Guest11so im trying to install pavucontrol because it works nicely with pipewire but apt automatically wants to get rid of pipewire and install pulse audio00:31
Guest11how can i stop that default behavior00:31
Eickmeyer!yy.mm | Guest11 what version?00:32
ubottuGuest11 what version?: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle00:32
Guest11but i guess just apt install pavucontrol pulseaudio- worked00:33
Guest11wonder why pipewire doesn't my bluetooth mic only the output00:49
EickmeyerGuest11: Check the profile of the Bluetooth headset.00:50
Guest11yeah its using an audio only one00:52
EickmeyerGuest11: That's why. Most Bluetooth headsets cannot do A2DP duplex audio.00:53
Guest11yep! and i can change the profile with pavucontrol lol which i just got working, nice00:53
Guest11but wowww the audio is sooo sooo sooo sooo much worse00:54
EickmeyerHence I recommended checking the profile, since I knew you'd just installed that.00:54
EickmeyerA2DP = high quality, but one-way. You can't have it both ways with Bluetooth, unfortunately. That's a limitation of most Bluetooth headsets.00:54
Guest11im so excited to try noise torch00:55
Guest11but wow the quality is just soo soo bad i really00:56
Guest11i really don't remember it being this bad with windows00:56
sunfroggiwell since my laptop exploded00:56
sunfroggiim using a back up linux machine00:56
Eickmeyer!support | sunfroggi00:57
ubottusunfroggi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:57
aiena_How do I disable F10 opening up window menus? I have a tui which needs f10 but f10 get redirected to the gnome terminal menu and not inside the shell. On all windows pressing F10 opens up the menu items01:25
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guivercaiena_, you've not provided any OS/release details; but F10 does nothing in other terms so one fix is just using a different terminal01:35
rfmaiena_, , terminal menu>preferences>general and uncheck "enable the menu accellerator key" worked for me in 23.0401:36
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aiena_guiverc, I am on ubuntu 22.0401:45
aiena_rfm, thank you I am trying that01:46
aiena_yes that worked thanks a lot01:46
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ubottuError: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.06:02
imtranscendedhi, just wanted to see if anyone can help with a problem i'm having. i'm trying to use netplan to setup my usb ethernet device to use a static ip of the problem is, whenever the device restarts it gains a new mac address meaning that netplan doesnt apply the config and it creates a new wired connection09:01
TomyWorkis banjo.canonical.com down or something? I'm getting weird "apt update" errors09:42
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: https://status.canonical.com/09:44
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: for deeper investigation, try #ubuntu-mirrors09:44
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TomyWorkis "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jammy main restricted" etc. correct though?09:53
weedmicif I do ctrl+alt+f3 (to drop to init lvl 3), how do I return to the gui in ubuntu?  it does not seem to be ctrl+alt+f7.09:58
weedmicI believe that would be init level 109:59
weedmicor do you mean just f1 and not ctrl+alt+f1 - exoterws09:59
weedmicI don't want to try without knowing for sure as it will require me to reboot if I cannot return to the gui.09:59
exoterwsok don't try it... i may be getting mixed up between distros10:00
weedmicyou could try it and report back :D10:06
exoterwsi thought ctl alt f3 was a tty terminal not a run level. wait for someone less stupid than me to respond10:09
ograyes, it is a terminal10:10
ograand runlevels are dead since systemd10:10
TomyWorkand even before systemd, ctrl+alt+F* were shortcuts to switch terminals, not runlevels10:17
weedmicnice to know, but... how does one return to the gui they were in if in terminal f3?10:24
eliecan anyone hepl me setting up nat server10:25
eliei have only one network card10:25
gordonjcpelie: you need more than one network card, really10:26
eliei have vpn connected10:26
elieso 2 network card10:26
weedmicelie - are you talking about NAT for virtualbox/vmware?10:27
elienot vm10:27
weedmicthen you do need 2 NICs10:27
elie2 real nic10:27
TomyWorkweedmic, ctrl+alt+f110:28
weedmictks TomyWork - i shall give it a try - since I now know they have not been init levels in a looooong time, f1 is not as scarey10:28
weedmicworked -tyvm TomyWork (& u2 exoterws)10:29
ograweedmic, well, that key combo has ever switched runlevels ...10:29
