topcat001causative: try creating instead of updating, as in `... -c -k all` instead of `-u`00:12
* topcat001 too late? :)00:13
Work-BWMerlinI am trying to upgrade my Ubuntu server 20 to 2200:41
Work-BWMerlinI am following this guide here https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu-to-22-04-lts-jammy-jellyfish00:42
causativetopcat001, I have tried that00:42
Work-BWMerlinWhen I try and run sudo do-release-upgrade I get an error message saying authenticate 'jammy.tar.gz' against 'jammy.tar.gz.gpg'00:42
causativehere are more details of my problem with LUKS boot not prompting:  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1477559/no-prompt-to-decrypt-luks-partition-on-boot00:42
Work-BWMerlinI can also a see that Connection failed [IP: 80]00:43
sarnoldWork-BWMerlin: maybe try configuring your apt sources to use archive.ubuntu.com instead of aarnet's mirror?00:44
Work-BWMerlinI am currently using http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu00:45
Work-BWMerlinThat is what I see when I check /etc/apt/source.list00:45
Work-BWMerlinI have tried both with and without au00:46
Work-BWMerlinI have also tried to use aarnet but kept getting an error about no release file being found (probably me configuring the source.list wrong).00:46
sarnoldhttp://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jammy/main/dist-upgrader-all/22.04.10/  hmm there's the tarballs..00:48
causativewhere exactly are "volume groups" configured? /etc/fstab only mentions volumes. Is there any configuration associated with volume groups or is it all automatic?01:07
causativeI mean during boot, are volume groups supposed to be discovered automatically, or is there a config file for them?01:07
NickHThere are a bunch of tools for querying lvm stuff. Eg vgs01:15
rfmcausative, you mean LVM volume groups, right?  I believe the info is stored in a "metadata area" on each physical volume, and it should be picked up a boot time (as long as the vg has been imported, or created on this system)01:15
rfmcausative, ...but I am hardly an LVM expert, I use ZFS so I can avoid dealing with it.01:16
causativeI'm kind of confused about how exactly a LUKS partition that contains an LVM volume group is set up to connect (partition name in /dev/) -> (decrypted partition name in /dev/mapper/) -> (name of volume group) -> (name of volumes)01:23
causativeparticularly, I don't understand why it matters what the decrypted partition in /dev/mapper is named, unless there is some config file listing that name somewhere and associating it with the volume group01:24
rboxthere is a cache in /etc/lvm01:26
rboxbut pvscan can scan devices for lvm metadata01:26
EriC^^causative: there's /etc/crypttab01:30
EriC^^er, nevermind that has the luks name there01:30
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causativeI think I have solved the problem and boy is it stupid, cryptsetup was choking on my crypttab because it had no newline at end of file01:45
causativenot that it would tell me that, it was just ignoring the line01:46
causativethe funny thing is that I thought I did test that before and it didn't work but maybe I used the wrong update-initramfs flag at the time01:47
sarnoldcausative: OMG01:52
sarnoldcausative: I spent an hour trying to find that I had accidentally put an . in there instead of a ,01:53
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Fretegievening all!03:44
Fretegiswinging for the fences here.. have a samba share running on Ubuntu server.  using LVM with an XFS FS.  mistakenly deleted the wrong directory.  Looking for a recovery/undelete tool or process, any thoughts?03:46
rboxFretegi: https://lmgtfy.app/?q=xfs+undelete03:47
Fretegilol thanks for link, already in motion lookin for options via the google.  Most seem to want to use an application and windows, which wont work in my case.  only way i can get a windows system to see the contents would be thru the samba share, which prevent them from working no?03:50
rboxthe fact that its samba and windows is irrelvent03:52
rboxif you're storing files on xfs03:52
rboxthen you have to recover from xfs03:52
Fretegiso samba is not hiding any metadata or any other level of data on the share?03:52
Fretegistated differently, i was under the impression that a client connecting to a samba share would have some attributes of the FS hidden from it, thereby limiting the effectiveness for a client to connecting to the share to run data recovering tools.  is this not the case?03:56
