zxmpishhh. it's monday. it hunts by sound and movement05:43
daftykinslol i went to the hospital this morning to have this heart check due to my Uncle's diagnosis10:41
zxmpieek, hope all is well10:41
daftykinsthe toilet immediately outside the cardio unit had a disabled toilet - i did that thing that was a sketch in The IT Crowd, pulled the alarm cord because the flush was a damn mystery10:41
daftykinsi'd already opened the door though and apologised to the poor reception woman xD apparently it's a regular occurrence10:41
daftykinsyeah i've not got any symptoms of note, just one of these "tell extended family to get checked" type of affairs10:42
zxmpiwhen 1 person makes a mistake the mistake is on them, when dozens make same mistake the designer made the mistake10:42
penguin42daftykins: Are you sure this isn't actually a form of heart check - 5% of the people who set off the alarm collapse on the spot and get treated10:44
daftykinsooh could be a good way to cut the line!10:45
daftykinsso i have one of those funky 24 hour monitors clipped to my belt - and 3 electrodes taped on10:45
daftykinsafter an ultrasound and the fitting of that, i immediately trotted over to the hospital cafeteria where i got a fry up \o/10:46
zxmpia decent smart watch these days would be less intrusive :-)10:46
daftykinsi was having to strategically stash it as i cycled home10:46
daftykinsi can't shower until i've dropped it off tomorrow now, doh10:46
zxmpisee, if you of worn a kilt it would perfectly in your sporran :-)10:47
daftykinsdamn, next time!10:48
daftykinsalthough the leads are so short it doesn't even make it below belt level10:48
zxmpilook up hobo shower, claening yourself up with wet wipes when you can't shower10:48
daftykinsalso the clock on it is 10 mins out :P i have to write a diary of events10:49
zxmpiat least it's not blinking 12:00:00 :-)10:49
zxmpiif you turn on a pedometer on your watch it'll keep a record of your movements so you can fill in your diary accurately10:50
zxmpi*on your phone10:50
daftykinsah, eating the fry up then cycling home is about all i will end up having - maybe the return trip10:52

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