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michele_what is the quickest and scriptable way to launch virtual machines without any kind of customization? virsh or multipass?15:39
rbasakmultipass or lxd15:43
rbasak"lxd launch --vm ubuntu:jammy" for example15:43
rbasakBut also, take away --vm and you get a system container, which will behave mostly the same and is often preferable. Unless you actually require the kernel and RAM separation of VMs.15:44
michele_rbasak: I will just need some vms to deploy kubernetes on it15:58
michele_so I guess a system container won't work15:58
rbasakmichele_: it does work - see https://ubuntu.com/kubernetes/install16:04
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michele_rbasak: where do I see that I don’t need a VM to install microk8s?17:39
rfmmichele_, https://microk8s.io/docs/install-lxd is a walkthrough of installing microk8s on a lxd container (not a vm)17:49
michele_thanks rfm, I thought it was on ubuntu.com website linked by rbasak 17:50
rfmmichele_, yeah, the ubuntu.com link just said install on lxd, didn't distinguish container or vm. I kinda wonder if it was written before lxd did vms, that's "relatively" recent, 2020 or so 18:00
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