sarnoldFretegi: if I've understood your question .. your windows clients are *not* going to be able to undelete anything on that samba machine. your options are to do data recovery on that hard drive directly. (You would be better served to use dd to make an identical copy of the hard drive to a file, back that up, and then work on the file.)04:19
Fretegisarnold, yes that is exactly what i suspected04:26
Fretegii think photorec may work, been working on it for a bit now, wish me luck!04:27
lotuspsychjephotorec rocks04:27
Fretegiyea no kidding! little tricky setting up but i think its gonna work! wahoo04:30
EriC^^Fretegi: you could try testdisk first, it would show the deleted dirs and you might be able to recover04:38
EriC^^at least you'd get to see the old directory structure/file sizes if that's useful for later re-assembling it from the unnamed files photorec would give back04:39
FretegiEriC^^, man if i could get that to work that would be great, its an LVM, i get getting an error about FS not supported on testdisk04:40
FretegiEriC^^, sure would make it easier, id have a MUCH smaller recovered data set to sort thru ha04:40
EriC^^Fretegi: hmm try directly 'sudo testdisk /dev/mapper/bla...'04:41
FretegiEriC^^, any issues running testdisk in a different terminal session while photorec is also running?04:41
EriC^^sure why not04:42
FretegiEriC^^, hold my beer!04:42
EriC^^Fretegi: dumb question but you customized the file types photorec will retrieve right? if they were only certain files you can hone in on just those04:43
FretegiEriC^^, yup i did that, fortunately only looking for one filetype04:43
EriC^^ah cool04:44
FretegiEriC^^, ya says support for this FS hasnt been implemented still04:44
EriC^^oh ok04:44
Fretegitho for an LVM vol what partition type ya thinkin? i chose none04:44
Fretegii tried none, EFI and Intel, no go on any of em04:45
EriC^^hmm, if you give it the /dev/mapper i think you just hit 'none'04:46
EriC^^which testdisk version is it? xfs seems to be supported for testdisk04:46
Fretegiya when i select none it will at least pick up on the FS being XFS, all the other options say no partition.04:46
Fretegitestdisk 7.0, and photorec is reading just fine, have found 700 files so far so not sure why testdisk isnt reading04:47
EriC^^latest is testdisk 7.104:48
Fretegiah prob my ancient and in need of upgrading Ubuntu version ha04:48
EriC^^fwiw photorec 7.1 has some more improvements on recovering fragmented files and whatnot04:49
Fretegiseeing if i can find a .deb for 7.104:49
Fretegithis is 16.04 ubuntu, dire need to update, but thats tomorrow's problem04:50
EriC^^you could download a 22.04 iso and run a live session and do it from there04:50
EriC^^probably a clean 22.04 install is better from 16.04 as well instead of upgrading 3 times to 22.0404:51
Fretegithat is true.... good thinking... just spin up the LVM's manually then eh04:51
Fretegiyea there are some other layout tweaks i intended to do which favored a fresh install as well, but then i keep kickin that can down the road.  Tho i cant conmplain, its running rock solid doing the tasks i built it for ha04:53
Fretegiappreciate the help tho bud!04:53
FretegiIm gonna let this thing run all night, see how many files we run into, may try the 22.04 iso solution tomorrow AM, excellent idea ty ty !04:54
EriC^^you really should upgrade though, especially if it's connected to the net somehow etc04:54
Fretegioh yea it defly needs to be done04:55
EriC^^running an EOL version is a very bad idea04:55
Fretegii get it, been lazy04:55
Fretegiand dumn04:55
plt2Whats up with Ubuntu they are slow updating the php extensions and a lot of them are still on 7.4 when 8.2 is the lastest version04:55
EriC^^gotcha, anyways np, good luck!04:55
plt27.4 should be eol04:56
plt2more of the 8.1 php extension should be available04:57
lotuspsychje!latest | plt204:58
ubottuplt2: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.04:58
plt2apt-cache search 'php 8' no files returned04:58
FretegiEriC^^, appreciate it bud thanks again for all the help, greatly appreciate!'04:59
plt2Linux apps2.professionalsoftwaredevelopment.com 5.4.0-153-generic #170-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 16 13:43:31 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux with there a differnt distro I can use that have the php8 extensions05:00
