MadLambif it doesnt work I can return it, and its not so expensive00:00
MadLambits worth to pay 27 euros to know00:00
MadLambthe amount of time I spent struggling with this already...00:01
MadLambwell, I have to go. Thanks again for the help <300:01
MadLambgood night00:01
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Assidhi.. so i have unbound which was installed with default ubuntu server..  and its set to as per default.. however, I cant find the config where it looks for an upstream nameserver to query04:39
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rfmAssid, I never heard of unbound before but it appears to be a pure cache, depending on  the system you're running it one haveing a working DNS config (which would be in netplan on a vanilla ubuntu_server.)05:38
rfmAssid, looking further, maybe I'm wrong. Looks like unbound goes straight to the root servers, configd in /var/lib/unbound/root.hints  (and no reason to ever change them...)05:48
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vershani want to upgrade ubuntu from 22.04 to 23.10. when i do a dist-upgrade. I dont see anything available. I've ensure that I have the option ticketed for any newer versions saved07:11
lotuspsychj3!upgrade | vershan07:11
ubottuvershan: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade07:11
guivercvershan, currently 22.04 only provides a support path to the next release, which is 22.10.07:12
vershan@guiverc, can i get there please07:12
guivercthe only supported upgrade path to 23.10 is from the prior release (ie. 23.04 to 23.10)07:12
vershanhow do i upgrade tom 22.04 to 22.1007:13
guivercvershan, I'll suggest reading the release notes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KineticUpgrades07:13
guivercalso be aware that 22.10 is nearing its EOL (later this month)... so you'll need to move to 23.04 very soon07:14
lotuspsychj3vershan: also be aware your plan, is moving from an LTS to a non-LTS ubuntu release07:14
lotuspsychj3ogra: ^ (war)07:14
guiverc(after 22.10 is EOL, you will be able to upgrade from 22.04 to 23.04 as it'll be the next release, but currently that is 22.10...)07:15
vershan@guiverc, ive done that its not finding 22.1007:15
guivercRelease notes for Ubuntu 22.10 are here - https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/kinetic-kudu-release-notes/2797607:16
guivercvershan, its there; the upgrade will download https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release to see what's available where you'll note Supported: 1 against 22.10.. so you've other issues (network? sources issue? not fully upgraded? etc)07:17
lotuspsychj3vershan: check your software&sources icon, to see if you got LTS releases only ticked?07:18
guivercfyi:  to go to 23.10 the `-d` flag is used & this metafile is used; which shows releases expected if you look - https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-development07:18
guiverc:) lotuspsychj307:18
vershan@guiverc, still doesnt find 22.10 as a new version. it just says everything up to date07:21
guivercthus I'd not consider what lotuspsychj3 as being a valid reason (ie. if your system being a LTS has been told to only offer upgrades to another LTS, it will ignore 22.10/23.04/23.10 anyway)07:22
guivercsorry ; I'd CONSIDER -- the not was a booboo !07:22
guivercI concur with what lotuspsychj3 said - what I'm trying to say!07:22
vershanmy system is ser for any newer versions and not LTS07:23
vershanDoes ESM repos have anything to do with this?07:23
guivercI'd check your sources (all lines are present,), they're updated (sudo apt update, with no errors/warnings etc), all upgrades applied (sudo apt full-upgrade) then try again..07:24
guivercI can't answer that sorry vershan (ESM repos)... I don't know enough about their use sorry07:24
vershan@guiverc, yeah ALL sources updated - no errors and upgraded no errors07:25
vershanis there a command from the terminal to force an upgrade maybe?07:26
guivercdo-release-upgrade comes to mind, which would be in the kineticupgrades link I provided I'd bet (server bit; but it works for desktop installs too)07:28
guivercalso please don't use the `-d` as per the doc I provided.. it's NO LONGER NEEDED07:28
vershan@guiverc, that works thanks07:28
* guiverc it was required when that doc was first published 07:29
vershannot sure why update-manager -d doesnt find anything07:29
guivercthe `-d` shouldn't be used; that doc I provided was outdated (-d was needed in early days after 22.10's release; hasn't been needed for awhile!)... the `-d` would have been a problem as that's now 23.1007:31
