KcajI have a weird question - I have been getting a lot of http traffic on one server today, it seems to be scanning for vulnerabilities, also swaps IP, and has been a fair amount of traffic (not DDoS level, but still). I actively and manually added some IP inside the httpd, but the IP are changing rapidly enough now that I don't think even a fail2ban02:10
Kcajjail or something would help02:10
KcajIs there another way to thwart stuff like this, besides maybe setting traps on the common URLs they try and access?02:10
KcajHere are some recent examples: tried to access: /owa/auth/x.js on 7/15/23 @ 10:04 pm, tried to access: /ecp/Current/exporttool/microsoft.exchange.ediscovery.exp, tried to access: /owa/auth/logon.aspx on 7/15/23 @ 9:57 pm, tried to access: /.git/config on 7/15/23 @ 9:30 pm,
Kcajtried to access: /laravel/.env on 7/15/23 @ 8:19 pm, tried to access: /administrator/.env on 7/15/23 @ 8:19 pm, tried to access: /vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/PHP/eval-stdin.php on 702:13
KcajSome of these IP do this... a lot, 50 different bad URL requests in a single minute. I could thwart those with fail2ban or something, but I'm wondering what other options I might have here02:13
KcajI've always seen some activity like this, but not to this level until recently :/, it probably helps that I don't use any third party stuff, so they are just getting 404 everywhere, but I want to be more proactive than that02:14
KcajI'm currently thinking: should I just compile a large list of the common URL they try and access, and place a booby trap in all those locations to automatically ban any IP that tries to access any of them, on the very first attempt? I'm guessing I could just work that into my 404 error handling process (rather than creating all the dummy02:15
Kcajdirectories and files themselves)02:15
jea0p_anyone here02:45
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jhutchinsKcaj: You probably want to look into fail2ban and ip throggling with iptables.03:52
Kcajthanks :D03:52
jhutchinsKcaj: The former is a blunt tool, the latter more effective.03:52
Kcajyeah I just had an issue earlier with iptables :x lol, tried to blacklist an ip and ended up losing everything after a restart due to a bad rule that was actually denying everything, meaning I couldn't even ssh in (VPS)03:53
KcajI was able to get back in, still, thankfully, and reverse it haha03:53
jhutchinsKcaj: There's some old arcane lore about how to manage that ...03:55
KcajSome dude named "man", I never seen him on here03:56
jhutchinsKcaj:    http://www.trinityos.com/LINUX/index-linux.html03:56
jhutchinsor possibly  http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO/03:56
jhutchinsKcaj: If you master those, it will take your peers years to catch up to you.03:57
akikan easy way is to create a cron job which clears iptables after 15 minutes or so03:57
jhutchinsKcaj: 90% of it is usless for your practical application.03:57
jhutchinsakik: fail2ban does that.03:58
jhutchinsakik: Throttling doesn't need to.03:58
akikjhutchins: fail2ban works "after the fact"03:58
jhutchinsBanning an IP after it's been used for an attack is useless.03:59
jhutchinsakik: No, the level of impact remains the same.03:59
jhutchinsA DDOS still takes kernel rsources to repell, and can take down a system.04:00
jhutchinsakik: Yeah, fail2ban is pretty useless in the real world.04:00
jhutchinsGives people a warm feeling like they've done something though...04:01
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db`I'm back.04:04
db`Hi everyone.04:18
db`Need some assistance here. Got an old laptop (Sony Vaio) with legacy BIOS version, running Win 10. I setup Ubuntu 22.04 with a flash drive by manually configuring the partitions ("Something Else" option during the installation). I also setup an EFI partition (512MB) as required. This is the structure -04:18
db`Laptop got 1 disk - 750GB. Drives its got C:\, D:\ & F:\. I created F:\ by shrinking D:\ for ubuntu. F:\ is about 100GB.04:18
db`sda1 - Windows Recovery04:18
db`sda2 - Win 1004:18
db`sda7 (40GB out of F:\ space) - /04:18
db`Hi everyone.04:21
db`Need some assistance here. Got an old laptop (Sony Vaio) with legacy BIOS version, running Win 10. I setup Ubuntu 22.04 with a flash drive by manually configuring the partitions ("Something Else" option during the installation). I also setup an EFI partition (512MB) as required. This is the structure04:21
db`Laptop got 1 disk - 750GB. Drives its got C:\, D:\ & F:\. I created F:\ by shrinking D:\ for ubuntu. F:\ is about 100GB.04:21
db`sda1 - Windows Recovery04:21
db`sda2 - Win 1004:21
db`sda7 (40GB out of F:\ space) - /04:21
db`sda8 (50GB out of F:\ space) - /home04:21
db`sda6 (8GB out of F:\space) - Swap04:21
Bashing-om!paste | db`04:22
ubottudb`: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:22
db`Hi everyone.04:24
db`Need some assistance here. Got an old laptop (Sony Vaio) with legacy BIOS version, running Win 10. I setup Ubuntu 22.04 with a flash drive by manually configuring the partitions ("Something Else" option during the installation). I also setup an EFI partition (512MB) as required. This is the structure:04:24
db`Laptop got 1 disk - 750GB. Drives its got C:\, D:\ & F:\. I created F:\ by shrinking D:\ for ubuntu. F:\ is about 100GB.04:24
db`sda1 - Windows Recovery04:24
db`sda2 - Win 1004:24
db`sda7 (40GB out of F:\ space) - /04:24
db`sda8 (50GB out of F:\ space) - /home04:24
db`sda6 (8GB out of F:\space) - Swap04:24