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weedmiccould be a bad fuse in my brain - i thought that keycombo was the same as "init 3" - nice to know10:30
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weedmiccongrats on the name change Atque10:31
Atqueweedmic: thanks10:31
gordonjcpweedmic: no, it just switches what is being displayed10:33
TomyWork<weedmic> worked -tyvm TomyWork (& u2 exoterws)  <--- aint gonna run that command11:16
TomyWorkweedmic, to my knowledge, they have never been runlevels11:16
TomyWorkwhere did you get that info?11:17
weedmic1995 or so, probably did not write it down correctly - have already changed my notes11:18
gjollyI had to install pipewire-jack to get my audio jack to work on my laptop (I am running Lunar), is it expected? If this is really necessary for the audio jack to work, I would expect this package to be a dependency of ubuntu-desktop.11:24
TomyWorkweedmic, 1995, that's debian 1.x times11:27
p3liminstalled ubuntu 22.04 desktop on a laptop and my kvm doesn't work, every time I dis/connect the KVM the logs get flooded with ACPI errors: https://paste.debian.net/1285473/11:27
TomyWorkyou have notes from that time? nothing I have survives from that day11:28
weedmicI used slackware, then redhad (b/c they had a book), then opensuse as novell changed over to that.  I did not really try other things until about covid time, I worked at a place I could not connect to with opensuse and had to use mint, then mint stopped providing kde, so i went to ubuntu, then ubuntu stopped with kde, so I went to kubuntu.  I also used sun workstations (but aht was unix) and the sun os which I have not forgot thename.  somewhere in there was11:30
weedmicalso caldera.  but underneath, they really are the same you just add/change it to what you need.  I like apt better than zypper.  but I really like kde.  and, of course, give me konsole or give me death is my motto.11:30
TomyWorkuh, kubuntu and mint are both from 2006, so I think you got your timeline wrong :)11:33
TomyWorkkubuntu being from 2006 means that ubuntu likely didn't come with kde as the default DE since at least that time11:35
weedmicI didn't say I used it from when they were issued first - only when I used them.  I was and still am extremely happy with opensuse and only use otherthings when I need to.  Like now, ubuntu is needed for apt.11:35
TomyWorkthe name of the sun os was SunOS, btw11:36
weedmicyes, i remember - solaris.  but it never got updated - so i dropped it11:36
weedmicsunos on the sparc stations, solaris on pcs11:36
TomyWorkyeah my uni used solaris for their pools11:36
TomyWorkthat's about the extent of my experience with it :D11:37
weedmicpool like zwembad?11:37
TomyWorkno, like a computer pool11:37
weedmicoic, not water group/network11:38
TomyWorklike a room with a bunch of computers that students could log in to11:38
TomyWork(or rather, dozens of rooms... big uni)11:39
BluesKajHi all12:15
webchat30hi , i have an issue in my ubuntu laptop - sometime sound is not working , headphones are detected but sound is not coming , also video got stuck, after reboot it will fix, but i need permanent solution can  anybody help me how to fix ?12:39
TomyWorkwebchat30, from the information you have given, I can't even tell if this is a sound issue or a network issue12:45
weedmicwebchat30: often one needs to redirect the sound.  in kde, you right click on the speaker near the clock>configure audio>output>ensure it is to headsets (or speakers) depending on what you want at the time.  there is a test button there just to be sure.12:47
TomyWorkplease provide more info: ubuntu version and flavor, laptop specs (especially RAM), headphone model, what you mean by "video got stuck" and whether that happens at the same time as as the sound not playing, whether either issue only happens in certain applications or in all of them12:47
TomyWorkalso whether the reboot only fixes the video issue or also the sound issue12:49
webchat30ubuntu version is 20.04 lts , intel driver  , 16 gb of ram , headphone is boat12:49
webchat30after reboot it will fix both issue12:49
webchat30but after 2-4 days the issue will occure again12:50
webchat30i have re downloaded pulse audio but not worked12:50
TomyWork"redownloaded"? did you install pulseaudio manually?12:55
webchat30yes  i have downlaod it manually12:55
webchat30while i am performing troubleshooting steps12:55
TomyWorkoh god12:55
webchat30what happend ?12:56
TomyWorkgood luck with that system, that's unsupportable12:56
webchat30what it means ?12:56