guiverc-d would have used the second metafile I provided (ie. 23.04 to 23.10 only! doc)07:31
* guiverc wonders if I should remove the `-d` from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KineticUpgrades (given it now creates issues)07:32
weedmicjust a suggestion, why not have an option in muon or synaptic - "new version available" "click to upgrade"?07:33
* guiverc removed the `-d` from kineticupgrades page07:50
weedmicguiverc: that was quick - nice08:06
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liceDibrariancould someone link me to the offtopic channel, using a separate client here so I don't have all my channels copied over08:23
EriC^^liceDibrarian: /join #ubuntu-offtopic08:24
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liceDibrarianthanks EriC^^08:50
EriC^^no problem liceDibrarian08:55
BeladonaI want to change mouse pointer (to a larger size and possible to a different color). Everytime I set it, and open a new app in awesomewm, it reverts it back to the normal/original one. How can i do it? Currently I am doing it like this `xsetroot -xcf /usr/local/share/icons/redglass/cursors/top_left_arrow 64` I use freebsd 13.2 but I am hopeful this09:21
Beladonais same in Linux as well as I also use ubuntu.09:21
weedmicany chance you are using kde?  i do now know gnome.09:28
weedmicBeladona: ^09:28
u8353v[m]My /lost+found folder when i EXT4 formated SSD and flash drive where with the orange locker.10:02
u8353v[m]Now just a regular folder!10:02
u8353v[m]I read we should leave it there! But considering the orange locker icon is gone is it really needed?10:02
lesshasteis there any tool that can do OCR on a page of handwritten notes?10:07
ppwhave you tried tesseract?10:23
weedmicanyone familiar with inkscape?  I need to fill an svg image in one spot with a specific colour and am having finding the palatte to edit.10:25
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BeladonaI want to change mouse pointer (to a larger size and possible to a different color). Everytime I set it, and open a new app in awesomewm, it reverts it back to the normal/original one. How can i do it? Currently I am doing it like this `xsetroot -xcf /usr/local/share/icons/redglass/cursors/top_left_arrow 64` I use freebsd 13.2 but I am hopeful this12:10
Beladonais same in Linux as well as I also use ubuntu.12:10
weedmicwhich desktop environment are you using Beladona12:15
weedmicyou may wish to try #awesomewm Beladona - I don't know anyone who uses that12:19
ograBeladona, you could instead try to export things like XCURSOR_THEME= and XCURSOR_SIZE= somewhere in your session start scripts (not sure that works in such a bare setup though, depends how well your session is set up, it surely works on gnome and KDE)12:27
Beladonaweedmic awesomwm. noone in that channel replies.12:37
Beladonaogra trying12:37
Beladona71ogra ` export XCURSOR_SIZE=64` didn't do anuything12:38
ograBeladona71, ah, sad ... (as i said, i know it works in gnome and KDE, but tey set up their sessions in a more complex way i guess)12:42
nteodosioBeladona71, did you put that in your ~/.profile? It works here on dwm.12:43
konradosHey, there's a Linux server with multiple users, including "mike". There's a directory at /var/www/html/servers/primary/sysrq.net.pl/lab/xl/ and here's the situation: the group needs to be "www-data" because the nginx process runs under that user.12:50
konradosAt the same time, I can't grant access to every user on the server.12:50
konradosI am the owner of the directory, "konrad", with the group "www-data" (that needs to remain the same).12:50
konradosHow can I grant access to the user "mike" only for that specific directory, while still maintaining access for myself ("konrad")?12:50
konradosDo I really have to create another user, let's say "developer", and then assign permissions for that directory? Or is there a simpler option?12:50
konradosWithout ACL?12:50
konradosOh, sorry for the many messages, it was copy and paste :)12:51
Beladona71nteodosio I used .xinitrc and put the xetroot in it12:52
Beladona71then exec aswesome on second line12:52
nteodosioBeladona71, but where did you export XCURSOR_SIZE?12:53
Beladona71if I run xsetroot -xcf /usr/local/share/icons/redglass/cursors/top_left_arrow 64    on terminal. It does changes the cursor. but later when i launch an app, it reverts12:53
Beladona7164 is the cursor size12:54
Beladona71export XCURSOR_SIZE=64   in terminal does nothing12:54
nteodosioI'd think xsetroot only applies to the root window (i.e. the "wallpaper").12:55
nteodosioTry `XCURSOR_SIZE=64 xlogo`, does it work on that window?12:55
