-24) are not booting here, while the 6.2.0-20 is still working just fine. Is this something others have been experiencing, or something I'm missing ? -- by "not booting" I mean it freezes just after initramfs is loaded by grub, nothing is printed out. I posted the question in13:39
webchat47https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/707181  as well.13:39
hid3Greetings everyone. Does 'unattended-upgrades' run on daily basis or does it run only on system shutdown? Is there any way to check that?13:55
hid322.04 LTS, obviously13:55
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ppwthere is a way to check, but I don't know off the top of my head. likely in /etc/apt14:14
ppw /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades14:15
ppwor /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades14:16
hid3yeah, checked those files, all seems to be set up just the way I need14:18
hid3however, I'm not sure if there is a mechanism which launches it14:18
hid3e.g. cron or so14:18
hid3(there doesn't seem to be any cron job for it)14:19
ppwcron? why do you think it uses cron?14:19
ppwubuntu uses systemd, and systemd uses timers14:20
hid3yeah, there seeems to exist some apt related times14:20
hid3I guess I just need to wait and observe the logs14:20
ppwcat /var/log/apt/history.log14:21
hid3and cron is still something what exist and maany things use it :)14:21
ppwat least that's how it's set up in debian14:21
ppwnot typically14:21
ppwif it does, it's likely set up via anacron, which, when used with systemd, very likely just sets up systemd timers14:22
hid3I'm planning to implement some cron jobs (cron daily, weekly, monthly) to do some system maintenance, downloading, backuping etc. Since I have a farm of VMs residing in one physical machine, I guess I should consider switching to anacron instead, in order to randomise start times of those scripts too avoid crowding the physical host resources instantly, at the same time. Or am I wrong with this assumption?14:26
leftyfbhid3: look into systemd timers14:27
hid3cron scripts are easier to set up. I just place the required script into /etc/cron.[daily|weekly|monthly] dir and done with that. With timer, I need to have that script placed elsewhere plus configure a .timer file14:29
hid3what advantages of timers am I missing?14:29
ppwif you really want to use cron/anacron, then check out systemd-cron.14:29
leftyfbhid3: systemd service/timers gives you more options and control. It's also the modern way to run timed jobs.14:30
hid3not a problem for me to configure the .timer file, just wanted to know the advantages of it. Alright, will consider all the options14:31
tweakhello. i am trying to get my sound card working with this laptop. Sound works, the LED mute button light is not. i have 2 listed audio hardware devices apparently, my lspci is pasted here -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QCpTSy8Bdp/   how can i set the apropriate kernal module?15:46
SlartibartCan anyone that knows Ubuntu boot errors interpret this text dump? https://pastebin.com/j7XK2fG415:47
tweakSlartibart: Is this a new install or previously worked?15:48
tweakSlartibart: and which version of Ubuntu? this is actually an old bug. updating to the most recent release should resolve it15:49
Slartibarttweak: I'm not sure which version of Ubuntu, should be at least 22.10 I think, though probably not 23.04. Does that match the bug?15:52
tweakSlartibart: no, it doesn't. That was a very old bug from kernal 5.15:53
tweakSlartibart: is this a new install or you didn't always get these bugs?15:54
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Slartibarttweak: It appeared very recently, like yesterday, I updated some hardware related packages that ubuntu software updater said had newer versions. (Is there a log or something where recently installed package names are listed?) Yes, the install is using version 6.something of the kernel. It's not a new install, it's possible it's been used since kernel v5.15:57
EriC^^Slartibart: hold shift to get grub when you boot the pc, go to advanced, then select an older kernel to boot15:58
EriC^^if it boots from there please type "df -h | nc termbin.com 9999" and paste the link15:58
tweakSlartibart: you can do     grep " install " /var/log/dpkg.log15:58
SlartibartThanks, on it, brb16:02
ray_mv: cannot stat '/home/ray/dev/linux-6.2.0/debian/build/tools-perarch/tools/bpf/bpftool/vmlinux': No such file or directory16:30
ray_make: *** [debian/rules.d/2-binary-arch.mk:745: /home/ray/dev/linux-6.2.0/debian/stamps/stamp-build-perarch] Error 116:30
ray_any idea what to do ?16:30
ray_compiling kernel16:30
ray_kernel 6.2.0-24-generic16:31
leftyfbray_: why are you trying to compile you're own kernel?16:32
ray_for fun, to learn more and hopefully get a job doing kernel stuff16:33
iskmdid you look over at the linux from scratch project?16:36
orangepiWHO USES THIS16:38
Bomboray_: there probably was an error before16:38
ray_yes I concluded it would take a while to build from scratch so thought I would first compile. compiled the generic kernel and was now compiling the ubuntu mainline kernel :iskm16:39
ray_and I guess I'll just go lfs route16:39
ray_:Bombo ty will diagnose16:40
ThermoriaxDid ubuntu ever get around to making the installer play nice with manual partitioning and full-disk encryption?16:41
leftyfbThermoriax: you could try it16:47
Thermoriaxlol, I'll take that as 'no'.16:48
jhaveI try ro use traceroute on WSL2 and a VM both with same resut, why do its not use PTR records ?17:17
jhaveits 22.0417:17
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rfmjhave, it probably is doing lookups but there is no ptr record for the IP (can't remember how long since I saw one.)  try "host <ip>" on some of them to see.17:46
BardonHello, my grandma uses ubuntu. I have remote ssh access to her laptop. What tool can I use to see her screen and move her mouse?17:59