TomyWorkyou're not supposed to install pulseaudio manually, you're supposed to use the ubuntu-provided packages for it12:56
webchat30but pulse audio already there before in manually installed it12:57
TomyWorkthen why did you manually install it???12:58
webchat30for fixing the mic and sound issue ,12:58
TomyWorkok, *how* did you manually install it?12:58
weedmicgenerally, if there is a sound issue, most of the time, it is mis-directed output.  if you verity the output is correct, merely stop (count to ten) and restsart the pusle daemon.  if it happens a lot/often, then you can be more drastic.  my guess in your case, it works until you plug in headsets (or vice versa) b/c you hope it will redirectly the output itself.  but now, who knows.12:58
TomyWorkweedmic, you don't know wtf is going on on that system. all your assumptions are based on a supported ubuntu system, which, if they did indeed install pulseaudio manually, this is not13:00
weedmici concur - hence why I ended with "but now, who knows" - because he changed it manually13:00
webchat30sudo apt-get  pulseaudio13:01
TomyWorkweedmic, oh, i missed that part :D13:01
weedmicwebchat30: no -f in there - maybe you iddn't change anything as if it were already there, it might have said 0 changes.13:01
TomyWorkwebchat30, oh okay, that's not what I thought you meant by "redownloading pulseaudio"13:01
TomyWorkwebchat30, and yeah as weedmic said, this command probably did nothing, but no need to do that anyway13:02
TomyWorkthis isn't windows, where reinstalling software magically fixes things :)13:02
webchat30also tried this cmds sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio13:03
webchat30sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove13:03
TomyWorkfor me (18.04), this also removes a bunch of other packages which you might need to now reinstall13:04
weedmicTomyWork: tea came uit my nose - that was goed :D13:04
webchat30is there anything i can perform or redownload all packages without losting any personal file and app setting ? is this possible  ? i am using Gnome13:05
TomyWorkwebchat30, did you write down which packages those 2 commands actually removed?13:05
webchat30yes thats pulse audio13:06
TomyWorkand what else?13:06
webchat30that it13:06
TomyWorkthat's extremely unlikely13:06
TomyWorkyou did an apt-get autoremove13:06
webchat30let me check my  history13:07
webchat30i think i didnt type auto remove13:07
weedmicyou could check the log it might be the last few entries if it isn't too far back - no need for grep even.  then you can be positive about the packages removed.13:07
TomyWork /var/log/apt/history.log*13:08
weedmicfyi, de situatie sounds a lot better to me now - so keep your bearing positive webchat3013:09
TomyWorkI'd download a 22.04 iso, and boot it from a usb stick, see if that has the same issues13:09
TomyWorkand if not, just backup your files and reinstall from that iso13:10
ogragjolly, pipewire-jack has nothing to do with your headphone jack ... it is bridging software to make pipewire work with the jackaudio daemon, a tool used for professional audio processing13:17
webchat30i dont use apt auto remove cmd13:21
jongstais it true that i will need to pay for Ubuntu pro in order to receive full support and receive security updates to universe/multiverse?13:37
tewardjongsta: no that's misinformation13:45
tewardjongsta: (1) Ubuntu Pro is free for end users on up to 5 systems without you paying.  (2) Security patches and such will still be released, Universe or otherwise, in the security pocket, but esm-apps has the potential to receive certain patches faster in certain cases.  You're still 'safe' from a security standpoint without ESM.13:47
tewardjongsta: see this answer on that same post: https://askubuntu.com/a/1453309/1061613:48
jongstai'm confused13:54
jongstaunder that post, someone posts: Ubuntu is still holding back security patches. The ethics of this are extremely questionable. They're basically doing what those "security" companies do that sell exploits (NSO, etc). Consider an evil hacker that has a "Pro" subscription, it's basically a feed for exploits they can use. No more Ubuntu for me. –13:55
tewardjongsta: to be honest that post is missing a lot of information and canonical answers which I once wrote when this first showed up.13:55
tewardjongsta: and no, "a feed for exploits" is not valid either13:55
jongstai guess the point i'm trying to make is anyone reading these kinds of posts is going to be just as confused13:56
tewardjongsta: yeah let me see if I can find the answer I wrote on a similar post which was more in-depth13:56
