kgiiiI'll keep an eye on it and celebrate when it is fixed. Oddly, I'm watching them race boats in Australia. This is my new life!03:02
kgiiiI realize that this is above the pay grade for anyone here, but is there a good reason why I have to log in to the testing tracker as often as I have to now? It used to be I'd log in once every couple of weeks - or more. Now, it's like every few days before my login expires and I must log in again. I don't care. I don't mind. It's just weird. Again, I do not mind even one iota. They can make it daily and I won't care. It's just04:27
kgiii odd and it has changed.04:27
guivercno idea (on iso tracker logins) kgiii , I just opened it in a browser & was logged in, however yes I've noted the need to login more than I used to too (I'm just not doing as much testing as I've done in the best due to time etc)04:54
kgiii@guiverc Oh, I don't actually mind - it's that I notice things that are *different*. This is different. I made sure to check enough times to know that it's different. My objection meter is at zero, but my curiosity meter is pinging near the limit. ;-)04:56
guivercI've noted lots of slowness, strange errors on various ubuntu sites.. so I've just ASSUMED (mother of all f..ups) they were making changes & ignored the extra logins..04:57
kgiiiI like your assumption @guiverc. They must be fixing things! I did miss some days as real life has me busy, but that's to be expected in my situation. (That is, I'm fricken busy!)06:44
kgiiiAnd my connection is horrible. Watch how often I get disconnected! LOL I have to work around that.06:45
guivercwe do what we can, when we can.... (and with what we've got too... or should I say when we've got it?)06:46

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