jrwrenpart of that canonical takes LXD from linuxcontainers.org ^15:37
cmaloneyYeah, I wondered how long that would be15:37
cmaloney"It’s a bit of a bittersweet moment leaving a company after you’ve invested so much of your time into it, but I believe that now was the right time for me. As I’ve told colleagues and upper management, Canonical isn’t the company I excitedly joined back in 2011 and it’s not a company that I would want to join today, therefore it shouldn’t be a company that I keep working for15:37
cmaloneyHonestly in 2008 I would have likely sold part of my soul to work for Canonical15:38
jrwrenI heard that canonical considers LXD a failed open source project.15:38
jrwrenbecause it failed to get many/any outside contribs.15:38
cmaloneyWhat the ever loving fuck?15:38
jrwrenbut then, aren't ALL canonical projects failed in that sense?15:38
cmaloneyIt _just_ _works_15:38
jrwrenjuju certainly.15:38
jrwrenupstart for sure.15:38
cmaloneyI love LXD. I fired Virtualbox in favor of LXD15:39
jrwrenyup, LXD is great.15:39
jrwrenyeah, 2008 was probably peek canonical.15:40
jrwreni worked there Jul 2014 - Jun 2017 and it was good.15:40
jrwrenbut I've lasted longer at Cisco ;) 15:40
cmaloneyMark Shuttleworth needs to be given a busybox to control15:42
cmaloneybecause frankly he's an inept, frustrated, Steve Jobs wannabe15:43
jrwrenlol. he used to be so great though! He was going to save us! ;) 15:43
cmaloneyNever trust any white person from South Africa with a messiah complex.15:44
jrwrenLMAO true15:45
cmaloneyWell, I look for the enshittification of my workflow, much like what happened with Ubuntu One's "I'm a Dropbox" era.15:46
cmaloneythough I blame them trying to scale CouchDB to thousands of users.15:46
cmaloneywith not-so-great connections15:46
MooncairnTime to move to Debian? lol15:47
jrwrenit has always been private, so I can't really tell, but I feel like it has always been a loss or break even company. It isn't like Mark needs the money.15:47
jrwrenHe's been flirting with cash flow for 2 decades now.15:47
jrwrenYou get weird decisions as a result.15:47
jrwrenCouchDB was terrible.15:47
jrwrenThey are still Ceph lovers AFAICT, which is terrible.15:47
cmaloneyThing is it's not like they do necessarily _bad_ things, but more like just different for the sake of being different15:48
cmaloneylike some weird pied piper dragging folks over a cliff15:48
jrwrenLuckily, ubuntu is still largely community driven, it is still better than debian for a few thing.15:48
jrwrenyes, they have a lot of NIH15:48
cmaloneyyeah, though I wonder what sort of NIH they're going to foist on the imutable snap desktop15:49
cmaloneysince it seems they're trying to chase Fedora over that cliff15:49
cmaloneyI know JOrge has a complete crush on immutable cloud desktops but I remain skeptical15:49
cmaloneymuch like I was skeptical of the Ubuntu Phone because not even SABDFL has that kind of cash to massage the FCC.15:50
cmaloneynor the patience15:50
cmaloneyand by FCC I mean the telecoms that run the FCC. ;)15:50
cmaloneybut it seems that short-sighted decisions that ultimately harm the goodwill of the company are abundant15:52
cmaloneyjrwren: You'd appreciate this: https://www.jwz.org/blog/2023/07/cabaret-voltaire-welcomes-the-swifties-into-the-fold/15:53
jrwrenLMAO @ the title alone15:55
MooncairnHoly crap, something deleted most of the directories under /usr/share/doc on my desktop!17:31
MooncairnOkay, found the culprit. It was a deb with faulty packaging. Good thing I have backups.17:42
jrwrena 3rd party deb, I hope?18:19
cmaloneyWhich deb?18:35
MooncairnYea, it was a deb created through pacstall.19:56
MooncairnThe build recipe used a variable that was undefined, so that instead of 'rm -rf'ing /usr/share/doc/neovim, it removed /usr/share/doc.19:57
MooncairnThat was during the dpkg uninstall script.19:57
MooncairnIn the future I'll need to inspect the scripts and the generated deb before installing anything.19:58
MooncairnI'd rather use a PPA, but I've yet to find one that has the current stable version of neovim.19:59
greg-gI've found ppa's to be a wasteland, sadly (except in rare cases where it's maintained by some org or known group of folks)20:05
jrwrenPPA are a nice dev tool, not a nice user tool.20:10
MooncairnIs there a better way to find and install debs not maintained by Ubuntu?20:11
greg-gsnaps! </sarcasm>20:13
Scary_GuyI'm pretty sure I'd like a snap from Thanos better.21:53

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