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GumpswsQ: Can I leave my Ubuntu running 24/7 safely?00:43
guivercGumpsws, almost all server owners will leave it on for sometimes years...00:56
guivercI sometimes forget to turn my desktop without issue... if your hardware is good, I'd not expect any problems (I have systems that have 4 digit uptime days, not sure if I've ever got 5 digit days though)00:57
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topcat001to be precise: PRIMARY, SECONDARY, and CLIPBOARD (more such atoms can be defined by an application and then can be used) are all "active" require the app to be running. Cut buffers are passive (stored inside the root window, xcutsel can get them) and will work even after the app has quit. The latter are deprecated though.01:33
topcat001I often use secondary with xclip; very handy.01:33
topcat001(because nothing automatically puts stuff in secondary, so we can save stuff there)01:34
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yrdsbi only connect here for one reason02:21
yrdsbis it recommend to run photoshop 2023 on linux02:21
yrdsbi mean02:22
yrdsbshould i attempt to run02:22
yrdsbphotoshop 202402:22
yrdsbon ubuntu02:22
yrdsbor any other linux distro02:22
sarnoldsure, run whatever makes sense for you02:24
yrdsbso sarnold02:24
yrdsbwill photoshop have any issues02:24
sarnoldif buying a copy of photoshop makes more sense than running gimp or whatever, knock yourself out02:24
yrdsbon ubuntu 22.0402:25
sarnoldit was horrible on windows, I can't imagine a linux port is better :)02:25
yrdsbi mean02:25
yrdsbuse wine02:25
yrdsbto load it02:25
yrdsbwill photoshop run well02:25
yrdsbon windows 1102:25
yrdsbI will forever keep windows on my main pc02:26
yrdsband use vm for linux02:26
yrdsbbye i am never going on libera.chat again02:26
oerheks*kuch* darktable02:39
newpyis there anything like vimgenius.com for linux cli?02:54
topcat001I wish I never have to touch adobe again. Darktable is awesome.02:58
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UnderthetableWhy hello there everyone. Does anyone know if Davinci Resolve is compatible with Ubuntu?04:09
toddcUnderthetable: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve has a linux download but I did not want to register as long as it is a deb snap flatpack yes (several other may work but we would need more details)04:20
Underthetabletoddc: thanks buddy!!!!!04:25
UnderthetableDear Ubuntu - pleasantly surprised by Ubuntu's relatively user friendly setup and stability so far. Good job community. :)04:26
webchat93Hello all, i'm having issues with a USB wifi dongle for my Ubuntu Server. Can anyone assist?05:34
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Guest95This chat fucks05:41
Guest95does ubuntu have desktop arm?05:41
Guest95because i see some links to a different url that have desktop arm images05:41
Guest95but the official website looks like it only has arm server05:41
lotuspsychjeGuest95: please mind your language in the ubuntu support channel05:45
ravagewebchat93: find the line in "lsusb" and paste it. maybe someone can help you with that information. your Ubuntu version is also helpful05:45
ravage\o lotuspsychje05:45
alkisgThe last jammy updates broke google-chrome, it is now having image rendering issues (skia / glsl errors).05:56
alkisgQuestion, which of these packages could cause it? I'm suspecting linux-firmware: https://termbin.com/5mqh05:56
ravagedisable hardware acc.05:57
ravagethat fixes it05:57
ravagewell. "fixes"05:57
alkisgravage: indeed using LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 works around the issue, but I'd like to pinpoint the package that broke it and file a bug...05:59
ravageno idea. chromium seems fine here with the default settings :(05:59
alkisgIt only happens in e.g. 20 out of 200 tested clients, not in all of them05:59
ravagea friend on mine had the problem yesterday evening too06:00
alkisgBut out of these packages, which ones are involved in rendering? I guess linux-firmware could cause glsl errors?06:00
ravagebut if you want any fixes from the Ubuntu side you would have to make it reproduceable in Chromium in think06:00
ravageor file the bug with Google06:01
