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OutOfServiceI'm trying to build a booting/install system using ipxe. I'm trying to autoinstall ubuntu 22.04, but the problem I find is that I need to have at least 4gb or ram in that client machine in order it to be able to keep moving. Is there a way to load just a very small iso, or something like maybe an nfs server where to place just a bunch of files, and not all the big ISO?12:09
OutOfServiceno problem!: Thanks. I did it using nfs server... I needed to add a nfsroot parameter to kernel12:17
OutOfServicewhat is the best log file you should try to find in order to figure out why autoinstaller/cloud-init are not reading (or failing) an attemp of autoinstall using ubuntu22.04?12:45
OutOfServiceI think my user-data is wqrong, but I don't kno what part, so a log file would be very helpful12:46
dbungertOutOfService: /var/log/installer/subiquity-server-debug.log will be verbose but should have the information.  If you like, pastebin it and I'll help look.13:28
OutOfServicethanks a lot dbungert13:32
OutOfServiceI'll come back if needed13:33
OutOfServicewell, it seems Im gonna need some help. Do you need me to paste all the file, dbungert?13:40
OutOfServicethis is the parameters that I send to kernel:13:40
OutOfServiceds='nocloud-net;s=http://ipxe.casa.lan/ipxe/configs/test3/' autoinstall13:40
OutOfServiceinside test3 I have three files. two empty meta-data and vendor-data, and a user-data taht seems not to be loaded in autoconfig/cloud-init13:41
OutOfServicethis is the subiquity-server-debug.log13:43
OutOfServiceSeems that subiquito wants to go to the path in kernel parameters, but then... nothing else I can find util13:43
dbungertOutOfService: That log says there is no autoinstall data.  cloud-init may not have seen the config.  I suspect ipxe quoting problems on the kernel command line.13:44
OutOfServicei think the same. I'm having a look at this moment13:45
OutOfServiceI can load the user-data file in the browser13:45
OutOfServiceso.. should be kernel line13:45
OutOfServiceimgargs vmlinuz modprobe.backlist=megaraid_sas initrd=initrd netboot=nfs ip=dhcp nfsroot=${root_path}/images/${os_root}/ ds='nocloud-net;s=http://ipxe.casa.lan/ipxe/configs/test3/' autoinstall13:45
ogradoes ipxe.casa.lan actually resolve under IPXE ? did yu try using the IP ?13:46
OutOfServicewhere "os_root" is "ubuntu-22.04.2" and "rooth_path" is "/var/tftp/ipxe"13:46
blackboxswOutOfService: on the ephemeral install environment try `sudo cloud-init query userdaya` I expect it's empty. I'm guessing the `cat /proc/cmdline` doesn't actually contain the full set of kernel params ou expected to provide to the machine due to quoting issues?13:46
blackboxsw`sudo cloud-init query userdata` rather13:46
OutOfServiceim using a vitual host, as i need the webserver to server another web site. But using the browser using the pxe.casa.lan... works good13:46
OutOfServiceipxe needs to works fine and gets the ipxe file13:47
OutOfServiceblackboxsw I will. just one minute please :)13:48
blackboxswno worries OutOfService. nevermind on my commend about /proc/cmdline as you pasted debug.log above already had the related Kernel cmdline without 'autoinstall' parameter listed in that log line13:48
OutOfServiceblackboxsw this is the line from cmdline: "vmlinuz modprobe.backlist=megaraid_sas initrd=initrd netboot=nfs ip=dhcp nfsroot= ds='nocloud-net;s=http://ipxe.casa.lan/ipxe/configs/test3/' autoinstall13:48
blackboxswI see that now :/. .    so hrm. if you get a chance the values of `/run/cloud-init/ds-identify.log` may help tell what cloud-init thought it saw13:50
blackboxswOutOfService: +1 on your directory contents for the remote URL13:50
OutOfServicehttps://imgur.com/a/G0DTsXg  -> link updated13:51
OutOfServiceand this is from sudo cloud-init query metadata...13:53
OutOfServiceroot@ubuntu-server:~# sudo cloud-init query userdata13:53
OutOfServicethe content from user-data:13:54
OutOfService  version: 113:54
OutOfService  identity:13:54
OutOfService    hostname: hostname13:54
OutOfService    username: username13:54
OutOfService  locale: es_ES13:54
OutOfServicesmwall, but I think it should be working13:54
OutOfServicethe other two files are empty13:55
dbungertOutOfService: I assume there is also a `password` under identity, just redacted here?  The autoinstall itself looks fine if so.13:55
OutOfServicebadly assumed :)13:56
OutOfServicecould that be my bigg mistake?13:56
OutOfServiceI forgot to create de variable13:56
OutOfServicesorry, the paremeter for the password13:57
dbungertOutOfService: in your log above subiquity didn't see the autoinstall yet, so this would be a problem later13:57
blackboxswOutOfService: hrm ok not sure if the leading quote you have after ds='nocloud-net;s=http://blah/'  is the problem13:57
blackboxswgenerally when I've quoted the ds=xxx string I use `ds=nocloud-net;s=http://blah/'13:58