jongstayou have 2 thoughts being pushed here for the most part. "start paying to receive security updates" or "only have to pay if you go Pro"13:56
tewardjongsta: the problem is there's misinformation out there and the 'average user' is always confused by it.  I've already pulled my weight with the Ubuntu Community Council to ask Canonical to be more explanatory with how this works, etc. so there's less confusion.13:56
tewardjongsta: again, there is no "paying" for Pro in this case.13:57
tewardjongsta: if you are using it for your personal system it's free - see "Free for Personal use" on https://ubuntu.com/pro13:57
jongstai'm talking about a production environment13:57
jongstawe currently have 20.04LTS deployed13:58
tewardjongsta: so do I, 20.04, 22.04, i'm already at the dozens of servers :P13:59
tewardjongsta: granted, I pay for a larger subscription set, but *you yourself* can go register on Ubuntu Pro with an email address and then bind a production system to that, the system doesn't care as long as you don't overuse it past the 5 'free'13:59
tewardwe do the same at $DAYJOB for the three or four systems we needed ESM on temporarily14:00
jongstaand there's no need to worry about not receiving security updates/patches for universe/multiverse repos?14:00
jongstawe have hundreds of servers in our deployment so we can't use it for free14:01
tewardjongsta: i think the issue here is you have multiple questions that i'm going to split into the following:  (1) Do we have to *pay* to get continued security support?  Answer: **NO** there is no new subscription or pay wall for standard security updates to your system, Universe or otherwise.  SOME Universe apps get a 'higher' support level in ESM but that doesn't prevent the same changes from eventually landing in the -security pocket.14:01
teward(2) Does not using ESM mean we aren't secure?  Answer: again, *no*, you still get the standard ubuntu security patch cadence that's always been in the Ubuntu repos before ESM / Pro existed.14:01
teward(3) Are we safe in production?  Answer: Read #2, and then talk to your IT Sec team who determine your risk levels to see whether the affected packages in ESM that have updates before the -security pocket are in fact being used.  The **vast** majority of Production systems I've seen aren't using those packages themselves.14:02
tewards/themselves/which are in esm-apps separate from -security themselves, and therefore have no benefit *yet* from esm-apps.14:02
tewardthe last answer is based on my job as an IT Security professional14:03
ograjongsta, regarding your last question ... did you worry about "not receiving security updates/patches for universe/multiverse repos" until now ? not that nothing changed in that regard ... you can optionally now get additional securiy fixes for these repo pockets if you want to (and apt tells you abut it) but you indeed do not have to and can ignore the message14:04
ogra*note that nothing14:04
jongstaour security officer brought this up to our teams14:04
jongstaand making it sound like we have to start paying14:05
jongstaso i think it's him who is confused14:05
ograif you wnat them and have more than 5 servers, you can indeed pay14:05
jongstai wanted to float this by you guys to confirm14:05
jongstaso just to clarify, the universe and multiverse repos are NOT going "pro-only" for security patches and we won't need to purchase a subscription for them14:07
ograit is an extra service that has not existed before (and canonical hired new security people to provde it that indeed need to get paid by someone 🙂 )14:07
ograthere has not been security for universe/multiverse before (except for very few (2-10 per release) patches coming from the community ...14:08
donkarlohi everyone sorry for stupidity. someone has sent me a file with .key extension and has told me to use it as my ssh key. I dont know what I should do with this file. should I just copy it to /home/donkarlo/.ssh/ ?14:08
hggdhjongsta: in other words: you did NOT have security updates for Universe packages before Ubuntu Pro. Never.14:09
ograright ...14:09
hggdhdonkarlo: no, do not copy it over to to ~/.ssh/14:09
jongstawhy does that not seem accurate heh14:09
ograso if you didnt care before, you dont *need* to care now ... but if you want to start caring, you can pay14:09
jongstawe never received security patches before14:10
donkarlohggdh: what should I do with it then ?14:10
jongstadoesn't sound right14:10
ogra(or restrict yourself to 5 servers 🙂 )14:10
ograwell, you didnt14:10
ograonly packages from main and restricted were covered14:10
ograsince day one14:10
