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belongumdave[m]Hello there. I just new in this 'room'. I am here to chat about ubuntu studio. Am I in the right place?10:00
gordonjcpbelongumdave[m]: yes, but it's lunchtime on Sunday so not many people might be about ;-)11:32
Eickmeyer[m]belongumdave, gordonjcp : Also, this is for help/support, for idle chatter there's #ubuntu-studio-offtopic:matrix.org .13:24
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BernardTressol[mHi there I have an issue on my laptop, I just installed Ubuntu Studio over Ubuntu cinnamon 22.04 LTS, and I have the choice at startup between lowleatency kernel and normal. When I boot with low latency, the system can't see my external screen, in normal mode it is detected. Any hints ?20:37
Eickmeyer[m]Bernard Tressol: You're in an unsupportable situation. 1) Ubuntu Studio Installer does not automatically convert your Ubuntu Flavor into Ubuntu Studio. 2) Ubuntu Cinnamon was *not* an official flavor until the release of 23.04, meaning Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 22.04 is not supported by Ubuntu Studio or Ubuntu Studio Installer. Therefore, we cannot help you as you've done something unsupported.21:07
BernardTressol[mThank you, in fact you help : I have to try another flavor. Kudos.21:09
BernardTressol[mSo what Flavor do you recommand (out of KDE) ?21:28
Eickmeyer[m]Meaning you don't want KDE's Plasma Desktop?21:30
BernardTressol[myes preferably21:30
Eickmeyer[m]That's a tough one to answer because I am the lead for Ubuntu Studio and the technical lead for Edubuntu, so I use both Plasma Desktop and GNOME and really don't have a preference.21:32
BernardTressol[mok so I'll try Mate, I am used to the old Gnome way of doing things21:33
CristianDelgado[I use gnome xfce and lxqt, i saw this behaviour in kde and lxqt, both gnome and xfce works fine22:12

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