mupPR snapd#12985 opened: many: fill laid out types with disk data when created, on updates <Run nested> <Created by alfonsosanchezbeato> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/12985>09:09
mupPR snapd#12986 opened: tests: make `strace-static` channel point to beta <Simple 😃> <Test Robustness> <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/12986>11:25
mupPR snapd#12987 opened: Valentindavid/remove kernel param <Created by valentindavid> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/12987>11:50
mupIssue core20#143 closed: $passwd not works properly since Core20 #1856 (arm64) and Core20 #1855 (armhf) <Created by SoarHuang> <Closed by alfonsosanchezbeato> <https://github.com/snapcore/core20/issues/143>12:39
mupPR core20#154 opened: static/usr/lib: add rule to override rtc symlink according to kernel param ubuntu_core.rtc_sys_init_time <Created by ernestl> <https://github.com/snapcore/core20/pull/154>12:59
mupPR snapd#12988 opened: asserts: add support for account-key constraints <Created by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/12988>14:16
mupPR snapd#12986 closed: tests: make `strace-static` channel point to beta <Simple 😃> <Test Robustness> <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/12986>15:46
mupPR snapd#12989 opened: tests/nested/manual/uc20-install-in-initrd: remove core-initrd tweaks <Run Nested -auto-> <Created by valentindavid> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/12989>15:46
mupPR snapd#12990 opened: tests/nested/manual/core20-preseed: run on uc22 <Run Nested -auto-> <Created by valentindavid> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/12990>15:46
mupPR snapd#12978 closed: tests/lib/tools: fix the segmentation violation check <Simple 😃> <Test Robustness> <Created by Meulengracht> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/12978>19:17
mupPR snapd#12980 closed: t/regression/mount-order-regression: set no mem limit <Simple 😃> <Test Robustness> <Created by Meulengracht> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/12980>19:17
mupPR snapcraft#4282 opened: Add support for custom data <Created by sergio-costas> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/4282>19:51
mupIssue snapcraft#4283 opened: Need to build stable kernel snaps with build-base:core24 or build-base:devel <Bug> <Created by xnox> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/issues/4283>21:32

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