ravageBardon: install rustdesk via ssh. open it and she tells you the ID and password displayed18:01
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rboxBardon: x11vnc18:01
Bardonrbox: I thought vnc would open a new graphical session, but I couldn't interact with what my grandma sees. Is it not the case?18:02
Bardonravage: Will she have to tell me the code each time?18:02
rboxBardon: i dindt say 'vnc' i said 'x11vnc'18:03
ravageyes i think so. maybe there is a way for a persistent login but i never tried that18:03
Bardonrbox: Ah sorry I thought it was the same18:03
Bardonravage: Ok18:03
rboxwhy would i t ype in 3 extra letters!?18:04
DumbLDoorHi all! I need some help with AMD Radeon 6900 drivers on 23.0418:04
BardonI'll check out x11vnc since it's in the official repos18:06
BardonThanks guys! See you18:06
rfmjhave, also interestingly the traceroute from the inetutils-traceroute package is different from the traceroute package, and doesn't do lookups by default, need to supply --resolve-hostnames ...18:07
alkisg1Bardon: you'll need to export DISPLAY/XAUTHORITY to access an existing display with x11vnc; and to do a port forwarding over ssh18:35
DumbLDoor[AMD/ATI] Cayman PRO [Radeon HD 6950] on 23.04 anyone?18:39
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oerheksRadeon HD 6950 .. shouldwork OOTB ?18:55
oerheks sudo lshw -c video18:55
DumbLDoorHi! Can anyone help me with AMD drivers on Ubuntu 23.0419:08
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oerheksRadeon HD 6950 .. shouldwork OOTB ?19:09
oerheks sudo lshw -c video # would show driver=radeon19:09
oerhekshttps://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lunar/man4/radeon.4.html it is in the list19:11
oerheksoh gone already..19:12
SlartibartEriC^^, tweak: Sorry for the late reply. I guess I should still "vent" my answer though. Ubuntu was booting from 6.2.0-1007-lowlatency, when I moved back to 6.2.0-24-generic things started working again :). I think the initial symbol errors still come up, but I guess they're not fatal errors. Thanks for helping!20:25
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DumbLDoorBack now. sorry @oerheks21:32
DumbLDoorYes, it does. But all of a sudden, i see a truncated display with max/suggested resolution of 1920 x 108021:36
DumbLDoorI tried amdgpu-install too but it does not have 23.04 support, frozen at jammy21:39
oerheksthat card only runs openradeon21:39
oerheksnot amd-gpu and amd-gpu-pro21:39
oerhekstry to reset your monitor, with its own menu to factory defaults21:40
DumbLDoor@oerheks - that is the 1st thing I tried21:42
riaanGood day all. Can someone explain why does Kernel 6.0 and above rejects the nvidia GPU in Ubuntu21:56
jeremy31What Ubuntu version?21:57
tekisuii switched to xorg21:59
tekisuinouveau driver21:59
tekisuinvidia is not open source, and old cards may not be well suported22:00
DumbLDoortried everything on the monitor and pc settings, still the display is only a fraction of the screen at all resolutions.22:05
DumbLDoorHDMI/PC etc. There is no option to select Aspect ratio.22:06
jhutchinsFortunately, nvidia provides a list of the cards specifically supported by each version of their drivers.22:09
DumbLDoorAny other idea on Radeon 6900 /Viewsonic/23.04 ?22:10
DumbLDoorThe correct technical term for the problem is "underscan"22:18
JymUpon startup, I keep getting a "unexpected crash do you want to report" almost every single time. I only have the SEND / DONT SEND option, I can't copy the actual error report. If left on overnight, in the morning it's just locked up to a black screen. and then just CTRL+ALT+F1 sudo reboot to get back. This isn't an issue on v18. Any thoughts?22:27
jeremy31Ubuntu 18.04?22:28
leftyfbJym: what release of ubuntu are you on? (there's no such thing as "v18". There is only 18.04 which is no longer supported)22:28
oerheksto look at the bugreport;  xdg-open https://errors.ubuntu.com/user/$(sudo cat /var/lib/whoopsie/whoopsie-id)22:31
Jymleftyfb 22.04, yes 18.04 v18xx22:32
leftyfbJym: the dumps are in /var/crash/22:32
leftyfbthat should give you an idea of what the issue is that caused the crash report to come up and more than likely, no GUI today22:33
JymOk, will check. iirc it's something xorg'ish related. Happens on both a Dell and thinkpad with anything v20 and above22:34
leftyfb!yy.mm | Jym22:35
ubottuJym: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle22:35
JymMind you these machines are 5+ years old22:35
MetamorphosisCan someone suggest some partition sizes? I have 500 GB hdd and 4 GB ram.  I am not sure how much to allocate for Swap, Root, Home etc.22:35
leftyfbMetamorphosis: 8GB for swap, the rest for /   that's it22:35
Jymubottu ty, This has been occuring since v20xx, v22xx, only v18xx has been stable22:36
leftyfbthough, I'm pretty sure if you just keep all the defaults, Ubuntu will take care of everything just fine22:36
oerheksubuntu uses standard one partition with swapfile. conveniant, so you never run out of space in /root22:36
Jym...all are LTS22:37
Metamorphosisthank you guys. I want to install another distro as well. So I prefer to keep a separate home partition.22:37
leftyfbMetamorphosis: that might not work out the way you think22:38
MetamorphosisYeah the last time I installed Ubuntu the latest version was 11.0422:38
leftyfbMetamorphosis: sharing /home between distros might not work out the way you think. Distro's tend to use different versions of software and desktop environments with different configs22:39
oerhekscreate a shared data partition. say 100 gb22:40
leftyfbwar: please turn that off22:40
DumbLDoorAny other ideas on 23.04 / radeon 6900 underscan with HDMI?22:44
DumbLDooris this an HDMI specific problem, will switching to VGA help?22:49
DumbLDoornever mind, I will try on my own. ty22:52
MetamorphosisThanks a lot guys.23:01
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