Bashing-om!ppa | plt2 Looked here ?00:01
ubottuplt2 Looked here ?: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:01
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plt2I am getting this error ./snmptrapd start00:40
plt2./snmptrapd: 10: .: Can't open /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions00:40
plt2is snmptrapd boxtrapper?00:40
Bashing-om!info snmptrapd jammy | plt200:46
ubottuplt2: snmptrapd (5.9.1+dfsg-1ubuntu2.6, jammy): Net-SNMP notification receiver. In component universe, is optional. Built by net-snmp. Size 26 kB / 90 kB00:46
plt2It has nothing to do with boxtraper?00:52
plt2!info exmin00:53
ubottuPackage exmin does not exist in lunar00:53
plt2!info shell00:53
ubottuPackage shell does not exist in lunar00:53
plt2!info pop300:53
ubottuPackage pop3 does not exist in lunar00:53
plt2!info sendmail00:54
ubottusendmail (, lunar): powerful, efficient, and scalable Mail Transport Agent (metapackage). In component universe, is extra. Built by sendmail. Size 7 kB / 224 kB00:54
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devslashI am getting an error "no valid A records found for devslash.com" when I try to set up Nginx Proxy Manager to generate ssl certificates using letsencrypt with my domain that is hosted by GoDaddy. I have a wildcard A record on it. The certbot request is using DNS challenge. I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, but I already have another reverse proxy manager that I'm using called Traefik which I have shut off but have previously used with this same01:53
devslashdomain to request LetsEncrypt SSL certificates01:53
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ravagedevslash: *. a records do not cover the domain itself02:24
ravageYou have to add that separately02:25
devslashwhat do i need to add02:29
ravageAn A record for devslash.com02:33
devslashpointing to my home ip02:33
ravageIf that is where you want to get the certificate then yes02:34
devslashi dont think so02:34
devslashmy domain is with godaddy02:34
ravageBut you can't get wildcard certificates that way02:34
ravageThat only works via DNS challenge02:35
devslashmy current reverse proxy works fine with a wildcard cert A name record02:35
devslashusing a wildcard cert does?02:35
ravagecertbot or acme.sh should have plugins for godaddy02:36
devslashhave you ever used nginx proxy manager02:36
ravageWell I used nginx as a proxy server02:37
ravageNo idea what that manager is or does02:37
ravageI think I prefer to do that myself02:40
ravageThis is also very off topic for this room. Maybe you should ask for help through that application's support channels02:41
Guest68Greetings, I am getting this error https://imgur.com/a/9dDWR2m Don't know what to do03:19
rboxand when you do what it says...03:21
Guest68I am naive, should I do it?03:21
Guest68running apt-get doesn't seem to do anything special03:24
Guest68When I try clicking anything after firefox it says snap has no update available https://imgur.com/a/KUt2SCA03:29
mybalzitchGuest68: try clicking it with firefox closed03:31
Guest68Yeah for firefox it says that, but for others it says no updates are available03:31
Guest68weird now they are gone03:33
D_A_Nif my usb has 1mb of unallocated space at the end is it still considered single-sector? https://i.gyazo.com/cdcbdcc414e330c2e09d4a9c480da93f.png https://i.gyazo.com/aeb54250d921e4f93f4a7f2eea9358e8.png04:30
D_A_Nusing gparted, can't seem to get rid of the 1mb unallocated at the end, not sure if it's a big deal for the purpose of updating bios04:33
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alkisgD_A_N: it's fine, gparted is trying to make the disk as compatible as possible05:39
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sammy12Hi if you install windows on unsupported hardware will it stop updates?06:14
tomreynsammy12: Hi. Do you have an Ubuntu support question?06:15
sammy12Well I'm annoyed I can't upgrade windows on my laptop so I'm considering using Ubuntu06:16
sammy12Just nervous06:16
tomreynWhen using Ubuntu, you can install Ubuntu updates as long as the Ubuntu release is supported for this hardware architecture.06:18
tomreyn(there is also #windows)06:18
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bodiccea_kernel is being "kept back" when doing "apt-get upgrade". I think I did force an install recently, for the exact same reason, so current one may be considered manually installed. What should I do (no force install) to sole this issue ?06:45
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tomreynjust running "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade" is likely not enough, you'll occasionally want to run "apt-get dist-upgrade", too.06:49
tomreynwhat you will need to to do to fix the force-install you did will depend on the exact command you ran there, and the state of packages at the time.06:50
