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bombastickHi. Are there any plans to add a tool to pick a more appropriate apt mirror? Even from a 3rd world country it defaults to the US mirror, and I have to edit sources.list every time. The community has an assortment of unmaintained tools that tried to fill this void (apt-select, apt-smart, apt-mirror-updater, etc). I feel like such a tool should be part of apt itself.06:47
bombastickI'm also curious why mirrors.txt is not the default apt server. Is it an issue of reliability?06:48
rbasakSome apt pinning help please. Why is the priority here 501 and not 502? https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/ZGXqthszXq/12:12
rbasakjuliank maybe please? ^12:12
juliankrbasak: the man page lies I guess and the first one wins12:15
juliankrbasak: well not lies exactly, the priority of the version is the maximum of the priorities of the files it is in, but the paragraph doesn't say how that priority is calculated12:16
juliankrbasak: so this needs some rewording :(12:19
juliankquite funny how sources.list and preferences, first match is used; whereas for apt.conf the last one wins :)12:20
rbasakjuliank: even if in the same file it seems to use the first match?12:24
juliankrbasak: I meant per release file, not per preferences file12:24
juliankrbasak: like the stanza assigns the pin to the release file essentially12:25
rbasakSo how does the "maximum of all priorities" thing work?12:26
rbasakOh, across multiple release files?12:27
juliankrbasak: Yeah max(pirority(rf) for rf in release files), more or less12:27
rbasakI think I follow. Thank you!12:27
juliankbasically the paragraph talks about the function that determines the candidate version https://salsa.debian.org/apt-team/apt/-/blob/main/apt-pkg/policy.cc#L14412:29
juliankno wait12:30
juliankthe GetPriority() function lol12:30
juliankThings got more complicated when we added the never pinning special handling and the pinning based phasing code12:30
juliankoh I think there's signed integer downcasts12:31
juliank   auto ceiling = std::numeric_limits<signed int>::max();12:32
juliank      return std::min(0, ceiling);12:32
juliankbut return type is signed short :(12:32
juliankI don't think it can ever return ceiling unless ceiling is 112:35
juliank*this is fine*12:35
ahasenackrbasak: hi, do you happen to know of a way to tell git (cli) to show the *revert* of a specific commit?13:45
ahasenackI have a commit hash, and I want to see the revert, to compare it to a revert patch that someone produced and claims is reverting that commit13:45
rbasakahasenack: "git diff HEAD HEAD^" maybe?13:47
rbasakIf you want the inverse?13:47
ahasenackthey come from different repositories13:47
ahasenackand one is a debian patch13:47
rbasakOr you could run "git revert" in a different branch or a detached HEAD13:47
rbasakSorry I don't think I understand your problem then.13:47
ahasenackso I want to compare the debian patch, which is reverting commit <foo>, with the revert of commit <foo> in the actual repo13:47
ahasenackI can run git revert, commit, and then git show that revert, yes13:48
ahasenackbut I was wondering if there was a shortcut to `git show <commit>` to show the revert of <commit> directly13:48
rbasakIs that not what my git diff command above would do?13:48
rbasakReplace HEAD with your commit13:49
ahasenackno, one is a debian patch13:49
ahasenackthe other is a commit to the actual source13:49
rbasakgbp pq import?13:49
ahasenacklooks like there is no direct way then :)13:49
rbasakI still don't understsand what you want!13:50
rbasakYou wanted a shortcut to `git show <commit>` to show the inverse, and that's `git diff <commit> <commit>^` except for metadata, no?13:50
ahasenackah, replace both HEADs in your previous cmd line13:51
ahasenackrbasak: that worked, yes, and now in hindsight looks obvious13:51
ahasenackgit diff 1fd96e30f5f8a61d70d51f9012112e01818161a7 1fd96e30f5f8a61d70d51f9012112e01818161a7^13:52
ahasenackdbungert: well done in untangling ocaml \o/14:08
ahasenackrust-syscalls seems to be waiting on a test result, I'll check metview14:14
ahasenackhm, ftbfs14:15
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ahasenack@pilot in16:34
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bdmurrayIsn't the installer supposed to select a country appropriate mirror and not US as bombastic mentioned?17:38
dbungertbdmurray: both subiquity and ubiquity have code along these lines, but I can't speak to if ubiquity is dtrt.  For Subiquity, if the geoip results didn't work you'd default to the main archive.17:48
blucais the autopkgtest for jammy/amd64 clogged? https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running#pkg-systemd-upstream shows jobs queued since early this morning20:43
blucabdmurray: ^^20:47
bdmurraybluca: All of amd64 is clogged - I'm investigating20:53
blucathanks, just wanted to check that it wasn't specific to the systemd jobs20:53
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