blackboxswwe can double check with a pastebin of /var/log/cloud-init.log. But I'm guessing that quoting is the problem13:58
OutOfServiceok. I'll give it a try13:58
blackboxswotherwise my guess is a network issue during boot where cloud-init retries the URL you provided and can't route to it for some reason... the cloud-init.log will tell us though14:00
OutOfServiceok, I'll reboot now again in order to chek the parameters with no quotes14:01
blackboxswOutOfService: cloud-init is using nocloud data from /var/lib/cloud/seed/nocloud instead of the URL you provided. 2023-07-06 13:05:25,780 - stages.py[INFO]: Loaded datasource DataSourceNoCloud - DataSourceNoCloud [seed=/var/lib/cloud/seed/nocloud][dsmode=net]14:01
OutOfServiceI also think it is related14:01
blackboxswok I'll dig through cloud-init.log to see why it isn't seeing the URL14:02
OutOfServicedbungert, ogra, blackboxsw.. you were right with the quotes. Now it seems to be working as expetcted :)  I can't emember where I got that idea to quote that line. I think it was an advice from someone using grub instead ipxe14:05
OutOfServicethanks a lot, as always :)14:05
ograhah, great !14:06
OutOfServicenow I'll hace to fight with user-data contents... 14:06
OutOfServiceare  https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-reference  all the options I can use in user-data?14:07
OutOfServiceI'd love to find something more.. specific14:07
OutOfServiceI found multiple examples for it to make it work, but in different ways. Now I cannot remember the differentes I found, but there were more than one. Small ones, but there were...14:08
OutOfServiceSo I'd love to find all the possible options, and play a little bit with them14:09
blackboxswOutOfService: woot! ❤️ to start the day with a debugging success for us :)14:09
OutOfServiceyou mean you want me to read? I can't undertand these symbols :(14:10
dbungertOutOfService: autoinstall-reference has everything you can do under the `autoinstall` segment.   If you want to use further cloud-init configuration for the target system, you can nest additional cloud-config like so:  https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/automated-server-installation/16612/59?u=dbungert14:10
OutOfServiceI'll start over there. Thanks so much!!14:11
dbungertWelcome!  Good luck!14:11
OutOfServicewow!! what a goog starting point!! that post about which line is for.. is like a bright light for me. I didn't understand why mixing all the options never worked  xD14:13
OutOfServicewhy didn't i found that onm ubuntu documnetation? I spent hours and hours reading and loking for good doc14:13
OutOfServiceI'm talking with #ipxe guys, and the say kernel doesn't support resolving dns names. Is that true? I'd like to pass somw adrdesses to my kernel, but now it seems that I can only use ips instead14:55
andolName resolution is indeed something happening in userspace.15:04
OutOfServicethanks for your help people15:07
ograthere si a vaue for the kernel cmdline https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/filesystems/nfs/nfsroot.txt ... <dns0-ip>15:08
ogra*there is a15:08
ogranot sure if userspace picks that up tough 15:08
andologra: I wonder if that might be something like https://docs.kernel.org/networking/dns_resolver.html, where the kernel calls out to userspace?15:11
ogracould be ... i know the old initramfs-tools scripts we used to have were parsing the nfstroot= cmdline option from a script and feeding bits into userspace apps ... but things have changed since i touched the initrd last 15:13
OutOfServiceso, you think I should try using dns0-ip=what_should_i_put_here?15:15
ograi think it goes into the ip=... option appended with a colon15:18
OutOfServiceyou mean something like ip=.my.dns.dame ?15:19
ograthe syntax for a non dhcp boot would be something like: ip=<client-ip>:<server-ip>:<gw-ip>:<netmask>:<hostname>:<device>:<autoconf>:<dns0-ip>:<dns1-ip>15:19
ogranow you need to figure out how that works with dhcp 🙂15:20
ograperhaps just ip=dhcp: ... or some such ... not sure15:20
webchat11I am using landscape-api snap with the create-script-attachment method, but the syntax for the file parameter is completely unclear, it is both the name of the attachment and its contents, the docs only state the http calls not snap or python.15:21
OutOfServiceFinally I've written an email to the dev of nfsroot... I hope he has time and patiente to reply to me15:52
alkisgOutOfService: what's the question, how to specify a dns server for initramfs-tools while getting the rest information from dhcp?16:55
minimalalkisg: he wants to specify "nfsroot=" using a DNS name rather than IP address17:31
alkisgThat's mounted using klibc's nfsmount, which doesn't support DNS17:32
minimalyeah that's what he was told17:48
minimalthough someone else referred to initramfs doing the NFS mount17:49
alkisgYes, initramfs-tools parses nfsroot= and calls klibc nfsmount to do the mount17:53

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