db`sda9 (512 MB out of F:\ space) - EFI04:24
db`Device for Boot loader installation was set as sda9. (Also tried sda7 earlier). Now, on boot I see "Operating System Not found".04:25
db`Any assistance is greatly appreciated.04:25
db`Btw Bashing-om, doesn't +q flag mean giving owner attributes to the user?04:26
Bashing-omdb`: You get quietd for flooding the channel :( .. as to your issue - Bios boot does not require a EFI partition and grub is installed to the device "sda" .04:27
Bashing-omdb`: by bios boot I mean a legacy boot- NON UEFI.04:29
db`Are these some new flags? coz AFAIR, +q was for giving ownership of the channel. Yea, I got muted, I realised that. Nvm.04:29
db`OT: I actually got a popup asking me to setup an EFI04:29
db`Also, I am currently setting up the grub on sda. Ubuntu is getting installed. Hope it works. But since even Windows doesn't load, I presume that the boot loader is broken or something04:31
db`Ah, eureka! The grub now loads, after having installed it on sda.04:32
oacjoin #go-nuts04:41
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weedmiccheers - have you an issue?11:23
Guest68Yes, lemme write it quickly11:24
Guest68For some reason, I am not able to install ubuntu, the installer says there are currently no detected operating systems. I read some forums post, but for a simple user like me, I am not able to understand them completely11:25
Guest68Please let me know, what more details I need to share11:25
ravageGuest68: can you maybe share a photo of your error message?11:26
ravageyou can use https://imgur.com/11:26
ravageand what Ubuntu version is this?11:26
Guest68It's the latest, 23. Let me share a picture11:26
ravageand maybe you can also share some details about the hardware11:27
Guest68https://imgur.com/a/8mvNpIS Like this (ignore the version, this picture is from a forum post I was reading)11:28
Guest68Sure, like?11:28
ravageok. but i dont see an error here11:28
ravagecant you just click continue?11:28
ravagealso im sure your installer looks different11:29
ravagethis is from a very old installer11:29
Guest68No, I can't. The button is greyed out11:29
Guest68The error I mean, the top heading there, I have similar like that11:29
Guest68Also, the first option https://ubuntucommunity.s3.dualstack.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/original/3X/6/0/603543a56f2d3efba0ff1e81c6cd8e571fda93aa.png isn't available for me11:30
ravageand is that your plan?11:30
Guest68I actually want to dual boot11:30
ravagei think that option may not be available in all combinations11:30
ravageyou can go with "try Ubuntu"11:31
Guest68Yes, try ubuntu is working perfectly fine11:31
ravageand get into the webchat again from there11:31
ravageso maybe we can get some more information about your current system11:31
Guest68Oh Yes, I can definitely do that11:31
Guest68Let me open it then, thank you11:32
Guest68I am now in ubuntu11:37
ravageok :)11:38
ravageopen a terminal and paste "sudo lshw -short > /tmp/paste.txt; sudo lsblk >> /tmp/paste.txt; sudo fdisk -l >> /tmp/paste.txt; cat /tmp/paste.txt | nc termbin.com 9999"11:38
ravagethat should output a URL. paste that here11:38
Guest68Ok, btw recently I am getting this error message https://imgur.com/a/rzcMPbk11:39
ravageyou can ignore that for now on the live session i think11:40
Guest68https://termbin.com/9wi6 here's the link11:40
ravagelooks like a pretty default setup so far. laptop. 1TB SSD and windows installed11:42
Guest68I believe it's hdd11:43
ravagenot great but should not matter :D11:43
Guest68yeah ik :P11:43
ravagethat recovery partition may be a problem11:44
Guest68I do have a different unallocated space, that I created in windows11:45
ravagei dont see that anywhere atm11:45
ravagebut we could try to fix that from the livecd i think11:46
ravagei just cant guarantee that this wont affect the windows install11:46
ravagedo you have a backup just in case?11:47
Guest68I don't really want to mess up with window11:47
ravageyou should backup your whole installation for sure before you do anything11:47
ravageyou can do that from the livecd too if you have any external drive available to do that11:48
Guest68at the moment unfortunately not11:48
Guest68Also for some reasons, here my ram usage just keeps increasng with time11:49
ravagedeleteing that recovery partition should not affect anything but any modifications of the system without a backup are never a good idea11:49
Guest68I should probably do more research on that11:50
ravageyou can always get help here but a backup is really a good idea11:50
ravageif you have an external USB drive or a network share there is "Cloneilla" for example11:51
Guest68I actually want linux just for some practice, no plan in making it my daily usage os. But the difference in timing of linux and window is annoying11:51
ravagethen maybe try a VM first?11:51
Guest68I could, but I don't think my notebook pc is enough powerful11:51
ravageinstall virtualbox on windows11:51
weedmicor just use the live version - then if you are ready to commit, install11:51
ravagei totally get that you want to dual boot first11:52
Guest68If that timing issue is fixed, then not much a big deal to me :sweat_smile: I am ok with this live one11:52
Guest68But if I do changes here, they are probably gone in my next boot11:53
ravageyes all you do will not survive a reboot11:54
Guest68my ram usage is 91% now, weird11:54
Guest68I must close ubuntu otherwise my pc will froze like last time11:54
ravagethat really should not happen11:57