lotus|NUCalkisg: chrome seems to work properly here, what should i test to reproduce?06:01
lotus|NUCYT plays fine06:02
ravageit think there were general rendering issues on websites too06:02
alkisglotus|NUC: e.g. search for "flower" in google then go to the "images" tab. If half of the images are empty, you're affected06:02
lotus|NUClets see06:02
ravagebut i did not see it myself06:02
lotus|NUCalkisg: cant reproduce06:03
alkisgravage: I think linux-firmware is advertising a glsl supported  version when it's not supported; google-chrome would be just one of the affected programs06:03
ravagewebchat93: please dont PM individual people. ask your questions here06:03
lotus|NUCchrome 114 test06:03
alkisgThe google-chrome version hasn't changed. I'll try to revert to the previous linux-firmware and see if it fixes the issue...06:03
webchat93Hey Rav, i was able to use the wireless card during the initial install and it could see my wifi however wasn't passing traffic. I conducted the following troubleshooting post install, checked the device firmeware is showing with lsusb, edited the /etc/netplan/xx file to confirm my router details were present, checked the module is visible in06:03
webchat93lsmod. When i run ip a the device is showing however its 'DOWN'. Any ideas?06:03
lotus|NUCalkisg: my current linux-firmware; 20220329.git681281e4-0ubuntu3.1406:04
alkisglinux-firmware:amd64 (20220329.git681281e4-0ubuntu3.13, 20220329.git681281e4-0ubuntu3.14)06:06
alkisgI'll try to revert to 3.13 and see if it fixes the issue. Thank you both :)06:06
webchat93Disregard Rav, i uplugged and plugged back in at it works '=D06:06
alkisgThis one might be related: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/llvm-toolchain-15/+bug/202683006:14
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2026830 in llvm-toolchain-15 (Ubuntu) "Upgrade will break Chrome" [Undecided, Confirmed]06:14
alkisgIndeed deleting the GPUCache folder solves the issue. Maybe the llvm change caused the old cached shaders to not be accepted anymore06:25
ravageThx. Forwarded that to my friend:)06:35
catch22How do you increase the size of /tmp in ubuntu 22.06:41
catch22The old remounting /tmp with more space doesn't work06:42
alkisgcatch22: what's the output of this? grep tmp /etc/fstab06:43
catch22no /tmp06:43
alkisgcatch22: and this? df -h | nc  termbin.com 999906:44
catch22its just a clean ubuntu22.04 vm06:45
alkisgcatch22: well then /tmp is the same as /, it's not a separate mount point06:46
alkisgSo /tmp has 77G free06:46
catch22yeah I guess so06:46
alkisgSo I don't know what "remounting /tmp with more space doesn't work" means...06:46
catch22I just had a compile fail, I thought I ran out of /tmp space06:47
catch22it must be something else06:47
catch22thanks for the sanity check06:47
irgendwer4711hi, how to change compression-type for selfbuild deb packages?07:03
lotuspsychjenice find alkisg ill share the bug in -discuss07:09
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circledoes ubuntu have a way to create useable USB from Windows 11 install .iso ?  Someone on #windows suggested using WoeUSB from github, but I'd prefer a tool from the repositories if possible.  Apparently dd is not enough.09:24
lotuspsychjecircle: try the unofficial ventoy09:25
dev-student-locanever seen this before09:25
ograthere is a snap of WoeUSB here https://snapcraft.io/woe-usb  ... but it is only in the edge channel, so might have bugs ...09:27
imiis there a directory under ~ where I can put .desktop files and expect them to show up in the launcher "menu"?09:29
LuckyManlotuspsychje, the bug is not caused by espresso extension after all. It happened again. It only happens if I leave the computer a long time idle.10:58
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: did you leave a journalctl -f open to see whats happening when your'e away?11:11
LuckyManlotuspsychje, I tried it but it gets closed when the system logs off12:04
SoweeljHi there, how're you all doing with our dear Ubuntu and its SNAPPY mood these days?12:04
BluesKajHi all13:05
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mjt0kHi here! I'm not a ubuntu user, but I've a ununtu question.  When ubuntu is configured to automatically check for updates (I guess this is the default?), does it report errors during fetching of (In)Release files somehow to the user?14:02
