MooncairnFirefox from the mozillateam PPA has a really draconian apparmor profile that's been filling up my syslog.00:51
MooncairnI've resorted to disabling it.00:51
MooncairnDespite that, I can't launch Zoom from firefox. I'll have to reboot my computer to make sure there aren't any vestigial rules active.00:52
MooncairnThat did it.01:03
MooncairnSo, no apparmor profile for firefox it is.01:04
MooncairnI suspect I'll run into the same issue with Thunderbird as soon as I apt-get it and blow away snap.01:04
* greg-g channels jcastro01:15
greg-gjust use flatpaks, dude01:15
Mooncairnflatpak comes with a lot of overhead (Freedesktop Platform, 2 Mesa frameworks, etc).01:17
cmaloneythe sound of your soul being sucked through a straw01:21
jrwrenjust disable apparmor, dude13:07
* Mooncairn is finally flatpak- and snap-free!!21:26
MooncairnShaved about 6.5 to 7 GB of disk usage, too.21:27

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