Guest68sorry I am back11:58
ravagecan you maybe try the latest LTS version and see if that works better for you?11:59
Guest68the 22 one?11:59
Guest68I think so, Let me download it11:59
Guest68Btw I asked my friend to try it, and it worked for him12:00
ravageyes you have some really strange behviour there12:01
Guest68also that ram usage, is that normal?12:02
ravagenot at all12:02
Guest68Weird, I was looking at system monitor too, firefox was at top with 300mb usage12:03
ravagethats ok12:03
ravagebrowsers these days need a lot of ram12:04
Guest68no I mean, I couldn't see a process which was taking all of my 4gb ram12:04
Guest68https://askubuntu.com/questions/288999/ubuntu-13-04-not-detecting-windows-7-during-install I was reading this, should I try this?12:05
ravageyou should not try any advice that is 10 years old :)12:05
Guest68Yes, makes sense12:05
ravagetry 22.04 first12:05
Guest68Yup, downloading12:06
noordif you want to install windows and ubuntu (dual boot), install windows first12:06
noordbecause windows overrides mbr and grub12:07
noordgrub settings*12:07
Guest68the problem is I don't have my license key for windows :sad:12:07
ravageyou can extract that with a tool i think12:07
Guest68You can, I didn't know12:08
weedmicyes, let me see if I still have the instructions for finding the windows key12:08
weedmicfound - "powershell "(Get-WmiObject -query 'select * from SoftwareLicensingService').0A3xOriginalProduceKey"12:10
Guest68should I run that in powershell?12:10
ravageyou can run that in cmd i think12:10
ravageif you run it in powershell you only need the part in "12:10
ravageand maybe you need to run it as admin12:11
weedmiccmd - i believe - I did it once incase I could not get access to all my work required items, once I did, i just put it in a file.12:11
ravagefor my HP laptop i never got a serial number12:12
ravageit is usually part of the bios12:12
ravageand windows just activated itself12:12
Guest68in hp laptop you can get serial number by ctrl + alt + s I believe12:12
Guest68for that command, i got an error12:14
Guest68At line:1 char:6512:14
Guest68+ ... t-WmiObject -query 'select * from SoftwareLicensingService').0A3xOrig ...12:14
Guest68+                                                                  ~12:14
Guest68Missing property name after reference operator.12:14
Guest68    + CategoryInfo          : ParserError: (:) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException12:14
Guest68    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MissingPropertyName12:14
weedmici check my typing12:14
ravage!paste | Guest6812:14
ubottuGuest68: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:14
ravagewait for the bot to unsilence you12:15
weedmictray a space before .0A312:15
weedmici cannot tell from the printout12:15
Guest68I thought these thngs happen only in other platforms like discord12:15
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ravagewmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey12:16
weedmicand, of course, remove the surrounding "12:16
ravageshould also work12:16
Guest68I did get a string that looks like product key, thanks!12:17
ravagegreat :)12:17
Guest68cool so ubuntu 22 is also booted in my pen drive12:17
Guest68let me try12:17
weedmicglad/happy to hear - i extremely rarely know windows things :)12:17
Guest68Wow sounds like you are entirely linux user?12:18
ravageGuest68: report back from the live session then12:18
Guest68Ok, let me first store my windows key in my onedrive vault12:18
weedmicstore it on paper, just in case - imho12:21
weedmictape it to the outside of the box - when you know it works.12:21
Guest68Yes did that because I realized I forgot my microsoft password12:22
BluesKajHi all12:23
Guest68Sorry for inconvenience, I am back12:30
Guest68well this this it was bit different12:30
Guest68When I clicked continue, the installer kind of froze12:31
Guest68everything else was working fine12:31
ravagedid you give it some time?12:31
Guest68like 1-2 min, then I clicked quit button it got closed12:31
Guest68black screen appeared12:31
Guest68then I hit enter, just to see12:31
Guest68I got an error12:32
Guest68igpu Stoney not supported12:32
ravageare you on the live session now?12:32
Guest68that's like my gpu series something12:32
Guest68but now it's fine12:32
Guest68and tbh working faster12:32
Guest68also, I now notice a window button in my left12:32
ravageok. can you try to run the installer from the desktop again?12:32
Guest68again loading at that step12:33
weedmicigpu - as in integrated into the cpu - or motherboard? Guest68 (or does it mean somethign else)?12:34
Guest68integrated one12:34
weedmic"The whole point of an iGPU is to have both the processor and the graphics processing unit on just a single die." dr google12:39
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Alesha[18:05:43] <Kulesh> кто может написать нормальный telnet chat server ?15:09
Alesha[18:05:48] <Kulesh> под Linux15:09
Alesha[18:06:28] <Kulesh> желательно на asm под Linux x86_6415:09
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:09
sgonhi, I just installed ubuntu 22.04 to a pocket sized laptop. In live system, everything looks OK. but after installation, everything is way too big. The resolution is correct and the same as live system. But everything is just super zoom size. I can not really use it right now. How to fix this problem? Thanks a lot.15:11
jhutchinssgon: Something in the back of my mind says the DPI setting is off. (Dots/Pixels per inch).15:12