mjt0kthe context is: I provide some packages for debian and ubuntu on my site.  And noticed that quite a lot of people are using experimental repository which is gone long ago, but they keep asking for the Release files.  Shuldn't something tell them it doesn't exist?14:03
mjt0kor is it all maybe like a misconfigured (or not configured) email which is supposed to be used for notifications?14:05
ograthe update manager usually shows you an error if apt update can not run even in the graphical UI ...14:06
mjt0kthis is provided they run a GUI..14:07
mjt0k181.117.202.203 - - [14/Jul/2023:15:59:02 +0300] "GET /mjt/packages/samba/ubuntu-20.04-focal/samba-4.16/Release HTTP/1.1" 404 436 "-" "Debian APT-HTTP/1.3 (2.0.9) non-interactive"14:08
ogramjt0k, they should see something similar to (this is a different error, but the reporting should be similar) https://askubuntu.com/questions/1150549/what-does-the-red-icon-and-notification-in-the-panel-mean-please-and-how-can-i14:10
mjt0kyeah, this is the same on debian too (which I use).  The thing is that here, the talk's about samba which is often used on a server, which isn't necessary running any GUI14:11
mjt0kspeaking of this message/notification, - a friend of mine was really scared about that one. His network dropped during one of the update checks, and it displayed an error about every failed download, so when clicking to that red icon, his whole screen was occuped by a ton of error messages with no othe controls (no links, no way to dimiss the message) available.=14:14
ogramjt0k, well, on cmdline apt will just sows you the 40414:14
ograhe should file a bug 😉14:15
mjt0kthank you for the info! I suspected it's quite similar14:17
mjt0knot that those attempts to grab non-existing Release files bothers me in any way, was just curious what's up :)  This repo lived for about a month and ceased to exist in Dec-202214:18
mjt0kit's also surprizing there are so many attempts still continuing from all around the world14:19
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u8353v[m]Anyone here using flameshot screenshot util?15:35
u8353v[m]Copy selection to clipboard is not working under kubuntu 23.04.15:35
u8353v[m]in ubuntu 22.04.2 it worked fine!15:35
jhutchinsu8353v[m]: Report it.15:36
deponhi can someone please help me with installing different python versions?15:36
ubottupython is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python15:37
jhutchinsNot much there.15:37
deponi have problem installing migen ob python 3.515:37
jhutchins!info python15:37
ubottuPackage python does not exist in lunar15:37
u8353v[m]jhutchins: 👍️15:40
mjt0kI doubt python3.5 can be installed on current systems15:40
mjt0kit's too old unsupported version which does not compile with current libs/tools15:40
lotuspsychjeu8353v[m]: check if this bug #1985960 is your usecase please15:41
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1985960 in flameshot (Ubuntu) "Copy to clipboard does not work on Wayland" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/198596015:41
depon@mjt0k yes thats the problem i think15:41
deponbut i need to run a code which is based on it15:41
jhutchinsmjt0k: python can be managede entirely outside the official ubuntu system.15:41
deponone part of the code is python3.5 the other one 2.7 which is okay now15:41
mjt0kthinking about it again, - python is more or less self-contained, so yes, should be okay15:42
mjt0kis lunar the current release of ubuntu?15:43
jhutchinsmjt0k: Developers often work in a multi-release setup.  It's a lot like java.15:43
deponyes i have lunar installed15:43
deponsomeone suggested me to install poetry?15:44
mjt0kwell, I dunno. we upgraded our python apps to current python (3.11 right now). There was quite some resistance, like we have better things to do, but in the end it surely paid off15:44
mjt0kjava is more problematic on this side, - since there's a lot of vendor closed-source apps which can't be fixed even if the fix is a one-liner15:46
deponyep i understand15:46
plastikmandepon: waht do you mean by a "different version"15:52
plastikmanjust go download a binary from python.org and run it.15:53
