daftykinspopped in to improve the WiFi at a client employee's home today, first one with the fibre service!20:11
daftykinsi'm quite jealous of that rock solid 100 Mb service - 12 MB/sec snagging a 'buntu ISO20:12
penguin42yeh can do that on virgin cable20:13
daftykinsbefore it inevitably falling over at night ;)20:13
daftykinscoax is proper junk in comparison20:14
daftykins*starts falling20:14
daftykinssuccessful P2V migration today up at dental practice #3 \o/20:14
daftykinsjust cleaning up the disks with a bit more cloning to and fro20:14
penguin42a bit of a descale and polish then?20:17
daftykinswell played20:17
davefI remember when I could only get 100Mb service.23:02
zxmpii don't think mine is 100mb :-)23:03
zxmpiprobably more like 30mb on a good day, with wind blowing in right direction23:03
zxmpii remember bbses at 300 and am glad of the mb i have :-)23:04
davefWe've only just started getting fiber for a reasonable price. 23:05
zxmpii have started using a 4g mifi for when the virgin media goes down and it feels a fait bit faster23:05
daftykinsmobile tech can be, but it's crazy variable to regional usage 23:06
davefmobile access in the south east on england is slow, compared to what i'm used to over here.23:06
daftykinswas that with a roaming SIM though? often you'd get hamstrung and not see the full rate23:07
davefI easily get 100Mbps on LTE 23:07
davefdaftykins: Nah, I got me a tesco mobile payg sim23:07
davefAlthough I did see an O2 plan for 15GBP/month which can be used in North America. Would be cheaper to have that and roam than any local plan.23:09

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