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=== guiverc2 is now known as guiverc
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juliankhmm ok so gnome-clocks surprisingly is what I just missed, I guess sometimes I use stopwatch20:28
juliankhah that's also the way to add world clocks to gnome-shell, it's not configured in gnome-control-center20:37
jbichajuliank: btw, the snap version of gnome-clocks doesn't yet integrate with gnome-shell. gnome-weather adds similar integration21:21
jbichaDesktop is thinking about adding those 2 apps to the default install. Of the 2, Clocks seems more useful. The Weather app is a bit quirky because of libgweather21:22
juliankWeather is tricky anyhow21:23
juliankI need to look at 16 models in parallel to get a sense of what's going on21:23
juliankSingle source is super useless 21:23
juliankOne source tells me 21C next one gives me 27C 21:24
juliankFor 24 hours ahead that is21:25

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