plastikmandepon: i just pulled down the 3.5.10 binary, ran ./configure and make16:05
plastikmanit spit out a python binary that runs on my 22.04 install16:05
deponoh yea ./configure and make i did also16:06
depondownloads/m16c-interface-master/adapter python 3.5$ python3.5 top.py16:07
deponTraceback (most recent call last):16:07
depon  File "top.py", line 32, in <module>16:07
depon    from migen.genlib.fifo import SyncFIFOBuffered16:07
deponImportError: No module named 'migen.genlib'16:07
deponpython3.5 runs i would say but i dont have the migen package installed16:08
deponon python3 etc migen is installed16:08
plastikmanso this is not a python issue, this is an issue with where you isntalled your packages.  install pip with your compiled python16:09
plastikmanthen use pip3.5 install migen16:09
deponokay thank you im also new to this16:10
plastikman./configure --with_ensurepip=install16:10
lotuspsychjeplastikman: compile python on your own is not really the ubuntu way of doing things16:13
plastikmanlotuspsychje: its not any "package managed" way of doing things16:14
plastikmanhe is asking for a special unsupported version....sure, the right way is to install a deb16:14
jhutchinsplastikman: Is there some kind of a guide that explains how to make use of python tools like pip?16:14
jhutchinslotuspsychje: What makes you think Ubuntu can't do self-builds?16:15
jhutchinslotuspsychje: It's linux.  Doing it your way is what it's about.16:15
deponmy problem is when i run pip command to get migen it says that the package is installed already16:15
deponi dont know how to put it into python3.516:15
deponso i need to install pip35 first ?16:16
jhutchinsYou are not limited by decisions made by the packaging team.16:16
lotuspsychjejhutchins: i didnt say ubuntu cant, i said its not really the ubuntu way; aka using the package versions meant for your ubuntu release instead of compiling your own16:16
oacdepon: my guess is you need to execute pip via the python3.5 executable. So if we assume `python3.5` is your newly compiled executable, try running `python3.5 -m pip install migen`16:18
oacbut `pip` probably isn't installed for python3.5 at the moment16:18
deponpython3.5 -m pip install migen16:21
deponusr/local/bin/python3.5: No module named pip16:21
oacRight, not sure how to get pip installed for a locally-compiled version of python16:21
oacAhh, it looks like you can do so at compile time16:22
oacUse the `--with-ensurepip=install` argument when running the `configure` command, then `make` and `make install`16:23
plastikmanoac: but you likely need the openssl-devel installed16:23
plastikmanas pip needs ssl support16:23
jhutchinsIsn't there some sort of standard script to enable easy swapping of python environments?16:28
oacThere's virtualenv, but not sure if that is meant to change between python versions, just modules16:28
plastikmanvenv will work so long as you install multiple versions16:29
u8353v[m]Is there difference between:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/627412c6214d37bb55107ee6166c4464f0e20f66>)16:30
rboxu8353v[m]: they both work?16:31
u8353v[m] * Is there difference between:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/c4479bec199e47cae954a7d80d776fb37274a85c>)16:31
u8353v[m]rbox: yes!16:31
rboxu8353v[m]: the command is autoremove... doesnt matter where you put the arguments16:31
u8353v[m] * Is there difference between:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/3300cf950fc95b51605cbce4cea56684b6959b43>)16:32
rboxdont gotta keep editing the same thing over and over again16:32
u8353v[m]rbox: sorry 🤭16:33
u8353v[m]rbox: got it!... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/71ee0206af490fb2b3df6413e8108f3f6c3ee673>)16:35
nvmdanyone else on nvidia gpus with the 535 driver had their installation nuked by the latest kernel updates?16:42
lotuspsychjenvmd: could you pastebin what happened exactly in your system, so the volunteers can help you best16:45
rusernvmd: how do you mean? i have 2060 supra, running wsl16:46
nvmdrunning 23.04 with the 535 proprietary driver, during the update to the 6.2.0-25 kernel, apparently there were a few issues, and when I rebooted, it apparently could only boot with the nouveau16:51