Beladona71try this where?12:57
nteodosioOpen a terminal, enter that command, and put the cursor in the new window that opens.12:57
tomreynkonrados: create a developer *group*, add anyone who should have write (or read) access (incl. www-data, if needed), and chown the directory / files to that group and mayke it sticky.12:58
Beladona71nteodosio brb12:59
proceEdHello friends. I have a VirtualBox instances of Ubuntu that I use on my Macbook. Its about 6 months old and not a lot of customizarions. today just out of the blue it said "Failed to download repository information" when running the software update. Nothing else. I dont think i have any crazy repos running. what is the best way to fix?13:00
ravageproceEd: and what version of Ubuntu?13:03
konradostomreyn - thanks, but I don't get it :( Can a group belong to another group? Like "devloper" group belonging to "www-data" group:13:03
tomreynkonrados: no, but users can be in multiple groups13:04
tomreynif www-data is in the developer group, than anything the developer group has permissions to, www-data has permissions to as well13:05
konradosYes, but tomreyn - I have read many times, that I should not add a user to the www-data group13:05
tomreynand i'm not saying you should do that13:05
konradosSo, what should I do?13:05
Beladona71nteodosio a logo icon appears as a new window. but cursor remains same on ubuntu. nothing happened on freebsd13:06
tomreyni'm suggesting you could add the www-data *user* to a developer *group*13:06
nteodosioBeladona71, if you put the cursor on the logo, does it change size or stay the sAME?13:06
nteodosio^Accidental caps lock (:13:07
tomreynkonrados: be aware though that this means that anything the developer group has access to can effectively be exposed to the web13:07
konradostomreyn, thanks, I'll be back :)13:07
konradosyes, that is my problem!13:07
proceEdravage: Ubuntu 22.04.213:08
konradostomreyn, so, maybe creating a new user is the best option?13:08
ravageproceEd: paste the output you get13:09
ravage!paste | proceEd13:09
ubottuproceEd: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:09
tomreynkonrados: i understand that your use case is this: you have two human managed (login) users on a server, both need to be able to edit some files. these files also need to be exposed to the web, so www-data should also have the same level of access to them. the easiest way to achieve this is a joint group for the three users. pick a good name to indicate its purpose.13:10
tomreynif you need different access levels of these users on these files, though, you'll need to do it differently.13:11
proceEdthanks ravage. its https://dpaste.com/2CXMUE54P13:11
tomreynkonrados: i.e. if the web server user should only be able to read, not write, you'll need to use a different approach. but your explanation didn'T cover such details.13:11
ravageproceEd: you added third party package sources that are no longer available13:12
konradosNo, only one dir, tomreyn - I want to give access to all the devs, write and read. Trying to understand what you said :)13:12
konradosI don't understand "a joint group", what is that?13:13
gordonjcphow do you get the Ubuntu 23.04 installer to work?13:13
bparkerby booting it?13:14
konradoson pendrive, or virtualbox13:14
tomreynkonrados: a group which multiple users are a member of13:14
gordonjcpit gets as far as asking for a username and hostname then just disappears13:15
gordonjcpthere's no sign that the installer is doing anything13:15
gordonjcpclicking on the icon for it just starts the installer up again13:15
tomreynkonrados: we could also call it a "common group" for these users.13:15
konradosI guess you have some hardware issue, gordonjcp13:15
ravagekonrados: https://www.section.io/engineering-education/user-groups-and-permissions-linux/13:15
gordonjcpkonrados: why would you guess that?13:15
gordonjcpokay cool13:16
gordonjcpkonrados: the computer works perfectly in every regard13:16
konradosravage, thanks, thanks tomreyn,13:16
gordonjcpkonrados: there are no hardware faults, as evidenced by the fact that 22.04 works just fine on it13:17
konradosgordonjcp, how do you "install" ubuntu?13:17
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gordonjcpkonrados: with the installer13:17
gordonjcpkonrados: boot the USB stick, click on "Install Ubuntu"13:18
ravagegordonjcp: try https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/23.04/release/ubuntu-23.04-desktop-legacy-amd64.iso13:18
gordonjcpravage: that's what I'm using13:18
konradosVia pendrive? gordonjcp? Try another pendrive.13:18