sgonjhutchins: thanks a lot for the reply. Do you know how to set it up properly?15:13
jhutchinssgon: Sorry, that's farther back.15:13
sgonI checked the current DPI. It's 96x96 dots per inch. Is that correct?15:16
sgonit looks correct to me. My another laptop returns the same value. Maybe I should run the live system again. To see what the live system is in that pocket sized laptop.15:17
jhutchinssgon: Correct is subjective.  How big is the screen?15:17
jhutchinssgon: I think increasing the DPI is what you want to do, but I don't use gnome and I don't know how.15:18
sgonI will try to reboot to live system and check the dpi. Everything works fine in live system. I haven't used ubuntu for a long time. It's not a good experience when I try to come back...15:18
jhutchinsStill Sunday Morning in most of the areas served by this channel.15:18
jhutchinssgon: If you don't work it out, you might try again in a few hours.15:19
jhutchinssgon: What make/model is this system?  I have an ancient Cassiopea that's checkbook-sized.15:20
u8353v[m]Removing snapd and telemetry from kubuntu might be giving me problems installing software like:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/2ea9829bf11fc1b6d4f52e5c50b87789e66e7401>)15:20
jhutchinsKeyboard & Everything, B&W LCD though.15:20
* u8353v[m] uploaded an image: (272KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/IffajyOmCDwNOCnEnmzJOXKP/image.png >15:20
jhutchinsu8353v[m]: Interesting, how did you do that upload?15:21
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sgonjhutchins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIOKDe4phkA&t=3s15:22
u8353v[m]jhutchins: what upload?15:24
sgonjhutchins: I am trying the live system in that pocket laptop. The DPI value is the same. It's 96x96. Thus the problem is not about wrong DPI.15:24
sgonI tried many distros these two days. None of them has this issue. I tried mx linux, mint, fedora, pop_os, debian etc.. Ubuntu gives me surpise. Why does the live system behave differently from the installed one?15:27
tomreynu8353v[m]: it's preferred to share terminal output in text form rather than images when you can.15:44
tomreynthe "does not have a release file" error seen on your screenshot at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/IffajyOmCDwNOCnEnmzJOXKP/image.png usually indicates that this apt repository does not support your current ubuntu release at this time.15:45
bancroftI have an old linux machine that keeps turning off randomly and I'm sure it's doing it because it wants to protect itself from some kind of failure, but I have no idea how to find out what was the last traceback, the sys log is massive. Is there really no "This is why we crashed" I'm quite frustrated at this problem15:46
tomreynbancroft: if a system powers off by itself without cleanly going down (OS wise) first, then it's a hardware issue. So you may not find logs on this on the operating system (which is software, obviously).15:48
tomreynsome systems provide a hardware / firmware log, too. and some systems try to make the operating system aware of hardware issues when they occur.15:49
bancrofttomreyn: that makes sense, so nothing ubuntu specific really for hardware?15:50
tomreynoften a syste shutting off under increased load will do so due to thermal issues - cleaning them, and their fans, and making sure heat is properly transported to the fans can solve this.15:50
sgonI think I might know why everything is zoomed after install. In live system, it's running X11. After install, it's running wayland.15:53
jeremy31sgon: Might be an option in the grub menu to boot x1115:54
tomreynbancroft: ubuntu will probably not be the root cause. but you can run this and share the link returned if you would like to share some logs    journalctl -p4 --since "$(date --rfc-3339=date -d "today -1 day")" |& nc termbin.com 999915:54
jeremy31Advanced options for Ubuntu15:54
sgonIs that correct live system is running x11? after installation, it's running wayland? Because I did apt upgrade after installation to try to fix the issue. And I haven't rebooted to the live system to check again. From memory, the live system is running x11.15:57
sgonIf the issue is caused by wayland, how to fix it in wayland?15:59
tomreynsgon: can you show a screenshot of what seems wrong?15:59
sgontomreyn: everything is zoomed. I can not really used. it only shows 1/4 of the screen. something like that.16:00
tomreynso you only ge to see a quarter of the screen and it cuts off there?16:00
sgonnot really. it's not cutting off. It's a zoomed screen. everything is enlarged and big.16:01
tomreyni.e. you can move the mouse pointer off screen, and the panel expands into the invisible eara?16:01
sgonthere is no invisible area.16:01
sgoneverything is enlarged.16:01
tomreynsettings -> displays -> scale16:01
tomreynwhich graphics hardware + driver do you have there?16:02
tomreynit will say in settings -> about16:02
sgonintel j4105. let me check.16:02
tomreynno need to check then if you have nothing dedicated16:02
sgonIt's just a pocket size laptop. low end. intel celeron j4105. I remembered the card is intel UHD 600, something like that. Wait a second. I haven't checked yet. I will try scale first.16:04
tomreynthat's right, "Intel UHD Graphics 600" would be the integrated graphics in a J4105 cpu16:04
Guest68I need help, I am getting this message what should I dohttps://imgur.com/a/pNNU6cG16:05
basenjisAre you installing a new OS? @Guest6816:07