plt2Description:    Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS05:02
plt2Codename:       focal05:03
plt2I got it05:09
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NickHplt2: 22.04 ships with php 8.105:19
tarel2My Ubuntu come back to and my USB headphone works but  I had to do a lot to hear anything , like  make a  sound file  for my user ,  Can you reinstall Ubuntu05:20
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Work-BWMerlinI am still having trouble running sudo do-release-upgrade05:42
Work-BWMerlinI have change my mirrors to in.archive.ubuntu.com from au.archive.ubuntu.com as well as tried just archive.ubuntu.com05:43
EriC^^Work-BWMerlin: what error are you getting?05:45
mikrotrikdo u need help Work-BWMerlin05:46
guivercWork-BWMerlin, you've not mentioned your release, but some of what is downloaded for release-upgrade is not from your current mirror (ie. metadata has a specific location that isn't that mirror)... but release details may help06:03
guiverceg. meta data for a release-upgrade (non -d) is from https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release  thus mirror won't impact downloading that (ie. what release-upgrades are supported)06:04
tarel2can you reinstall Ubuntu and only effect the system file and not the  home folder?06:08
NickHYes if it is a separate partition06:10
guiverctarel2, it's easier with Ubuntu Desktop (& esp. flavors) but you can re-install even if your install is a single partition, and also have the manually-installed packages (if from Ubuntu repositories & internet is connected) auto-reinstalled too...  as system directories are erased though; server app configs will be lost06:20
tarel2Well, I have a lots of movies in my home partition ,that is why I want to save it.  So I thought if could just redo the system file and not some how touch home I would be good . Is that doable?06:22
tuxinatorHi everybody06:23
tuxinatorany idea why the first works in a sources file while the second does not when running via Dockerfile building the container? https://dpaste.org/SH06L06:23
tuxinatorThe error mentioned is Release file not found, while it exists06:23
tuxinatorignore the "focal" vs "jammy" thats a copy paste error06:23
guivercYou've not said what Ubuntu product, what release you're asking about... Ubuntu has various installers & I've had best success with flavors using ubiquity or calamares... but not the debian-installer (which was only used on now EOSS releases)... thus release detail matters & for some releases (eg. 23.04) multiple ISOs are available06:24
guiverctarel2, ^06:24
tarel2Wow , I did not know there was so many06:24
tarel2It has been sometime since I had used Ubuntu , I have been using Gentoo for a while and before that openbsd06:25
guivercUbuntu installed I didn't mention are ubuntu-desktop-install & subiquity (subiquity is server; ubuntu-desktop-install replaced ubiquity as default on 23.04.. I've had success but also failures with ubuntu-desktop-installer with package-reinstalls; but NEVER ANY DATA LOSS with it please note!)06:25
guivercs/installed/installers ^06:26
tarel2so you have redone the os file and not last like home folder?06:26
guivercuse the "Something else" type option (what it's called varies on ISO/installed you grab;e g. it's Manual Partitioning on calamares) & select your existing partition(s) BUT DO NOT FORMAT.. the lack of format means it'll repair/re-install non-destructively06:27
tarel2wow , I  might have to do that thanks06:28
guiverctarel2, I have system(s) here I re-install weekly using a DAILY ISO instead of package upgrades..  It achieves a QA-test of the ISO, I use my own data on the system to ensure no negative consequences & achieve package upgrades due to use of daily --- regarldess BACKUP FIRST anyway; its easy to make a mistake06:28
guivercfyi ^ systems do not have separate home partition but do note I mainly QA test flavors & desktop only !  (servers have extra complications I've only just touched on)06:29
tarel2only desktop , Never used a server for any distro.06:30
tarel2What is 23 like?06:30
guiverctarel2, I've written about it here (https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/testing-checklist-understanding-the-testcases/2743) where it's the "Install using existing partition" testcase we (lubuntu) QA test for... if you want to understand it some06:30
tarel2You great thanks for that06:32
