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BluesKajHi all13:05
ahoneybun[m]Heyo BluesKaj 13:35
BluesKajhey ahoneybun[m]13:41
clivejoAnyone getting a broken screen locker while on Wayland?14:12
clivejoseems broken on generic kernel, but works using 6.4.3 kernel 14:16
clivejowas on 6.5rc1 but it's not able to build virtualbox kernel module, so dropped back to linux-image-6.3.0-7-generic as I needed to do some stuff in VM.  But noticed the lock screen was broken.  Installed 6.4.3 and both VM and lock screens are working.14:26
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> so far my lock screen still working fine on
clivejovery odd19:04
clivejoprobably a nvidia issue19:13
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