Guest68I am trying to dualboot with windows16:07
jhutchinsbancroft: If it's a tower, it might be time to get the vacuum or air compressor out and clean the interior of the case.  Sometimes re-seating all of the connectors fixes odd transients.16:08
tomreynGuest68: you can press ctrl-alt-t to spawn a terminal and run   sudo lsblk   in there to get a better idea of what /dev/sda is. if /dev/sda points to the installation media or to a different disk you are not trying to install ubuntu on, then you can ignore the message, answering "no". answering "yes" is the safest option, but could prevent you from installing ubuntu16:09
Guest68yes it's the disk I was trying to install ubuntu16:10
tomreyntry answering "Yes" and see whether this helps the installation move forward16:11
Guest68yes, I will try to install now16:12
tomreyndid you previously have a linux distribution installed on the target disk?16:12
Guest68nope, only windows16:12
sgontomreyn: ok, I think I know how to fix the issue The pocket size 7 inch laptop screen is like portrait by default. BUT the system always thinks that is Landscape. So the orientation shows Landscape (when it's portrait). When the system boots, everything is enlarged in the real portrait direction (landscape orientation). I tried to rotate the16:12
sgonorientation, but because everything is too big, it failed to do so. Now, after changing the scale value from 100% to 125%, I can change the orientation from landscape to portrait (actually from portrait to landscape). After the rotration, then I change the scale from 125% back to 100%. Everything looks good now.16:13
tomreynGuest68: okay, good luck. :)16:13
jhutchinssgon: yay!16:13
sgonjhutchins: I am not sure if my above words make sense or not in English. The problem is kinda weird.16:15
sgonThank you all for the help.16:15
jhutchinssgon: I think I understand.  You may need to build some kind of macro to get it booted.16:15
tomreynsgon: you may or may not want to give this a try: https://askubuntu.com/questions/237963/how-do-i-rotate-my-display-when-not-using-an-x-server16:15
sgonI think the orientation will be fixed/persistent after reboot. I will try now.16:17
sgonyeah, the orientation setup is persistent after reboot. So no need to change anything. I just need to do this weird setup once after installation.16:19
jhutchinssgon: It has wifi but not cell data, right?16:20
sgonjhutchins: yeah, the product has wifi, but not cell data if you mean 4g/5g internet.16:21
sgonjhutchins: If you are interested in this pocket laptop. It has three issues in linux, that's why I tried many distros without too much luck. 1. goodix touchscreen does not work. 2. no sound. bluetooth headphone works. 3. can not wakeup from suspend/sleep.16:25
tomreynwhich hardware is it?16:27
sgonThere is a bug regarding goodix touchscreen: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=209061 When I google the problem, it seems goodix touchscreen support is always bad, some kernel works, some kernel does not. I tried 5.15, 5.19, 6.1, 6.2. All of them don't work.16:27
-ubottu:#ubuntu- bugzilla.kernel.org bug 209061 in Drivers "Goodix touchscreen no longer working since kernel 5.7" [Normal, New]16:28
sgontomreyn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIOKDe4phkA&t=3s16:28
tomreyni see. hadn't spotted those, yet16:29
sgonRegarding the sound card, more stories. It does not work in pulseaudio. It worked badly in pipewire. very low sound quality. volume is too low in pipewire. bluetooth headpone is better in pulseaudio than pipewire. Ubuntu 23.04 pipewire does not work. But debian 12 pipewire works. Because it worked badly in pipewire. so finally, I decided to use old16:33
sgonubuntu release 22.04 which is more stable. Although the sound card does not work, bluetooth headphone works fine.16:33
sgonRegarding the wakeup issue, I think there is no fix. Once it goes to sleep (to ram), it just can't come back. USB has no power. Press power key won't wake it up. Only solution is long pressing the power key to turn it off. There is nothing in BIOS so no luck to fix this issue. This is very bad, because I planned to carry it around in the16:35
sgonsleep/suspend mode. (Hopefully, my words make sense. Sorry about my English).16:35
tomreyn!acpi_osi | sgon16:36
ubottusgon: If your system is unstable or power management does not work well and logs show ACPI issues, you can try to make the Linux kernel pretend it was Windows during boot (which can help on hardware which was only tested with Windows): http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html16:36
tomreynhelps rarely, but you can give it a try16:36
sgontomreyn: thanks a lot for the tip. I will try it.16:37
tomreynsgon: good luck. if you want to share a dmesg, we can also look into potential solutions to the other issues.16:46
sgontomreyn: sure, I can do that. Thanks a lot for your patient and help. Wait a minute, I will upload the dmesg to some pastebin.16:47
jeremy31sgon: in terminal>  sudo dmesg|nc termbin.com 999916:52
jeremy31Post termbin URL from terminal16:52
sgontomreyn: https://hastebin.com/share/wujexotiwu.yaml16:54
sgonjeremy31: thanks. I just pasted to hastebin.16:54
sgonWeird, it has been deleted.16:55
tomreyn:) let me know when it succeeded, somewhere16:55
sgonIt comes back again.16:55
sgonSomething wrong with hastebin.16:55
tomreynokay, i was able to download it16:56
sgonthanks a lot.16:56