tarel2It odd , my USB headphone don't show up06:32
tarel2I have to make .asoundrc to get the sound working correct and that only works for edge browser by MS06:33
guiverc23.04 is newer packages as expected (22.10, 23.04 & 23.10 are all working towards next LTS being 24.04; full development cycle is two years for Ubuntu)06:35
tarel2SO you used anything beside Ubuntu?06:36
guivercfor details I'd suggest reading the Release Notes   -- https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/lunar-lobster-release-notes/3191006:36
guiverctarel2, this is Ubuntu support; if you want to ask me a question like that you'd need to ping me in #ubuntu-offtopic06:37
tuxinatortarel2: What was your original question? I logged in after your question so missed it06:39
tarel2I just wanted to know if you could reinstall the Ubuntu system with out messing up your home folder , I have movies there is why I ask06:40
tuxinatortarel2: i most of the time reinstall without changing my home, did that with mageia, ubuntu, kubuntu. however to ensure the installer does nothing wrong, i just install without separate /home partition and then afterwars i configure to mount the old /home partition with the old /etc/fstab entry06:42
tuxinatorand of course backups still make sense, just some weeks ago i found kopia to be a good Backup-Software btw. better (much faster) than backintime06:42
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weedmicany comments on Ubuntu Kylin?  i only know it is closed source, but was developed by scientists and is supposed to be easy for windows users (as it looks/feels like win7.  I suspect it may be spyware, but can't seem to find evidence of that.07:31
mikrotrik_banksplz change ur name07:31
weedmicno, it is my family name and has been so since 1282.07:32
lotuspsychje!discuss | weedmic07:34
ubottuweedmic: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!07:34
weedmicnp, tks07:34
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mikrotrik_bankswere u even born in 128207:35
mikrotrik_banksmaybe almost as old as debian then07:35
weedmic!idiscuss | mikrotrik_banks07:36
mikrotrik_banks!discuss | weedmic07:36
ubottuweedmic: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!07:36
weedmic!discuss | mikrotrik_banks07:36
ubottumikrotrik_banks: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!07:36
mikrotrik_banks!contribute | weedmic07:37
ubottuweedmic: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu07:37
mikrotrik_banksplease dont talk to talk, people need help weedmic.07:37
mikrotrik_banksand i am ON IT of course07:37
lotuspsychjemikrotrik_banks weedmic can you please dont abuse the bot tnx07:38
mikrotrik_bankslotuspsychje please dont talk to talk, if you need help please let us know, we/i AM ON IT.07:38
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weedmicI moved my question to #malware.  As for me, I am, as always, here to help <(")07:52
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mikrotrikubunutti am also here to help, I AM ON IT i will be helping weedmic in #malware07:56
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OnkelTemHi folks. I was upgrading software, when saw this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ps7NHK3SzX/09:38
OnkelTemA lot of messages like W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/yellow_carp_gpu_info.bin for module amdgpu09:38
OnkelTemSo what does this mean, why it started to appear and what am I assumed to do?09:38
EriC^^OnkelTem: is linux-firmware installed?09:39
EriC^^apt-cache policy linux-firmware09:39
OnkelTemEriC^^: let me check please09:39
OnkelTemEriC^^: yep: 20220329.git681281e4-0ubuntu3.14..09:39
EriC^^which ubuntu version?09:40
OnkelTemUbuntu 22.04.2 LTS09:40
EriC^^!info linux-firmware jammy09:40
ubottulinux-firmware (20220329.git681281e4-0ubuntu3.14, jammy): Firmware for Linux kernel drivers. In component main, is optional. Built by linux-firmware. Size 243,152 kB / 929,901 kB09:40
EriC^^looks good09:40
OnkelTemI wonder can I just ignore that and proceed to restart09:42
OnkelTemlike, will it boot09:42
EriC^^if it doesn't you could try to boot into the current (older) kernel in the advanced options in grub, that might work still09:43
EriC^^OnkelTem: is everything up to date? drivers etc? you could try "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" so everything is up to date maybe that helps09:45
Aleshaapt install fonts-unifont09:46