tomreyndpkg --force-... options should not be used unless you know exactly what the outcome will be.06:51
bodiccea_I did not use "dpkg --force" but maybe "apt-get install" when I got the same issue last week, which could have caused current issue.07:00
bodiccea_Maybe setting some packages as non manually installed could help ? or not ?07:34
bodiccea_If yes, how to do this ?07:34
weedmicbodiccea_: before advancing to the next version, did you try to update/perfect the version you have not, fix broken, autoremove, etc?07:35
bodiccea_weedmic, yes... I did not change version (currently 23.04), nothing more that using "software updater" or apt update/upgrade07:57
bodiccea_and as I said maybe an "apt install" recently when I got some "kept back" packages for kernel.07:58
bodiccea_I can add that I got the same issue on my laptop (23.04 too) that I use from time to time, and got also a "kept back" for kernel.08:00
weedmici may not fully understand the term "kept back"08:01
bodiccea_me too :-(08:01
ograkep back means a dependency is not ready yet ...08:02
weedmiccan you use something like pastebin and post the actual message?08:02
weedmicoic, and fix broken did not help?08:02
bodiccea_or maybe "manually" install prevents "auto" upg ?08:03
bodiccea_According to synaptic, no broken package.08:03
bodiccea_weedmic: https://dpaste.org/kZuba08:06
alkisgbodiccea_: don't use apt upgrade, which doesn't install new packages. Use apt full-upgrade, which does08:07
bodiccea_hmmm... Is "linux-generic" a new package ? Being "kept back" means already installed, no ?08:09
alkisgbodiccea_: linux-generic is a metapackage which pulls different packages each time08:10
alkisgSo linux-generic isn't a problem, but its dependencies are08:10
ogralinux-generic is a metapackage, it does not contain anything but only has dependencies on the latest kernel08:10
alkisgE.g. you may have linux-modules-nvidia-470-6.2.0-23-generic installed; apt upgrade won't allow linux-modules-nvidia-470-6.2.0-24-generic (24 vs 23) to get installed08:11
alkisgIn general don't ever use apt upgrade unless you really know why you want to use it08:11
bodiccea_Do you mean apt update+apt upgrade is not the normal way to go ?08:13
P1roHi, im trying to figure or find best way to get a up-to-date backups of my systems, so far im trying to make a rsync script to send over ssh, what others others/tools can be recommended? thanks.08:13
alkisgThe normal way is: apt update; apt full-upgrade08:16
bodiccea_P1ro, I use an rsync-based script, which allows daily/weekly/yearly backups, using symlinks for unchanged files: https://github.com/braoult/Tools/blob/master/bash/sync.sh08:18
P1rothanks bodiccea_ going to check08:19
ravageP1ro: https://www.borgbackup.org/08:24
ravagealso https://restic.net/ seems to be popular08:25
P1rothanks ravage going to check these!!08:25
toddcsome updates are Phased in also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhasedUpdates that may also cause kept back08:29
weedmicbodiccea_: haven't read past your post yet, but... you need to close synaptic before you run the command, however, when you installed nvidia, did you tell synaptic to prevent changes?  if so, that might be what you want.  fyi I do that on opensuse mahcines. - ok readin gon08:35
weedmicfor ubuntu, i generally use synaptic for my upgrades unless I am adding something not int he library.08:36
jooDear Diary. It is now day 14 since upgrading to ubuntu 23 and still no improvement in the firefox file save dialog or nautilus performance.08:43
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jooofcause it was the snap version of firefox08:53
ravagejoo: "/query joo" seems to be the better place for that08:54
hsiktas[m]In https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zram-config is there a way to increase the zram size without directly editing the `/usr/bin/init-zram-swapping` shell script?09:12
hsiktas[m]I would like to increase its size to my RAM size like Fedora did: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Scale_ZRAM_to_full_memory_size09:13
bodiccea_weedmic, I am unsure about what I did with nvidia drivers... How could I make some package become "not manually installed" ?09:24
elliot_nickserver aa09:32
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mawkI'm trying to uninstall libpcsclite1, and this happens: https://bpa.st/raw/UX3A09:33
mawkit wants to remove a whole lot of packages09:33
mawkit let me remote pcscd fine, but libpcsclite1 it does that09:33
mawkis it because of the line "Task: ubuntu-desktop-minimal, ubuntu-desktop, ..." in the deb package metadata?09:34
mawkwhen I check the things it wants to remove none have a dependency on libpcsclite109:34
mawkI'm running 23.0409:35
