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lubo76Somebody to help?12:38
BluesKajHi all13:05
pylinuxI am using Kubuntu 23.04 > Create-startup-usb,  on a 128 gig usb.  After the startup usb made it consumes all of the 128gig for a less then 5 gig startup.  sudo chmod media will not even change permissions as well(like normal), anyone have a resolve that allow a user to use the rest of the usb pen for storage? Best Regards13:17
larkfishermanHi everyone. I have a weird issue with KDE - every now and then, the Win (Meta?) key stops opening the Start Menu. Win+L (lock screen) works, Alt+F1 (Start Menu) works, but meta doesn't. After I log out then log back in, it works again, until some time later. Does anyone know why? It's so annoying...13:50
kirvesAxelarkfisherman, are there other key combinations that stop working?15:06
kirvesAxeI think I might have met a similar issue, Alt+Tab also stops working etc15:06
kirvesAxe(And I wonder would I just need to run some process to get things back working again without logging out...)15:08
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lubo76diogenes_: Ty si zo Sinópy?18:09
diogenes_lubo76: da yes18:12
lubo76Do u know Slovak??18:13
diogenes_Unfortunately no (18:13
lubo76What is new in Sinopa?18:13
diogenes_lubo76: Alexander si zo Macedonia visited me )18:15
lubo76Very good18:16
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