Aleshaapt install fonts-symbola fonts-noto-color-emoji09:46
OnkelTemEriC^^: yep, you're right. And I forgot about dist-upgrade09:46
EriC^^OnkelTem: no problem09:47
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BluesKajHi all12:15
TenkawaGreetings...Anyone currently actively working with RISC-V? I have taken a Lunar image on a VisionFive 2and updated it with the work in progress mainline 6.4 kernel which is working fine with microsd root, usb3 wifi, etc, however the one thing I am running into is any NVME drives being attached via usb (multiple cases and drives) all stop in a Spinning up phase.. I have applied the normal quirks/etc to take uas and such out of the equation however it12:37
Tenkawa seems that there is something specific here. Anyone else seen this? I am not seeing this with usb thumbdrives that I tested with.12:37
Tenkawamy end goal is to move the rootfs to boot from the MVME how I had it before since the SPI is capable of it now.12:39
ograTenkawa, perhaps try in #ubuntu-devel ... i think we do no have a dedicated risc-v channel (unlike ubuntu-arm ...)12:56
TenkawaOk.. thanks12:56
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zetherooUbuntu 22.04 - a few days ago I noticed my network status icon showing a question mark. It happens on every WiFi/Ethernet network I am on, and I always have Internet connection. Any ideas on why the Internet verification seems to not be working?15:02
nvmdatheros network devices?15:27
nvmdI had that problem with those.15:28
zetheroono, Intel devices15:43
zniavregood evening16:25
lotuspsychjewelcome zniavre16:26
zniavrei want to launch one application in english instead of french, i hav english (us) language pack installed and frenchis there a super command-line to launch apps like i want ?16:26
zniavreremember something around LC_ but i forgot the way to do it16:27
zniavre( the software is easy effect with is strangely translated in french )16:28
zniavrewith / wich *16:28
lotuspsychje!locale | zniavre can this help?16:28
ubottuzniavre can this help?: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale/16:28
zniavrechecking ...16:31
zniavrethank you16:31
jhutchinszniavre: There is a way to set the language on the command line for just the specific program.16:32
jhutchinszniavre: (Digging through my notes for the syntax.)16:32
zniavrejhutchins,  it's what i would want to do yes16:33
jhutchinszniavre: LANG=C <command>16:33
zniavreLANG=C easyeffects  is still french16:35
jhutchinszniavre: Sorry, that was my best shot.16:36
Tenkawajust a sec16:36
Tenkawasubstitute your language16:37
Tenkawaexport LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-816:37
Tenkawaexport LANG=en_US.UTF-816:37
Tenkawaexport LC_ALL=C.UTF-816:37
Tenkawalocale-gen en_US.UTF-816:37
Tenkawamake sure the 3 exports are called in the login16:38
Tenkawabefore your session starts16:38
jhutchinsTenkawa: We're shooting for a temporary one-off, not an environment.16:38
Tenkawaok.. then you can just drpo the export16:38
Tenkawaer drop16:38
TenkawaLANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8 LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 command16:39
jhutchinsStill, I'm not sure that LANG=C was complete, I suspect that it should have been en_US.UTF816:39
zniavregrrr still in french16:39
zniavrethank you taking time on this ...   :o)16:39
Tenkawado you have locales-all installed?16:39
zniavreyep enGLISH-US16:40
jhutchins!info easyeffects16:40
ubottueasyeffects (7.0.0-1, lunar): Audio effects for PipeWire applications. In component universe, is optional. Built by easyeffects. Size 887 kB / 4,907 kB16:40
jhutchinszniavre: I would guess that this method doesn't really work for GUI apps, they probably use the desktop settings.16:41
zniavreok trying to log in english   :o)   thank you16:41
Tenkawajhutchins: correct... this is for shell16:41
jhutchinsThe fun thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from.16:43
TenkawaWe had to add those vars for our image builder to accomodate some non-us keyboards16:44
Tenkawa(I have an ARM image builder project)16:44
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zniavrehello again it does the trick after a relogin   thank you so much17:18
Tenkawazniavre: glad to hear..17:57
webchat15Hello everyone, I was trying to install a software called usgs-isis and it's so simple and I tried to install it in ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, and 22.04 and I get the following error each time $ conda install -c usgs-astrogeology isis=7.0.018:21