gordonjcpkonrados: this is a known-good drive13:18
gordonjcpkonrados: in fact, it's the one I recently installed 22.04 onto this machine from, about an hour ago13:19
proceEdravage: that makes sense. best way to remove them?13:19
ravageproceEd: yes13:19
gordonjcpkonrados: two identical brand new SSDs, one with 22.04 on, one which is supposed to have 23.04 on13:19
konradosI still believe it's hardware, gordonjcp :) Try another pendrive. And a different cable.13:19
gordonjcpkonrados: okay great, it's not hardware13:20
gordonjcpif it was hardware neither would work13:20
gordonjcpkonrados: PC hardware is either 100% faulty or 100% working, there is no in-between13:20
ravageproceEd: try https://github.com/ericj112/ppa-tool13:21
konradosOK, maybe my intuition failed :)13:21
tomreyngordonjcp: did you verify the 23.04 iso image, both the one downloaded, and the one written on the stick?13:21
gordonjcpit doesn't have some magically faulty cable that can detect what bits are flowing over it13:21
gordonjcptomreyn: yes13:21
tomreyngordonjcp: how?13:21
u8353v[m]I  `sudo cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/sdX`... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/0903d472a4237b1938eb6ea7df381d206f3a499d>)13:22
ogragordonjcp, whats the reason you are using the (not very well supported anymore) legacy image and not the current one ?13:24
ograthe actual image is here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/23.04/ubuntu-23.04-desktop-amd64.iso13:25
gordonjcpogra: I have tried various images, including beta releases13:30
gordonjcpogra: it's okay though, the general plan was to test if some packaged worked in 23.04 and this is sufficient to prove that they cannot be supported13:31
ograhave you tried this specific official release iso though ?13:31
gordonjcpogra: yes13:31
ograso you should definitely open a bug then ...13:31
ravageit is also very unlikely that the normal desktop iso and the legacy installer show the exact same error13:32
BluesKajHi all13:33
konradosHi, BluesKaj :)13:36
BluesKajhi konrados13:36
proceEdravage: thanks for your help. I removed the bad packaged (jammy release from launchpadcontent.net). I have no idea why that was there.13:46
ravage!pro | natewrench14:05
ubottunatewrench: Ubuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-pro-faq14:05
natewrenchravage: 25 usd a year is great for 10 year support = 25*10 = 250 compared to windows 11 at 199 usd which comes with 10 years of support yea it is 49 dollars more than windows 11 but i think it will more than make up for the cost.14:20
lotuspsychj3natewrench: 5 machines are free for personal use14:21
ogranatewrench, note that it isnt just for 10y support but for free additional security fixes for universe (25k packages) that have not existed before14:30
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natewrenchogra: oh cool14:32
jhutchinsWouldn't a better comparison be with RHEL?14:37
ograjhutchins, RHEL allows 5 (or 50 if you are an official community member) free machines ? would be news to me 🙂14:39
ravageIt is a better comparison than to Windows14:40
ravageI think that is what he meant14:40
ravageBut we get OT again14:40
ograwell, its a better comparison no matter what you compare it to 😉14:41
ograbut yeah, you are correct ... this should be in #ubuntu-discuss14:41
webchat11Hello, is anyone familiar with the landscape-api snap? I am trying to use the create-script-attachment method, but the syntax is completely unclear.14:56
fdanWe have an access log file. We need a solution for managing log size.We want to have the logs only for the last 5 days. what are the solutions. currently we use fluentd14:59
OutOfServicehi people15:00
OutOfServicedoes ubuntu's install iso kernel support dns resolving?15:00
OutOfServiceI need to pass some parameters to kernel (nfsroot, for example), and it only work woth ip, but not using dns. Something like nfsmountÇ: can't parsde ip address 'my.dns.name'15:01
OutOfServiceI know dnsmasq is using the correct dhcp options, and dns server is one of the options it provides15:02
OutOfServiceso... as people say on #ipxe, the kernel semms not to have support to resolve dns names, right?15:02
ogranot the kernel but the initrd should15:03
ograthe nfs mounting usually happens from the initrd in ubuntu, not directly from the kernel15:03
leftyfbOutOfService: the linux kernel doesn't do DNS. That is for userland programs. As ogra mentioned, as part of initrd15:03
OutOfServiceso, then what it seems to happen is that initrd is already not loaded at that moment, right?15:04