nvmdbooting with the previous kernels (the other ones listed by grub) doesn't work16:55
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rboxthen it has nothing to do with the kernel update16:58
nvmdI must've reinstalled the system at least 5 times yesterday, and had issues ranging from the new installer crashing during timezone selection or username and password filling, other versions of the driver also not working, and some promp for something UEFI related if I chose to install drivers along with the installation16:59
enycnvmd: o dear17:00
lotuspsychjenvmd: checkout your dmesg, journal logs or dpkg logs and share any found issues in a !paste to the channel17:00
nvmdI'm running nouveau now, and I'm in work, not really up to risk breaking this installation just yet17:01
rboxsounds like you've got some major hardware issues...17:02
nvmdI don't think that's the case.17:02
nvmdI'd say I put more stress on my rig running windows, due to gaming, so I think I'd have noticed if something was going on.. not that that proves anything, but yeah..17:04
nvmdlotuspsychje: thanks for the tips.. I'll look for that later today when I resume the tests..17:05
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vershann OpenSSL vulnerability has recently been fixed with USN-6188-1 & 6119-1:17:14
vershan# CVE-2023-2650: possible DoS translating ASN.1 object identifiers.17:14
vershan# Ensure you have updated the package to its latest version.17:14
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue summary: Processing some specially crafted ASN.1 object identifiers or data containing them may be very slow. Impact summary: Applications that use OBJ_obj2txt() directly, or use any of the OpenSSL subsystems OCSP, PKCS7/SMIME, CMS, CMP/CRMF or TS with no message size limit may experience notable to very long delays when processing those messages, which may lead to a D... <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2023-2650>17:14
vershanany ideas on what must i do to fic this17:14
rboxwait for ubuntu to push an updated package17:14
jhutchinsIs the target driver set up for dkms?17:15
ravagevershan: https://ubuntu.com/security/CVE-2023-265017:15
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue summary: Processing some specially crafted ASN.1 object identifiers or data containing them may be very slow. Impact summary: Applications that use OBJ_obj2txt() directly, or use any of the OpenSSL subsystems OCSP, PKCS7/SMIME, CMS, CMP/CRMF or TS with no message size limit may experience notable to very long delays when processing those messages, which may lead to a D... <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2023-2650>17:15
vershan@ravage, ahh thank you17:17
plastikmandepon: see your PM, but with a patch and a few changes, i have python 3.5.10 with pip3.5 running in /opt, yuo can make a venv out of it and then you can use yuor old gross python in an isolated env :)17:30
nvmdAlright, got some time to deal with the driver issue.. lotuspsychje you there?18:11
lotuspsychjenvmd: you got secureboot enabled, that could possibly affect some of your hardware18:11
lotuspsychjenvmd: try to turn that of and try again to reproduce18:12
nvmdI wasn't having any issues before, though18:12
nvmdone would think they'd have sorted issues with this out already considering it's a thing for quite a while now18:12
nvmdlotuspsychje: you were right, it worked.18:30
lotuspsychje!yay | nvmd18:30
ubottunvmd: Glad you made it! :-)18:30
lotuspsychjenvmd: you might also wanna checkout if you still got gnome shell warnings in your new dmesg18:31
lotuspsychjeyou had a few lines needing attention18:31
nvmdsuch as?18:31
nvmdlooking at it right now, not sure which ones I should care about18:32
lotuspsychjenvmd: gnome-shell[1656]: DING: 15:00:48.1584                  Gtk[ 2429]:CRITICAL: _gtk_css_corner_value_get_x: assertion 'corner->class == &GTK_CSS_VALUE_CORNER' failed18:32
lotuspsychjenvmd: nome-shell[1656]: Window manager warning: Overwriting existing binding of keysym 31 with keysym 31 (keycode a)18:32
nvmdHaven't found those on the new install yet, but found a couple other so far18:34
nvmdgnome-shell[1678]: Error looking up permission: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.portal.Error.NotFound: No entry for geolocation18:35