webchat15Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): done18:21
webchat15Solving environment: unsuccessful initial attempt using frozen solve. Retrying with flexible solve.18:21
webchat15Solving environment: unsuccessful attempt using repodata from current_repodata.json, retrying with next repodata source.18:21
eelstreboris dell still a good choice for running ubuntu?18:21
webchat15Collecting package metadata (repodata.json): done18:21
webchat15Solving environment: unsuccessful initial attempt using frozen solve. Retrying with flexible solve.18:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:22
leftyfbeelstrebor: what do you need help with?18:23
eelstrebori'm looking for a new laptop that will run ubuntu18:23
jhutchinseelstrebor: Yes, Dell is a good choice for compatibility.  Just remember that the more bells and whistles you have, the more can go wrong.18:24
jhutchinseelstrebor: Also, not every Dell will work out, but mine have been at least 90% for the last ten years or so.18:24
leftyfbeelstrebor: https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/xps-13-plus-developer-edition/spd/xps-13-9320-laptop/usexcucto9320rpl0118:25
jhutchinswebchat15: I have a feeling you're not using an official repo.18:25
gr0k_<eelstrebor> i'm looking for a new laptop that will run ubuntu  < most laptops will afaik. i have had two lenovo ideapads i got at dicount on sale, lubuntu runs great on them.18:25
webchat15I try to install a software usgs-isis within an anaconda environment and I'm getting this error with all three distributions mentioned in the title and it's showing that the problem is with the C GNU Library even though I update it each time18:25
webchat15$ conda install -c usgs-astrogeology isis=7.0.018:25
webchat15Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): done18:25
webchat15Solving environment: unsuccessful initial attempt using frozen solve. Retrying with flexible solve.18:25
webchat15Solving environment: unsuccessful attempt using repodata from current_repodata.json, retrying with next repodata source.18:25
webchat15Collecting package metadata (repodata.json): done18:25
leftyfb!paste | webchat1518:25
ubottuwebchat15: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:25
leftyfbwebchat15: conda is not supported here. Please seek support from the conda project https://docs.conda.io/projects/conda/en/stable/18:26
eelstreborin the past dell worked ok with linux but not sure about the current crop. the hcl shows certified dell laptops but they aren't getting great reviews.18:27
eelstrebori'm currently considering the Dell Inspiron 7630 but it's not an ubuntu certified laptop18:29
attahIn my experience compatibility hasn't been an issue for like 15 years, unless you get something weird and/or super-budget18:30
attahThat doesn't mean certified is a bad idea...18:30
attahOr you can get purpose-built, like System76, StarLabs and Tuxedo18:31
eelstreborattah, i got ubuntu installed on an hp pavilion but it was such a hassle that i put win 10 back on it18:31
attahisn't pavillion garbage-tier?18:32
eelstrebori looked at system36 Oryx but too pricey for me18:32
eelstreborattah, maybe18:33
attahyeah... barely an option above €/$1000 that counts in solidly in the budget category18:33
eelstreboroops, system76, not system 3618:34
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attahHP isn't that great... but my Elitebook at work is just fine under Ubuntu18:34
eelstreborwell, i'll have to make a decision and hope for the best. it wouldn't be the first time that i bought a laptop that wasn't on ubuntu's certified list but managed to install ubuntu.18:36
Pompoinstalled qbittorrent with ubuntu software center GUI18:38
PompoI tried also with appimage but same result18:38
PompoWith Ubuntu 22.04.2 lts you don't see the qbittorrent window when it is launched The program works, there is the small icon-menu at the top right and the icon in the toolbar.18:38
PompoYou just dont see the main window18:38
PompoNever had this problem with precedent Ubuntu version18:38
PompoUbuntu 22.04.2 has some issues with qbittorrent?18:43
PompoUbuntu 22.04.2 qbittorrent issue, someone can help?18:53
PompoThis is support channel, right?18:54
lotuspsychjePompo: when you right click qbittorrents indicator you can show/hide the main window18:55
PompoAlready tried thx18:55
