Eickmeyer[m]Mitsch, Cristian Delgado: Or read the release notes and see what the actual supported solution for this is.01:55
Mitsch[m]<CristianDelgado[> "image.png" <- …audacious with the jack-output-plugin?For me, it's only working with pulseaudio out…07:09
Mitsch[m]<CristianDelgado[> "i also tested carla and no..." <- Mmh! That looks like I have done something wrong with a/some configuration(s) I copied from my old installation… :/07:12
CristianDelgado[Maybe, i also have tested linux-show-player with pipewire and no issue20:14
* CristianDelgado[ uploaded an image: (148KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/NdjyJCGCzERpUfsNnidoQezq/image.png >20:23
CristianDelgado[Mitsch: This is what is happening, it appears only when you have a sample playing, and is labeled as python3 as the image, every cue is treated as a independent stream, and all are labeled as python320:24
Mitsch[m]That's right, LiSP only connects on demand, if it works. But it doesn't. I get error messages when using jack in the gstreamer pipeline. Wonder why…21:51

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