mmikowskiRikMills[m]: I have downloaded, inspected, modified, and tested kdenetwork-filesharing (recall https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/kde.org/6e9190dc97e45eb3ace9b396b19c2df171caf85c/image.png). I have confirmed that the samba object is being created with Samba.install being compiled-in, and it's still broken. I can keeps poking at it,01:14
mmikowskibut do you have any thoughts on what could be causing this? I'd hate to go down too many rabbit holes if I don't have to!01:14
BluesKajHi all12:15
RikMillsmmikowski: not really. filing a kde bug would probably be good idea. I think it is broken in Neon also18:11
RikMillsthough Neon does not install kdenetwork-filesharing by default, so it may not have been picked up18:12
RikMillsthe logs say that packagekit tried to obtain auth to install samba, but failed18:50
RikMillsthat should initiate a polkit password dialogue, but it never appears18:51
RikMillsthe same process in discover does launch a polkit dialog, so that works fine18:52
RikMillsI'll test in Neon shortly and file a bug18:53
mmikowskiRikMills: That alone is good direction. What logs are you looking at? If you do file a bug, please let me know and I may be able to contribute to it.22:30
RikMills[m]mmikowski: just the output of journalctl22:41
-ubottu:#kubuntu-devel- KDE bug 472145 in kdenetwork-filesharing "Install samba feature/button fails to install samba via packagelkit" [Major, Unconfirmed]22:41
mmikowskiRikMills[m]: That's what I was thinking, filtered for kde, but I thought I'd ask :)22:46
RikMills[m]if you filter/grep just for kde you will miss some of it I thing. best to just look at the end of the output ASAP after trying it22:49
RikMills[m]*I think22:49
mmikowskiThanks Rik. Good point.23:29

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