hggdhdonkarlo: find out what it is *first of all*. We NEVER deploy files we do not know about14:11
jongstai'll let the devs sort it out heh14:11
donkarlohggdh: it is a file from boss and starts with -----BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY----- and then a large string and then -----END OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----14:12
hggdhdonkarlo: this seems like an SSH private key. There is NO REASON for anyone to give you their SSH private key. I would leave it aside14:13
hggdhdonkarlo: even more one private key in clear text14:14
donkarlohggdh: he says I need it to be abale to to connect to ssh of one of our servers14:14
hggdhdonkarlo: no, they do not.14:15
donkarlohggdh: Then I dont know what to do14:15
hggdhdonkarlo: this is actually good. Do not do anything with it.14:16
donkarloI want to add it to then end of id_rsa, because I need to hand shake to a remote server14:16
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raddyI need few clarification15:52
raddyDoes Ubuntu server edition include GUI installer ?15:52
ravagedonkarlo: the right way would be to generate your own private key if you dont already have one and send your boss the public key15:52
ravageraddy: depends on how you define GUI. it has a guided installation that it text based.15:53
raddyravage: Simple, Partition manager won't be there in text based installer15:54
raddyOne more important question15:55
ravagepartitioning is part of the process15:55
raddyThat is correct, but we cannot customize the partitions intricately in text based installer15:56
raddyI have installed ubuntu inside virtualbox15:56
u8353v[m] * #ubuntu:matrix.org - Does "Discussion of Ubuntu and its official flavors" require invite now?15:56
u8353v[m] * #ubuntu:matrix.org - Does "Discussion of Ubuntu and its official flavors" require invite now?15:57
u8353v[m]Can someone please invite me?15:57
ravageit should be public15:57
ravageone sec15:57
u8353v[m]ravage: thanks!15:57
* u8353v[m] uploaded an image: (136KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/JXBSFTsSRwqihGRRTKIBrYAm/image.png >15:58
ravagetry again15:58
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u8353v[m]ravage: Nils fixed it!16:03
u8353v[m]Cheers 🍻16:03
raddythe lsblk shows sda3 size to 53GB16:03
ravageu8353v[m]: yes thats me :P16:03
raddyBut ubuntu vg ubuntu lv size is only 25GB16:04
ravageraddy: i think the default LVM installation does not use the full disk16:04
ravageyou can expand it while the VM is running16:05
raddyravage: after installation ?16:05
raddyOhhh okkk16:05
ravagei think you have to resize the lvm part first. then the filesystem16:06
TomyWorkdonkarlo, do not accept private keys from other people as your own. generate your own key and send them the public portion of that key16:09
TomyWorkthey need to put that key into the "authorized_keys" file under .ssh on that server16:10
TomyWorkif they insist on doing it wrong, you can use "ssh -i /path/to/your.key user@host"16:11
TomyWorkI realize this was 2 hours ago, sorry :D16:12
raddyravage: Thanks a lot, I followed a different guide and extended it16:12
ravageraddy: great :)16:13
raddyBut I feel installer should be fixed16:13
TomyWorkstill, ssh -i is an option. do not put someone else's private key in .ssh.16:13
TomyWork<ravage> i think you have to resize the lvm part first. then the filesystem <--- do you know the --resizefs option?16:14
TomyWorklvextend --resizefs -l +100%FREE /path/to/logical/volume16:14
TomyWorkassigns all available space to the LV and extends the file system to match16:15
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Gnome2020I've activated my Windows 11 laptop on my home WIFI. Now , my unique sereal number is linked to microsoft via my IP. permanantly linking this laptop to my home IP, correct? I've installed Ubuntu, can I somehow remove the laptops ingrained sereal number?20:59
blahboybazToday I discovered that gimp will not launch for some reason. I then went ahead and made sure my system was up to date by running `sudo apt update` and `sudo apt upgrade` and restarted the computer (just to be safe) but the problem did not resolve. I then ran `gimp` from the command line and received the output `gimp: error while loading shared libraries: libgegl-0.4.so.0: cannot open shared object21:21
blahboybazfile: No such file or directory`. Upon doing an internet search I see that others have had this problem in the past: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1975084 (May 7th, 2012) and : https://askubuntu.com/questions/1244868/libgegl-0-4-0-package-upgrade-problem (May 29, 2020). But because the solutions offered in those posts are so old I can not be sure it would not put me at a disadvantage (harm21:21