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Pompo@lotuspsychje is visible only a small version of window when right click on icon toolbar18:58
lotuspsychjePompo: can you make a screenshot of that, so the volunteers can see?18:59
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Pompo@lotuspsychje https://i.imgflip.com/7sd3xh.jpg19:23
lotuspsychjePompo: thats the dock icon you right mouse clicked, try to right mouse click the qbittorrent indicator in the upper right corner19:24
lotuspsychjePompo: you should see a show/hide option in the indicator menu19:25
Pompoyes i tried and there is only the option "hide" lotuspsychje19:26
Pompobut the window is already not visible19:27
lotuspsychjePompo: are you using several workspaces?19:27
Pompono, when i click on "activities" it shows  programs19:29
Pompono programs19:29
EriC^^alt+tab ?19:30
Pompowith alt tab shows the miniature19:32
Pompobut when i click on nothing appears19:33
EriC^^try closing it then start it from the terminal to see any output there19:33
Pompoi always use the gui installed via ubuntu software19:36
Pompoi dont know how launch qbittorrent from terminal19:38
EriC^^Pompo: hmm, try typing 'qbit' and press tab and see if it autocompletes19:39
EriC^^(in the terminal)19:39
lotuspsychjePompo: there are 2 qbittorrent versions in ubuntu software, wich one did you install, the snap or the deb version?19:40
Pompoi installed the one with ubuntu software gui19:41
lotuspsychjePompo: what gives; apt policy qbittorrent19:44
Pompohttps://i.imgflip.com/7sd77e.jpg @EriC^^19:46
Pompo@lotuspsychje qbittorrent:19:48
Pompo  Installed: 4.4.1-219:48
Pompo  Candidate: 4.4.1-219:48
Pompo  Version table:19:48
Pompo *** 4.4.1-2 50019:48
Pompo        500 http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jammy/universe amd64 Packages19:48
lotuspsychjePompo: ok good, seems like the apt version19:49
lotuspsychjePompo: try to logout gnome, then try login back on xorg instead of wayland as a test, and see if qbittorrent shows there19:54
pomponothing different19:59
lotuspsychjepompo: ok tnx for testing20:00
pompohowever with the previous ubuntu lts absolutely no problems20:00
lotuspsychjepompo: close qbittorrent again, then open a: journalctl -f from your terminal and launch qbittorrent again and !paste the output to the channel please20:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:01
lotuspsychjepompo: in a https://dpaste.com please20:02
lotuspsychjepompo: on my 22.04 i get more output launching qbittorrent, something might got wrong at your side, not sure what yet20:14
lotuspsychjepompo: maybe try to purge, and install again as a test?20:16
pompook, however i tried the appimage version and same result20:20
xxbossxxBye bye. See you tomorrow20:40
pompo@lotuspsychje: still not working, i try again tomorrow. thx for the assistence20:48
pompo@lotuspsychje thx a lot20:49
sarnoldhello Madara21:02
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FawIs it possible to mount a usb disk to 2 different mountpoints with udev (im using systemd-mount)? I have an udev rule that works, mounts to /mnt/usb/_disk_, and works as long as im not logged in. As soon as I log in and unplug and plug again, the usb shows in the desktop and works (mounts to /media/_user_/disk_) and the other mountpoint does not22:02
jhutchinsFaw: I don't know why you'd mess with udev, just put both mounts in fstab as auto.22:06
jhutchinsNot auto.22:06
jhutchinsFaw: Maybe you want to set up automount?22:06
FawYes I want to plug any usb and have them show up at that location.22:07
jhutchinsFaw: Ok, I'm a little slow, I see why udev.  automounts mounts when accessed, might work for you.22:08
jhutchinsFaw: Mounting devices in a GUI is usually managed by the desktop or the file manager.22:08
Fawyes, i just wanted to let the desktop managet still work as it is, and have udev set another mountpoint, but it seems the desktop kills (ok maybe kidnaps) my udev mount22:10
ograFaw, udev has nothing to do with mounting usually, this is done by udisks2 ... there are options you can set but i think the target mountpoint is hardcoded ... http://storaged.org/doc/udisks2-api/latest/mount_options.html22:15
JanCyou can't mount the same filesystem twice AFAIK22:20
JanCbut you could probably use a bind mount instead to have it show up in multiple places22:21
topcat001JanC: you can22:42
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