ograthat lib is used by the login manager (gdm) to allow it to log in via smart cards09:36
mawkso if I want to replace it I can either 1) mark it on hold and divert the .so or 2) make my own .deb package and install it over09:37
artjomwow irc is still alive. hello09:38
mawkbut if it's used by gdm for smartcard login it should also have a dependency on pcscd, it doesn't work without as far as I know09:38
PvtJokerI have just installed Kubuntu 23.04 - is this channel appropriate for discussing Kubuntu?09:43
PvtJokerI am wondering what is a good way to get MS OFfice running on Ubuntu or Kubuntu if anyone could point me in the right direction09:45
ograPvtJoker, for sure ... though there might be people in #kubuntu that will know specific desktop bits better09:45
PvtJokerah thank you ogra :)09:45
artjomyou can join kubuntu channel by typing /join #kubuntu09:45
PvtJokerI'm just really excited to have Linux on my desktop again. Pardon my enthusiasm. :)09:46
ograis libreoffice not sufficient ? it alows editing and creating MSOffice docs09:46
PvtJokeroh I will try that. I have many .docx and was not sure about compatibility09:46
artjomi dont think you can install ms office09:48
mawk.docx is better specified than .doc09:48
mawkso it should work just fine with libreoffice09:48
mawkprovided the document doesn't do weird VisualBasic stuff09:48
PvtJokerthat is good to know09:49
ogramawk, looking closer, there seems to be a wpasupplicant dependency too for that lib (not sure why though) ...09:49
mawkah, probably for 802.1X authentication09:50
mawkI diverted the .so09:50
mawkwith: sudo dpkg-divert --divert /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/x-libpcsclite.so.1.0.0.distrib  --rename --add /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpcsclite.so.1.0.009:51
mawkand it seems to work09:51
mawkI had to add the x- in front otherwise ldconfig would still pick it up and make a symlink to it09:51
ograjust dont forget about it ... i.e. in case you see weird behavior in a few monts09:51
mawkwell I wanted to build and install that lib manually, so all should work fine for the rest of time09:52
mawkyes the pcsc daemon works perfectly now10:00
mawknow I have version 2.0.0 instead of the very ancient 1.9.910:00
weedmicjoo: perhaps you are using snap firefox - have you thought of removing that and using the full firefox package?  I don't know anything about nautilus though.  but "snap list" will list your snap apps.10:09
weedmicvery next post was snap - nvm10:09
weedmici'll see what the ubuntu term is, but in opensuse it is called "taboo" - the item will not be touched for updating.  often used for nouveau which ruins nvidia.  bodiccea_10:10
weedmicbodiccea_: "lock at current version"10:11
weedmicPvtJoker: install apps via muon or synaptic for ease and ensuring they are complete - or apt if they are not in the list.10:12
PvtJokerweedmic muon eh? I will read up on that. Thanks!10:13
beatzzsorry all, I'm working on my hexchat settings10:16
beatzzfor the join/parts*10:16
weedmicPvtJoker: or synaptic - i always forget which one comes with ubuntu (and now have it in my phone) - I always think it's called aptitude, but that is a big mistake in my memory10:17
elsheepocan you unban beatzz, thats me on my server10:25
elsheepoI removed the channel from autojoin until I get nickserv figured out10:25
elsheepothank you10:41
u8353v[m]I need to have ubuntu/windows 10 dual boot.10:56
u8353v[m]Can i do it with the already installed ubuntu, or better install ubuntu again with manual partitioning?10:56
u8353v[m]I am following this tutorial.10:56
ravageplease dont cross post10:58
weedmicu8353v[m]: as I understand it, windows needs to have a piece of the boot sector so most people recommend installing the windows first.  however, bearing that in mine - I have heard it is possible to do it after ubuntu was installed, but you then need to manually boot into ubuntu, reinstall grub, edit it, etc.  so to put is simple, yes, install windows first.  if you like the linux u have now, clonezilla it to a file on a different hdd, install the windows,11:01
weedmicthen put back the linux sectors, then setup grub.11:01
weedmiccould be wrong though - i only use windows inside virtualbox/vmware/esxi (and I really don't like it)11:02
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u8353v[m]<weedmic> "u8353v: as I understand it..." <- the linux i have now can be replicated in 5 mins so i wont waste time with that 🙂11:14
u8353v[m]Windows>create partition for linux>install ubuntu in it>done!11:14
Gabrieltzhello, Since i upgraded from 20.04 on a blade server, it appears that the qla2xxx driver fails all paths in less than one hour, I have tried  kernels 5.15.0-76 and 5.19.0-46 .11:16
GabrieltzOther blades on the same switch with 20.04 or older versions , even an ancient centos 5 for testing work fine. Do you have any ideas ?11:16