blahboybazmy system) or even work any longer (be effective). Is there any guidance on soving this problem in the current time (up to date solution)?21:21
NoImNotNineVoltblahboybaz: this seems relevant: https://www.gimp-forum.net/Thread-Help-Updating-libgegl-0-4-021:27
blahboybaz`apt list --upgradable` and `apt list --upgradable -a` both output `Listing... Done`  so.. no output to show I guess21:27
blahboybazI will check that out ty21:27
NoImNotNineVoltwhat version of ubuntu are you on?21:29
blahboybazNoImNotNineVolt: I'm on 20.04 LTS (standard version not any "flavor"). Some of what is being discussed at that link is a bit technical (package names and dependencies and whatnot). I'm sturggling to follow whether its appliicable to me21:32
kostkonblahboybaz, for starters, could you provide the output of apt policy gimp21:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:32
NoImNotNineVolt`dpkg -l libgegl-0.4-0 | tail -n 1 | cut -c1-2` should output "ii" if libgegl-0.4-0 is installed, which it should be, as it's listed as a dependency for gimp in focal (20.04)21:32
blahboybazone moment please...21:33
blahboybazNoImNotNineVolt: https://dpaste.org/a8QFj21:36
blahboybaz^ thats what I get21:37
blahboybazseems as if the package is not installed but I can't imagine why - since I've been using gimp fine until now (as recetly as a month or six weeks ago I guess)21:38
NoImNotNineVoltokay that's not the gimp that's in the ubuntu 20.04 repo is it :P21:38
blahboybazI'm not sure21:38
blahboybazI may have installed it via a 3rd party repo21:38
kostkonblahboybaz, you are using a version that's provided by a third party PPA21:38
blahboybazSo what should I do? Just install the needed library and be good to go?21:39
NoImNotNineVoltin this situation you usually get a "seek support from said third party" type of response :P21:39
kostkonblahboybaz, I guess if you are after a somewhat up-to-date version of Gimp, installing the snap version would be a safer way of going about it21:39
NoImNotNineVoltassuming you're as familiar with snaps as you are with dpkg21:40
blahboybazkostkon: What would that entail? Removing the 3rd party ppa, purging gimp, and then installing gimp with snap?21:40
kostkonblahboybaz, or maybe installing the snap version right now and giving it a test drive, both versions can coexists, in theory21:41
blahboybazI'm really not great with sys admin (dpkg, and so on) - that's why I come for help. Its just not my forte21:41
blahboybazkostkon: If I were to do that then what ensures that it is the smap version being launched (by clicking the icon in the launcher or by other means)?21:42
ograthey can coexist just fine (they do here for me (on 22.04 though), the prob is the icons are the same 🙂21:42
NoImNotNineVoltif libgegl-0.4.0 isn't installed at all, maybe it's just the packaging is broken on this gimp you've installed.21:42
blahboybazI don't have any reserve for removing the existing gimp so maybe I'll try that21:43
kostkonblahboybaz, what ogra said, try cboth icons ;)21:43
NoImNotNineVoltso, maybe just manually marking libgegl-0.4-0 for installation would be sufficient?21:43
NoImNotNineVolte.g. `sudo apt install libgegl-0.4.0` and try again after?21:43
NoImNotNineVolti don't think libgegl changed between gimp 2.10.18 and 2.10.34, but i could be wrong.21:44
blahboybazNoImNotNineVolt: I would like to try manually installing libgegl is that just by `sudo apt install libgegl-0.4-0` ?21:44
NoImNotNineVoltblahboybaz: yea. if it doesn't help you can just remove it after. although it's weird that it was working before. it shouldn't have been working without libgegl :P21:44
blahboybazI ask for clarification bc I'm uncertain about commands / procedures for things I rarely do21:44
blahboybazNoImNotNineVolt: yes, I find this situation strange as well21:45
blahboybazI'll see what instaling the lib gets me21:45
blahboybazIs there some requirement to `source` anything or to reload (so to speak) anything?21:47
NoImNotNineVoltlooks like this is ppa also has newer libgegl builds, etc21:47
blahboybazafter the installation I mean21:47
NoImNotNineVoltthere shouldn't be... a shared object (.so) is dynamically loaded at runtime.21:48
NoImNotNineVoltso if `gimp` in a terminal gives you the same error as before...21:48
NoImNotNineVoltmaybe installing libgegl-0.4-0_0.4.42-1build1~ubuntu2004 from the same repo would give you better results?21:51