tomreynyou're welcome. i'll look over it, take notes, if any, and get back to you with a url to those notes. but this can take half an hour or one.16:58
sgonI haven't tried suspend yet in this fresh install system. From my previous experiences, it won't wake up.16:58
sgonok, no worries. thank you.16:59
jeremy31The touchscreen isn't an easy fix  https://github.com/PeterCxy/gpd_p2_max_acpi16:59
sgonjeremy31: thanks a lot for the info. I am not sure if I can follow those steps.17:01
jeremy31sgon: Is there a BIOS update available?17:01
sgonjeremy31: I can not find the seller now. There is no website regarding this product. Maybe I can try to ask other sellers. There are many sellers selling the same product.17:02
sgonThe manufacturer does not have a website.17:03
tomreynhttps://www.pipo.com/ is not theirs?17:04
jeremy31Did it have Windows on it?17:05
sgonI think it's not the same company.17:06
sgonjeremy31: yeah, it has windows on it. Everything works in windows.17:07
jeremy31sgon: Is Windows hybrid shutdown disabled?17:07
sgonthe manufacturer installed requried drivers in windows.17:07
kubuntuhi guys someone knows kmymoney ?17:07
sgonjeremy31: I don't understand what it means. (Is Windows hybrid shutdown disabled?)17:08
sgonI can google it now.17:08
jeremy31sgon: Windows by default does a wierd shutdown that can mess with hardware when booting Linux distros17:09
sgonjeremy31: will that affect linux suspend to ram? The hardware just does not wake up from suspend.17:10
jeremy31sgon: that could be the goodix driver causing that17:11
sgonok. I don't quite follow that. But I can disable hybrid shutdown. just googling it.17:12
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Guest68Thanks guys I have installed ubuntu17:18
tomreyncongratulation, Guest68. by the way, if you wnat a better name, try to type this: /nick NowIHaveABetterNick17:20
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Manik2375I actually already have an account here, but I forgot how to login :sweatsmile:17:21
tomreyn!identify | Manik237517:23
ubottuManik2375: You can identify to NickServ automatically when connecting to Libera. See https://libera.chat/guides/sasl for more information. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel tab, as a typo will give away your password. If that happens, identify and then type «/msg NickServ set password <newpass>» in the server tab as soon as possible.17:23
tomreynfor general help with this irc network, try asking in #libera17:23
Manik2375By the way how do I check my gpu usage in ubuntu?17:24
Jakovhow to set coordinates of terminal like I do in Windows (if x 100, y 50, it opens on 100,50)17:25
rboxJakov: when you start a graphical program, sometimes they have a arguments on where to put it... run blah --help and see what arguments it accepts17:25
plt2How to prevent clients from spoofing their ip address by using your server ip address to connect?17:25
rboxplt2: huh?17:26
plt2They are connecting and use my server ip address as spoofing17:26
rboxconnecting to wahat17:26
plt2This shit is in the socket lib17:26
EriC^^plt2: you have to be more specific, very vague17:27
plt2The individuals is spoofing conencting to my applications using my server ip address17:27
EriC^^what application17:27
plt2All of them17:27
mybalzitchmost likely your router/proxy is misconfigured17:27
cbreakIP spoofing? That's hard... are they on your network?17:28
cbreakor are you using UDP?17:28
plt2Dedicated server and there is no router17:28
rboxplt2: give an example of what is happening17:28
rboxdont just say "everyting is being spoofed"17:28
cbreakwithout router I'd be surprised you get any packets at all17:28
EriC^^rbox: maybe 3rd time is a charm, repeat same sentence plt217:29
plt2 Linux_Tech Sun Jul 16, 2023 12:15 pm Updated user details17:30
plt2The 66 is my server ip address17:30
cbreakyou will need a router somewhere, or you can not connect to the internet. If you are not on the internet, but some private network with direct connections, then spoofing is possible, but it should be easy for you to find the attacker, since it is connected to your switch17:30
oacManik2375: I just learned about MissionCenter, which is written in Rust and has all sorts of system monitoring, including GPU usage. It's available via flatpak: io.missioncenter.MissionCenter17:31
plt2There is no switch17:31
Jakovpls reply, if know how to solve this17:32
Manik2375oh thanks17:32
cbreakManik2375: I use nvtop on the cli, for nvidia / cuda17:32
plt2The provider hosting the server owns the router17:32
Manik2375The options confusing me17:32
plt2When your server is being hosted by most providers they do not give you access to their routers or switches17:33
oacManik2375: What do you mean?17:33
cbreakplt2: TCP IP spoofing is almost impossible for remote attackers.17:33
plt2You saw it17:34
Manik2375What is this? flatpak: io.missioncenter.MissionCenter (I am new linux user)17:34
plt2 Linux_Tech Sun Jul 16, 2023 12:15 pm Updated user details17:34
cbreakplt2: that means very little.17:35
plt2The 66 ip address should be 90,x,x,x,x17:35
cbreakit certainly doesn't mean any IP spoofing was involved in the creation of that line of text17:35
Manik2375https://imgur.com/a/mBlS9LX I am getting this when installing vlc17:35
plt2On the socket lib when a client connects then it activates on_connect, you call it and it returns the client ip address, remote post ect...17:36
plt2On the socket lib when a client connects then it activates on_connect, you call it and it returns the client ip address, remote port ect...17:36