ograthat said, i'm not sure what kind fo client we ship in the initrd15:04
ogra*of client15:04
OutOfServiceimgargs vmlinuz modprobe.backlist=megaraid_sas initrd=initrd netboot=nfs ip=dhcp nfsroot=${server}:${root_path}/images/${os_root}/15:04
OutOfServicewhere server could be an ip or a dns15:05
ogralong ago it used to be klibc's ... might then have moved to isc-dhcpc15:05
OutOfServiceas you can se, i load both vmlinuz and initrd15:05
leftyfbOutOfService: https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/v5.7/admin-guide/nfs/nfsroot.html15:11
Jakovhow to remove more then one file in one command in ubuntu?15:11
Jakovtried 1) rm file file file 2) rm file && file && file15:11
leftyfbJakov: rm /path/to/file1 /path/to/file2 /path/to/file315:11
webchat11My problem with the landscape-api and the syntax is about the file parameter: Help command:15:12
webchat11landscape-api help create-script-attachment15:12
webchat11usage: landscape-api create-script-attachment <script-id> <file>15:12
webchat11Add a script attachment.15:12
webchat11positional arguments:15:12
webchat11  <script-id>  The identity of the script to add the attachment to.15:12
leftyfb!paste | webchat1115:12
ubottuwebchat11: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:12
leftyfbOutOfService: I don't think kernel paramters like nfsroot support hostnames*(DNS) since the kernel is loaded before initramfs which has the resolver15:13
leftyfbOutOfService: the documentation for nfsroot specifically states "server-ip" as the option15:14
webchat11sorry for that, here is the paste: https://dpaste.com/DWR7LBXXL the file parameter does not work for me in any way and the documentation does not help15:15
OutOfServiceleftyfb I'll have a look. thanks so much!!15:16
leftyfbwebchat11: landscape is a commercial product from Canonical and AFAIK, supported by Canonical and not the community. You could try #ubuntu-server, but still, I'm pretty sure contacting Canonical or the landscape team would be your best bet15:18
webchat11I have not had to much luck with that in the past, waiting for a reply... thanks15:19
imihi, so there is this 2fa thing. there are services which asks for a secondary, time based "password". is there a linux app which can generate these secondary, time based "passwords"?15:51
ograimi, https://snapcraft.io/2fa15:53
ograor https://snapcraft.io/smart2fa ... https://snapcraft.io/easy2fa ...15:54
ograhttps://snapcraft.io/authme looks good as well15:55
imiok thanks16:09
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ursaCan someone on latest LTS grep the kernel config file for CONFIG_NTFS3_FS and tell me if ubuntu has it enabled?17:11
alkisg$ grep CONFIG_NTFS3_FS /boot/config-5.19.0-46-generic17:16
alkisgursa: ^17:16
ursathanks, that's surprising17:17
ursalooks like ubuntu is doing better job than debian17:17
jilocasinafternoon everyone.17:30
jilocasindoes anyone know where I can find some info regarding an nfs4 group permissions issue on an ubuntu 22.04 server client?17:31
plt2Using this script why is spamd failing to connect please https://pastebin.com/LbUghvM017:43
sarnoldplt2: --sport 53 on lines 8 and 9 feel out of place18:20
sarnoldplt2: what software do you expect to connect to your site from a source port of 53 and go to any of the high ports?18:20
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compooteruserhi bruhs20:08
compooteruserlater bruhs20:08
superkuhBig yikes, https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2023/07/ubuntu-23-10-new-app-store-deb-support21:08
oerhekstake that to #ubuntu-discuss, superkuh21:09
lsd|2kubuntu 23.04 doesnt wake up from suspend. wayland in use, didnt try on x11 but should survive suspending21:10
lsd|2where to search, ideas, pastes?21:11
lsd|2hard death, no screen on, no backlight lighting up on keyboard21:12
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ursalsd|2: A lot of that happening lately, probably some kernel issue.21:30
ursaSuspend is a problem on linux because it's very windows-focused.21:30
lsd|2i checked now on x11 still same21:31
kai_heya i am trying to get virtualbox guest additions to work with lubuntu 23.04 with no joy21:38
kai_ /list21:41
jhutchinskai: What steps have you taken so far?22:10
jhutchinskai: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?22:11
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plt2Exmin is not logging the client ip adress which is the stanard in the socket lib https://pastebin.com/EJuiCvZa23:12
plt2I checked the syslog and mail.log and its not in there23:12

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