nvmdgnome-shell[1678]: JS ERROR: Gio.IOErrorEnum: GDBus.Error:net.reactivated.Fprint.Error.NoSuchDevice: No devices available18:35
lotuspsychjenvmd: maybe it was related to something you were using at that time18:35
nvmdI just copy pasted those from the new install I'm running on18:36
nvmdthe gdm-x-session error is also gone18:37
lotuspsychjenvmd: if its not repeating errors too much, its mostly sane18:37
lotuspsychjefeel free to share your new dmesg when unsure18:37
nvmdgnome-shell[2381]: Failed to import DBusMenu, quicklists are not avaialble: Error: Requiring Dbusmenu, version none: Typelib file for namespace 'Dbusmenu' (any version) not found18:38
nvmdWhat's the deal with the secure boot still having issues, though?18:38
causativewhat the heck, my firefox window won't bring another application window to the front if I click just to the edge of the firefox window on the other window. It will only switch if I click sufficiently far from the firefox window18:38
causativeonly seems to be an issue with the firefox window, not other apps18:39
causativealso I can switch from another application, to Firefox, by clicking significantly *outside* of the Firefox window18:40
causative22.04, anyone else notice this?18:40
ravagecausative: no. all fine here18:46
willem_Can someone help me debug my bluetooth issue?18:57
lotuspsychjedetails | willem_18:58
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.18:58
willem_I am switching to a new laptop ThinkPad Z13, I am coming from an IdeaPad5, and in bluetoothctl it looks exactly the same. I can pair the headset, and it will connect. It then does not show up in the audio devices. It also loses connection relatively quickly.18:59
lotuspsychjewillem_: are you using gnomes BT or did you use blueman?19:00
willem_I switched to pipewire as the audio backend, as I read that it should work better with bluetooth devices, but no luck yet. I am on Ubuntu 22.04 by the way.19:00
willem_lotuspsychje: I am using gnomes BT19:00
lotuspsychjewillem_: try blueman, thats usualy pretty stable for testing and see if you can still reproduce19:01
lotuspsychje!info blueman19:01
ubottublueman (2.3.5-2build1, lunar): Graphical bluetooth manager. In component universe, is optional. Built by blueman. Size 1,018 kB / 3,694 kB19:01
willem_lotuspsychje: it connects and then disconnects after a bit. It does not show up as a device19:03
lotuspsychjewillem_: could you open a journalctl -f and connect your device from scratch, see if we can catch errors in a !paste ?19:04
willem_lotuspsychje: This error might be interesting: jul 14 21:15:13 ThinkPad-Z13 bluetoothd[1987]: profiles/audio/avdtp.c:cancel_request() Discover: Connection timed out (110)19:15
plt2I am having a issue and vanish will not start https://pastebin.com/rS5rLhrC19:17
rboxthat output appears to be cut off19:18
plt2That is all I got19:19
plt2What happened no one use if file exist command any more19:20
willem_lotuspsychje: and maybe this one: jul 14 21:22:01 ThinkPad-Z13 bluetoothd[1987]: src/profile.c:ext_io_disconnected() Unable to get io data for Hands-Free Voice gateway: getpeername: Transport endpoint is not connected (107)19:22
plt2It's good to use if fileexist to check if the files is missing on all the linux programs19:26
tomreynplt2: you have no line wrapping, copyied the screen of an editor which was cutting off lines to the right. pipe journalctl output into    nc termbin.com 9999     instead19:28
plt2What command would you like to type in?19:29
tomreynor prefix the journalctl command with  PAGER=cat19:29
plt2Can you please tell me the full command line to type in?19:29
tomreynjournalctl -xe | nc termbin.com 999919:30
DejavuHey idiots19:31
Dejavutomreyn your mom stupid19:31
rboxAddress already in use19:32
rboxsomething is alread yrunnning on port 8019:32
plt2Are you talking to me?19:32
plt2Jul 14 11:52:02 apps2.professionalsoftwaredevelopment.com varnishd[2823521]: Error: Could not get socket :80: Address already in use19:33
willem_lotuspsychje: back after my last message. I reverted pipewire changes, but in the process also removed ubuntu-gnome-desktop... but we are back :)19:33
plt2httpd is running the web server on port 8019:34