cbreakplt2: think about TCP a bit17:36
cbreakto open a TCP connection, you have to initiate a handshake17:36
oacManik235: Ahh okay. Flatpak is another way to install software. On Ubuntu and most modern systems, you can install software via a graphical app store or via the command line. On Ubuntu the command line methods are `apt` and `snap`, but flatpak is another system similar in many ways to snap, but different applications are available from different places.17:37
cbreakthat requires the remote computer to send a reply17:37
plt2I have been writting client servers applications a long time so I know how it works17:37
cbreakit can not send a reply to a packet it does not receive17:37
cbreakand if it gives your server's address as its own, it will OBVIOUSLY not receive a reply17:37
cbreaktherefore: no handshake, no connection17:37
Manik2375I think I can understand that17:37
oacManik2375: I think the VLC problem is just that the app store was lagging and an installation was already in progress, so it just got a bit confused17:38
plt2There is ip spoofing tools on linux17:38
Manik2375it got fixed ty17:39
plt2dsniff - Various tools to sniff network traffic for cleartext insecurities17:39
cbreakto make IP spoofing work, you have to either be in the same subnet and spoof the routing table, mess with the global routing via bgp or similar, or not care about replies, for example for DOS attacks, or for UDP17:39
plt2Russian hackers do it17:40
plt2They are good at it. The white house got hacked a few times17:40
cbreakif you don't see the problem, read up on the basics of TCP17:40
oacManik2375: Glad to hear it. You can find almost any software you will probably want in the Ubuntu Software Center, where you just installed VLC, so it's probably not necessary to install flatpak as well unless there's a particular piece of software you know you want from flathub (the source of much of the software available via flatpak).17:41
Manik2375oh I see17:42
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Manik2375cool I appreciate your help, I'll now wander a bit17:45
oacgodspeed o717:46
plt2Could varnish cause a issue reporting the client ip address being the same as the server assigned ip address?17:49
plt2Could varnish cause a issue reporting the client ip address being the same as the server assigned ip address in the logs?17:50
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cbreakvarnish is that caching proxy?17:52
rboxyou've been writing programs "a very long time"... yet the first conclusion you jump to is someone is "spoofing" your ip, and you're running programs you dont even know what they do?17:52
cbreakif it's connecting to your server from your server, then that's what your server sees as connecting to it17:52
plt2If your using for example my ip address at home?17:53
plt2Something cause this to log the server ip address and it did not come from my server as the client ip address17:55
cbreakif you connect to some proxy, and the proxy connects to your server, then your server sees the proxy, not you17:55
plt2Its not doing it all the time.17:56
plt2I think it has to do something with varnosh17:56
plt2I think it has to do something with varnish17:57
plt2What I said before on the socket lib is correct it reports the client ip address on_connect event17:58
tomreynsgon: i have no concrete recommendations. ACPI power mamagement (PM) support does exist for S0 S3 S4 S5. I did make some notes on errors and hardware details, though, sorted by component, which you could use to look bug reports or potential workarounds for compoentns / drivers which are not working as expected: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/8585450f/17:59
sgontomreyn: (y) thank you very much for your time and help. I am checking the notes.18:03
plt2Is varnish should be open to the public http://professionalsoftwaredevelopment.com:8080/18:05
plt2That was correct url18:05
Jakovis it possible to use different terminals in one time? lets say gnome and tilda?18:05
rboxJakov: try it and see18:06
JakovI see that It covers gnome18:06
JakovI need to use both18:06
sgonHow to set keyboard keys to mouse click in wayland? In X11, I simply set xmodmap "keycode 84 = Pointer_Button1". and then run `xkbset m`. In Wayland, xkbset returns an error: `"XKB not supported for display :0"`18:08
tomreynsgon: you're welcome. before trying to manually pick the right files from the intel SOF firmware repository (for audio), make sure you actually have the latest version of ubuntu package firmware-sof-signed installed18:09
tomreyngenerally install any pending updated using    sudo apt update && sudo apt -f install && sudo apt full-upgrade --purge --autoremove18:09
cbreakJakov: I don't see any problem. Terminals are just programs, if you have enough RAM and other resources, you can start as many of them as you want.18:10
jhutchinsJakov: You can change the size of the windows.18:11
tomreynsgon: with wayland + mutter (gnomes' compositor), you need to set things up through either gnome-settings or, where not available, libinput.18:11
sgontomreyn: ok, got it. Hopefully, it can work in pulseaudio. I tried pipewire, it worked but the sound is very bad quality and low volume.18:11
jhutchinsJakov: "Terminals" are just another application.18:11
Jakovwhat terminal is tested to work simultaneously with gnome? tilda just covers it18:12
cbreakI use kitty everywhere. It's nice.18:12
