omimmqualcuno mi può aiutare, per favore? grazie06:30
omimmsomeone can help me with this? thanks --> 04:01.0 Network controller: Techsan Electronics Co Ltd B2C2 FlexCopII DVB chip / Technisat SkyStar2 DVB card (rev 02)06:46
anotheryouHi, I'm still on 20.04, how can I upgrade to the latest version and how safe is it?08:53
anotheryouI think I want to move from an LTS to simply latest stable08:54
anotheryouI'm hoping for the new bluetooth drivers to be in there :). bluetooth bandwidth for headset mode on linux used to be half the quality it could be = unusable08:55
anotheryou( this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/1838151 )08:56
-ubottu:#xubuntu- Launchpad bug 1838151 in Arch Linux "Poor quality audio with modern Bluetooth headsets in HSP/HFP. Missing wide band speech support (Bluetooth A2DP codecs)." [Undecided, New]08:56
guivercanotheryou, Ubuntu products (which include flavors like Xubuntu) offer two choice of upgrades; to the next release (ie. 20.04 to 20.10) or from one LTS to the next LTS, ie. 20.04 to 22.04 (after release of 22.04.1 which was out some time ago).  You can't really skip to the latest stable (23.04) except via many jumps08:58
guivercUbuntu LTS releases also have kernel stack options (GA = oldest & most stable, HWE grabs later stacks from subsequent non-LTS releases) thus that can often be an easy fix (ie. if using GA kernel stack; use later kernels via switch to HWE meaning kernel modules (aka drivers) get updated too)08:59
anotheryouguiverc: oufff, so it's either any jumps (LTS 20.04 to LTS 22.04 to next 22.10 to next 23.04) or reinstalling everything, right?09:38
anotheryouI'd be willing to try the jumps... 09:38
anotheryoumaking a disc image before I guess09:39
anotheryouhow would I do these and do I still have to care about kernels that way?09:39
anotheryouOr are the jumps a very bad idea :) ?09:39
anotheryoutbh, I might jump to ubuntu in hopes it will be easier to keep that up to date09:40
anotheryouthanks for the help btw09:40
guivercThe ubuntu-release-upgrader tool used by Xubuntu & all other flavors (including Ubuntu Desktop/Ubuntu Server etc) is the same for all.. thus Xubuntu & Ubuntu won't differ in any way with regards release-upgrade choices... When 22.10 reaches EOL; the ubuntu-release-upgrader tool will allow you to go from 22.04 LTS to the next release which is then 23.04 (ie. skip one step), but that's the only supported jump possible (jump being LTS to the next 11:38
guivercnon-LTS in the next cycle... I didn't mention that at 20.04 as that was 20.10/21.04/21.10 then gone..)11:38
guivercYou can upgrade via re-install with flavors like Xubuntu rather easily; which would allow you to jump from 20.04 to 22.04, even 23.04.. but that's best if no 3rd party packages are used as results can vary with 3rd party.. the repair type of install doesn't check versions; allowing you to use a newer release...11:40
anotheryouguiverc: so practically I probably best do: full backup, see what a fresh install + user folder feels like. If that is trouble: try the jumps.11:47
guivercanotheryou, just fyi.. but I'll provide https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/testing-checklist-understanding-the-testcases/2743 where the 'upgrade via re-install' testcase is called "install using existing partition" in the Lubuntu testcases... That doc is written for QA-testers (not end-users) but it's what I was talking about..  It works with Xubuntu too (all flavors in fact)11:50
guiverc(it's a little more complex for main Ubuntu as 'universe' is enabled by default; for some releases you need to manually enable it yourself prior to starting install.. no need with flavors though!)11:51
anotheryouthanks a lot guiverc :)11:54
guivercmain Ubuntu doesn't have have 'universe' enabled by default.. I mucked up last sentence sorry  (xubuntu does; thus easier on flavors like Xubuntu!)11:55
anotheryouok -(11:58
tomtom-Anyone have an suggestion regarding my question yesterday about default device in pulseaudio? :)14:18
xu-irc89whi, i am shimanta from microcodes. our website called microcodes.in.18:56
xu-irc89wi want to know how does you/your team customize ubuntu and make this xubuntu iso ?18:56
xu-irc89wwhich tools basically used ?18:56
xu-irc89wFor my final semester project I want to know !!! plz reply!18:56
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