NoImNotNineVoltbut at a certain point i'd be wondering what's wrong with this PPA's packaging of gimp that the correct dependencies aren't being installed.21:52
blahboybazWhen manually installing the libgegl lib other libs are also installed along with it:  https://dpaste.org/4BHAR  the problem remains unresolved (gimp does not launch)  BUT  the output given when running `gimp` on the command line is similar but now involving a different lib. I'm wondering if some larger package was removed or changed that contained those libs and cuased this effect?21:52
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NoImNotNineVoltso, taking a step back, are there features in newer version of gimp that you need?21:52
NoImNotNineVoltthe easy solution here is to blow away this 3rd party gimp and run the ancient version that's in the focal repo :P21:53
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html21:53
kostkonhopefully ppa-purge is still a thing, the factoid looks to be ancient21:54
blahboybazNoImNotNineVolt: yes that probably is best and would be fine for me (I don't use gimp for much or very often). I guess I've let my curiousity get the better of me. I will work that (easier) soln21:54
blahboybazkostkon: purging the ppa is the only thing I'm still a bit uncertain about. I'm guessing that `sudo apt install ppa-purge && sudo ppa-purge ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp` is the thing to run?21:55
NoImNotNineVolti guess snaps are supposed to make this type of stuff easier...21:55
NoImNotNineVoltbut i don't like using tools that i don't understand, and i've invested zero effort into understanding how snapd works.21:55
kostkonblahboybaz, if that's what the how-to says then yes21:56
blahboybazkostkon: It comes from https://askubuntu.com/questions/1244868/libgegl-0-4-0-package-upgrade-problem  (which isn't precisely a how to on purging a ppa). No biggie I think I can handle it if I have to look it up21:57
kostkonblahboybaz, i guess yours is ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/gimp ?21:59
NoImNotNineVoltseems to be a popular ppa22:00
kostkonNoImNotNineVolt, by a popular (and still active, a rare thing these days) blog it seems22:03
blahboybazkostkon: I JUST found that out with `grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | grep gimp`. I thought I saw something about that in a forum but not seeing it now. I'm just gonna purge and reinstall it and go from there22:04
kostkonblahboybaz, ok22:05
blahboybazAfter purging gimp and reinstalling it I'm back to square one (gimp wont launch / same ouput about libgegl on the command line). Are any of https://dpaste.org/jrAzS things that can be removed? Seeing the ending of some of those lines makes me think they are default repositories that you need to have. Also I'm haivng a hard time understanding how something called a handbook (eg: ubuntuhandbook1 in the22:21
blahboybazstring) could be connected with installing a package. A "handbook" is a handbook (by definition) - what does that have to do with installing gimp?22:21
blahboybazI'm guessing that removing the entries shown in that paste and then purging / reinstalling gimp may be what is needed? But not if those repos are necessary on my system22:22
ravageblahboybaz: if you installed any packages after you purged them before remove them again22:25
ravagethen "sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntuhandbook1-ubuntu-gimp-focal.list /root"22:25
ravage"sudo apt update"22:25
ravage"sudo apt install gimp"22:26
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blahboybazravage: Sorry for the delay I had a call come in. By `sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntuhandbook1-ubuntu-gimp-focal.list /root` is that just to move the file out of path? So then if things work out I should delete it later?22:48
blahboybazkk.. I'll try22:49
blahboybazravage: think that path needs to end with a forward slash doent it?22:52
ravageyou can add one22:52
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blahboybazravage: YEah.. that looks worse (worse sitch now).  After moving the file out of path, purging gimp, then (attempting to) install gimp I get: https://dpaste.org/Y9DWp22:54
ravageand you did the apt update?22:55
blahboybazravage: yes22:56
ravagesudo apt remove  --purge libgimp2.0 gimp-data22:57
ravagedid you run the remove command?22:59
blahboybazravage: yes - problem solved! Gimp does launch. Should I now remove `ubuntuhandbook1-ubuntu-gimp-focal.list` from root?23:00
blahboybazravage: sweet!23:00
blahboybazthanks so much for your help23:01

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