jhutchinsJakov: I don't think you understand what's happening.  Gnome is still there.  Double click the title bar on the terminal, you'll see your desktop (or whatever else is running).18:14
jhutchinsJakov: Any Linux compatible Xterm should will work just fine in Gnome.18:15
jhutchinsDoes the Ubuntu gnome install set up the traditional four workspaces?18:16
oacIt sets up dynamic workspaces, so two by default and if you move something to the last it will create another one after it18:16
oacYou can set it to use a fixed number in the settings18:17
tomreynsgon: /lib/firmware/intel/sof-tplg/sof-glk-es8336-ssp2.tplg is the SOF file which you *may* need to replace by the newer version from https://github.com/thesofproject/sof-bin/releases/download/v2.2.6/sof-bin-v2.2.6.tar.gz (in-archive path: /sof-bin-v2.2.6/sof-tplg-v2.2.6/ ). unfortunately i do not know whether just this one file would work - you may actually need to update / replace multiple files, if the ones the ubuntu package provides are not18:18
sgontomreyn: got it. I will try that. :] (y)18:20
plt2This is the issues that happen when developers depend on other libs to write their applications18:30
sgonI am not sure what "xkbset m" really does in X11. Are there any equivalent commands in wayland?18:31
tomreynthe "m" stands for "mousekeys", as can be seen in the man page for xkbset18:33
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/18:34
sgonok, the laptop does not have a real mouse button. It uses keyboard keys to simulate mouse click in windows. It uses keycode 84 for left click and keycode 135 for right click. In x11, I simply run xmodmap and `xkbset m`. In Wayland, it's hard to do this. haven't figured out yet. still googling.18:38
tomreynsgon: here's my very rudimentary understanding of the situation, in case it helps: you will find that there is no 1-to-1 replacement, because wayland is no 1-to-1 replacement for X11. there are some tools which try to reproduce X11 functionality for wayland based compositors, but whether those can work depends on what the compositor intends to manage itself, or let's "some other tool" do (if such exists). gnome's compositor, mutter, doesn't18:48
tomreynallow you to use external tooling to manage these, but states it does / will support this itself. just that's not neccessarily the case (yet?), or it may be possible but documentation may be lacking.18:48
sgontomreyn: thanks a lot for the explanation.18:53
tomreynhehe, i'm not sure it really helps.18:56
tomreynsgon: maybe package input-remapper (optional GUI: input-remapper-gtk) would work for what you're trying to achieve19:00
tomreynnewer versions of the software are available via (python) pip and from https://github.com/sezanzeb/input-remapper19:01
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sgontomreyn: thanks a lot. actually, I am trying that app. :)19:02
sgontomreyn: input-remapper works very well. Thanks a lot. :D19:08
tomreynsweet, that's good to know19:08
tomreyna pity you have to run an extra daemon for proxying signals for it, but.. oh well.19:09
sgon(y) =D19:09
sgonit's OK as long as it works. The manufacturer should really improve this pocket laptop design.19:11
jhutchinssgon: When you can buy a basic standard laptop for a similar price there's not going to be enough market for it to be improved for.19:15
sgonStandard laptop is too big to carry around. I always want a real linux mobile phone, but nothing exists yet. 7 inch is big too, but it's the smallest one I can find.19:18
JakovIf I have two monitors, how to minimize with WIN + D only left monitor windows?19:51
EriC^^Jakov: you could maybe write some shortcut that presses the button in the left monitor and quickly presses win + d then goes back to the initial position19:54
EriC^^usually if you press win + d it minimizes the one you're in, or both monitors?19:54
Jakovit does both monitors19:55
Jakovneed to keep right static19:55
EriC^^Jakov: https://askubuntu.com/questions/793195/how-can-i-minimize-windows-only-on-a-specific-monitor19:59
JakovEriC^^ never used scripts before20:10
EriC^^Jakov: it looks clean, nothing sketchy20:13
Jakovthanks, it works, how to add it to shortkey? If all works fine, add it to a shortcut key20:22
plt2Varnish has a major security issue with logging the correct client ip address20:41
EriC^^Jakov: go to settings > keyboard, then custom ones and add a key combo, and for the command do "/path/to/script 1" or 220:48
EriC^^plt2: report to the maintainer?20:49
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plt2I will21:00
u8353v[m]Followed this tutorial for creating BTRFS  filesystem on a Flash Drive21:40
* u8353v[m] uploaded an image: (49KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/GeDuZanheqWyjVvIflsyhlhP/image.png >21:40
u8353v[m]The fact it appears in KDE Partition Manager is good news right?21:41
u8353v[m]How do i bring it back to how it was?21:41
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John_Ivan__hi, has the file tagging option been removed from nautilus/files? I can't seem to find it anymore in the file manager.23:16
John_Ivan__I'm on ubuntu 20 something.23:17
ravageJohn_Ivan__: i think that feature was removed in 201123:29
John_Ivan__ravage, oh... what is the solution now for file tagging?23:30
ravageno idea. never looked into it23:31
John_Ivan__ok thanks23:34
plt2Does anyone know the web site or the author of boxtraper?23:47
plt2I did a search on the internet and I had no luck with it23:51

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