rboxwell then you can't also run somethign else on port 8019:35
plt2Vanish was working before19:35
rboxwell you changed soemthign19:35
plt2I did not change anything19:35
plt2Is the same of the vanish services vlc?19:36
tomreynit's actually called vaRnish19:37
tomreynunless you want to make it vanish19:37
plt2Reeboot time19:37
plt2I want to see if that will fix it19:37
leftyfbit won't19:37
leftyfbthis isn't Windows19:38
leftyfbfix your config19:38
Jenneferleftyfb shut up dïckhead19:38
plt2I did a /find / -name varn*.* not files19:38
leftyfbplt2: sudo lsof -i :80 | nc termbin.com 999919:38
leftyfbdo not reboot19:39
leftyfbit will not fix anything19:39
plastikmanlol reboot19:41
leftyfbyou have a web server running on port 8019:41
leftyfbis that planned?19:42
leftyfbwhy do you need varnish anyway?19:42
plt2Is there any issues with that?19:42
tomreynhttps://webuzo.com/docs/v2/upgrade-emps/ "Webuzo uses its own Web server stack called EMPS."19:42
booteroniIs there a way to change the base iso file to remove the hidden grub menu? I always forget to press `shift` and then it boots to the install process? I tried setting the timeout=-1 in grub.cfg but that didn't seem to work19:42
plt2It handles the backup services19:42
leftyfbno it doesn't19:42
leftyfbvarnish is a caching server19:42
plt2Its using it19:42
plt2The backup services is using it19:43
plastikmanif you need to use varnish, then you need to move you web services to another port19:43
plt2You know how linux is.19:43
leftyfbok, so configure varnish to use a different port19:43
plt2ok. bbl19:43
plastikmanplt2: something changed on your system.  maybe after an update a configuration file changed.  I would look at what port you expect your web server to run on then look at waht port you expect varnish to run on.19:48
plastikmanif you expect that all trafic comes into yuor system via varnish, then it shuold be listening on port 80 (shuold be 443, use TLS) on the outside interface, then your web server shuold be listening on the specified port bound to localhost19:49
causativehmmmm I am trying to set up rdp via vino and it isn't working. I can't connect to localhost:3389 using remmina rdp19:57
causativeremmina just says "Cannot connect to the "localhost" RDP server"20:03
causativeI've set up the server in settings, in the Sharing section, just turning on the Remote Desktop slider20:03
causativeis anything else necessary?20:04
causativeit does work if I do vnc instead20:05
causativebut I'd like to try rdp for the sound20:05
causativeI guess even vnc is unusable too because it prompts me on the vnc server desktop with a popup to accept before it will allow the remote to connect, and there's no option to not have that popup20:07
plt2I can develop a application for linux using xojo and it use pretty much everything within the develop env without using a lot of extra lib files20:08
causativeand wayland sort of broke x11vnc which I was using previously. Guess I'll try turning off wayland20:10
causativeah, and turning off wayland made rdp also start working. Moral of the story is, ubuntu 22.04 doesn't really support wayland yet.20:13
causativeturning off wayland also fixed that minor bug I mentioned about clicking just outside the firefox window20:14
booteroniIs there an easy way to enable the grub prompt on the ubuntu server live iso?20:37
jeremy31booteroni:  press c at the grub menu, I think that works21:12
booteronijeremy31: yes I can do that but I tried changing the `/boot/grub/grub.cfg` to `set timeout=60` and `set timeout_style=menu` and it still just shows a blank screen with the accessibility icon and nothing else. I'd prefer not to have to press `c`21:14
jeremy31booteroni: You can't change that on an ISO, it is read only21:15
booteroniI modified it and rebuilt the iso with the updated file21:15
booteronijeremy31: I am extracting the iso with `7z` and then then modifying the file and then creating it with `xorriso`21:17
jeremy31I would try cubic and see if that works21:18
leftyfbavi: wrong window21:59
AleshaChat telnet dchub.one 3456 ; http://explorer.net.ru:8080/temp/telnet%20chat.png21:59
leftyfbAlesha: no21:59
yrdsbWhat lighter lxde or lxqe22:30
yrdsbiI mean lxde or lxqt22:30
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