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OutOfServiceDo you think it's possible to enable and put a password for root user using autoinstall?13:02
OutOfServiceI tried using root in identity, but it didn't seem to work13:03
minimalOutOfService: in "normal" cloud-init this could be done by specifying "chpasswd:\n  users:\n    - name: root\n      password: <hashed value>\n"13:40
minimalif you put that inside a user-data subsection of autoinstall data then I assume it would be actioned by cloud-init on 1st boot of the installed system13:41
OutOfServicethanks for your answer minimal. I alredy tried that, but maybe it's wrong the way I did. I passed ok the cloud-init schema config-file tool, and everything seemed to be ok. These are the lines regarding it:13:58
OutOfService      list: |13:58
OutOfService        root: $6$AlkVm7ZhPDSdExe6$aySDYQBYjSwg7cxPEEbE.LyECBmB94GjG1gk7NkdDxfMDQRHatoecCxoK0r7LKzkOuE2NHTNxQVgZ11OhkU.e113:58
OutOfService        oloco: $6$AlkVm7ZhPDSdExe6$aySDYQBYjSwg7cxPEEbE.LyECBmB94GjG1gk7NkdDxfMDQRHatoecCxoK0r7LKzkOuE2NHTNxQVgZ11OhkU.e113:58
OutOfService        test3: $6$AlkVm7ZhPDSdExe6$aySDYQBYjSwg7cxPEEbE.LyECBmB94GjG1gk7NkdDxfMDQRHatoecCxoK0r7LKzkOuE2NHTNxQVgZ11OhkU.e113:58
OutOfService      expire: False13:58
OutOfService    ssh_pwauth: True13:58
OutOfServiceSorry, I don't know if that are too many lines..13:59
OutOfServiceMy problem is that I cannot login not via ssh, nor diectly with any of these usernames14:00
OutOfServiceI also tried using both '' for the passwd14:00
OutOfServicefor a clearer view:  https://pastebin.com/MgMnNMMx14:02
minimalwhy have you specified root password in BOTH chpasswd section and users section?14:13
OutOfServicebecause it was not working, so I tried in all the ways :)14:14
OutOfServiceI don't know which is the best way I should use14:14
minimalwhy have you quoted passwords?14:14
OutOfServicesame answer hehe   I was not wotking without it, and I tried with14:15
minimalhave you read the cloud-init docs for these modules? they don't mention quoting and their examples don't use it14:15
OutOfServiceyes I did14:16
minimalchpasswd list is deprecated (as of cloud-init 22.2) as mentioned in the docs14:19
OutOfService?ve just tried again, and the only user taht works seems to be test14:19
OutOfServicenot root nor test3, or oloco14:19
OutOfServiceoh. I didn't realize of tah14:20
OutOfServiceI'll have a look to the current way14:20
OutOfServiceand try again14:20
OutOfServicethanks for telling me14:20
OutOfServiceIt's a little confising for me: I can usechpasswd in order to create users, but I cannot tell it the shell to use, nor the groups.... So, is it the best practice to use the user module?14:33
OutOfServiceI can't undertans why all this is taking me so much time to actually undertand... 14:34
minimalno chpasswd is not used to create users14:34
minimaldid you careful read the docs for it?14:35
OutOfServiceit seems it wasn't so carefull. My english is poor and its difficult for me14:36
OutOfServiceAs I can now understand, it's used to change existing user's passwods14:36
minimalyes, that is what the docs say14:36
OutOfServiceand can't it be used with the users module?14:37
OutOfServiceto assign or to change a password for a user14:37
minimalwhy would you want to do that?14:37
minimaldid you carefully read the docs for the users module?14:38
OutOfServiceminimal, I tried to read the most carefully I could. I've spent more than two days trying to configure it, but its obvious it's being difficult for me to undertand all the things14:39
minimalI asked you early about duplicated entries in your configuration...14:41
OutOfServiceI did that because it wasn't working in one way, so I tried other one... 14:42
OutOfServiceI hope this is also not a studip question, but... can I use the users module in order to assign a password to it?14:47
OutOfServicesorry, to root14:47
minimalisn't that what you already had in the configuration you showed?15:13
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