cmaloneyOMFG: https://www.oracle.com/news/announcement/blog/keep-linux-open-and-free-2023-07-10/18:00
cmaloneyI hope IBM's ears are ringing from that clapback.18:01
greg-g"Finally, to IBM, here’s a big idea for you. You say that you don’t want to pay all those RHEL developers? Here’s how you can save money: just pull from us. Become a downstream distributor of Oracle Linux. We will happily take on the burden."18:09
cmaloneyI'd like to know who authored this because this is not the Oracle I know.18:10
cmaloneyEdward Screven18:10
greg-gI don't know of them18:11
cmaloneyEdward Screven is Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle. Reporting to CEO, Larry Ellison, he drives technology and architecture decisions across all Oracle products to ensure that product directions are consistent with Oracle's overall strategy.18:11
cmaloneyWay to run-on the sentence.18:11
greg-gyeah, I read https://www.oracle.com/corporate/executives/edward-screven/ and https://www.oracle.com/corporate/executives/wim-coekaerts.html instead, not a ton better ;)18:11
cmaloneyBlorp blorp the knick knock boop18:12
Scary_GuyI just remember Oracle from the whole fiasco when they bought out Sun Microsystems and tried to make a bunch of open sourced software private.18:16
Scary_GuySicne it was open sourced though most of the useful tools got forked.18:17
Scary_GuyOpenOffice.org because LibreOffice, MySQL became MirandaDB, etc...  So it seems really strange for them to be giving this lecture.18:18
Scary_GuyEspecially considering how historically patent trolly they have been as well.18:18
cmaloneyOh totally18:38
jrwrenit is bullshit that Oracle authorid this. Oracle did the same bullshit with Solaris and MySQL22:34
jrwrenpot, kettle, black22:35
jrwrenoh... what Scary_Guy said. lol. i'm late.22:35
Scary_Guylol hey23:00
cmaloneyJust interesting to see the shade getting thrown23:51

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