Gabrieltzi added ql2xextended_error_logging=0x1e400000 module parameter but nothing was reported after it got stuck. Just the message "multipath: 253:0: Failing path 8:80."  for each path11:18
Gabrieltzduring this phase of being stuck , every process that tries to access the device mapper disk or any individual /dev/sdX hangs , until i echo 1 > issue_lip for each host , force unmount , remove qla2xxx driver and try again11:21
weedmicu8353v[m]: concur11:28
ograGabrieltz, i'd try #ubuntu-kernel11:30
Gabrieltzthank you11:31
u8353v[m]<weedmic> "u8353v: concur" <- 👍️11:41
weedmicu8353v[m]: just fyi, except on very special machines where I backup the sys volume with clonezilla, I have found that it is just faster to install linux from scracth and change a few settings to our network.  this usually only happens with an hardware failure.  I think the longest it's taken me this last year to install and setup a machine is 18 mins.  just not worth the hassle.11:52
u8353v[m]<weedmic> "u8353v: just fyi, except on very..." <- amen!12:13
u8353v[m]i came to same conclusion. that it's not worth the hassle with rescuezilla for e.g12:13
u8353v[m]with backups all i need is to reinstall which takes 10 minutes and then run the apps script i have which takes another 5 and i have everything back as it was!12:13
u8353v[m]this is the beauty about linux. install 90% of software from the official repos 🙂12:13
BluesKajHi all12:15
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nonawithout having a bionic VM up somewhere, is there a place online where i could see what the latest version of a package was, there?15:17
jhutchinsnona: What package?15:35
leftyfbnona: rmadison <package name>15:35
NiclosHello Team, if I install Anaconda on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS do I get python3 version 3.6.8 through that?15:52
leftyfbNiclos: that is completely unsupported here15:54
vlmtried searching for it in repository no such packages for me atleast15:54
leftyfbvlm: we've been through this with Niclos. There is no 3.6.8 in any supported release of ubuntu. 3.6.8 was EOL'd by the python project a long time ago and should not be used15:55
leftyfbNiclos has been advised to fix the python script so it worked on supported versions of python15:56
vlmleftyfb ok was replying to niclos though i dont need it -_-15:56
leftyfbat the very least, they were advised to install Ubuntu 20.94 in a VM or container and test the script against 3.8.215:57
leftyfbsorry, 20.0415:57
Niclosleftyfb: thank you, so the python3 3.6.8 version package is not on the Anaconda?16:00
leftyfbNiclos: I don't know, I don't use anaconda and it's not supported here. You should NOT be trying to shoe-horn 3.6.8 onto anything. That is the wrong solution.16:01
ogragiven you have spent multiple days on this already investing the time into simply fixing the compatibility probs of the scripts might really be faster ...16:02
leftyfbI bet it wouldn't take 4 days to fix the script16:03
Niclosthe problem is PetaLinux/Xilinx 2020.1 build pipelines using the python3 version 3.6.8 and they told me pthon3 3.10.6 is break the build.16:05
leftyfbdid you try 3.8.2 available in ubuntu 20.04 like I've suggested twice now?16:07
leftyfbNiclos: also, file a bug with PetaLinux/Xilinx to get them to fix their code to work with supported versions of Python16:08
Niclosleftyfb: they said 'We tried that'.16:12
leftyfbNiclos: then consider PetaLinux/Xilinx a dead project. They cannot expect to continue to survive by never upgrading python ever again16:13
molahow are you guys doing..16:23
molano one is replying.. i guess machine learning or creating neural-networks right16:24
moladon't quit guys16:24
leftyfb!chat | mola16:24
ubottumola: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:24
molawe'll are here to talk16:24
molai understand16:24
molaleftyfb, ubotuu.. i thought it as a whatsapp16:25
molamisunderstood.. and i think won't repeat it again16:25
ManouchehriAny clue what causes some snaps to error out with this after awhile? DBus error "System.Error.E2BIG": [Argument list too long]16:26
molawai lemme check16:27
Manouchehrihttps://github.com/canonical/microk8s/issues/2194#issuecomment-1469292204 <- this kills all my sessions so it kinda sucks..16:27
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 2194 in canonical/microk8s "'microk8s.kubectl' failed: cannot create transient scope: DBus error 'System.Error.E2BIG'" [Open]16:27
moladid you get what was causing you the snap issue16:31
molawhat snap are you referring to here.. snapstores in linux16:31
molaand i think #ubuntu probably solved your issue16:32
Manouchehrioh hmm maybe this is the problem. https://stackoverflow.com/a/5992652416:33
Manouchehrimola: how?16:35
molano Manoucheri .. i thought one-of-the mods here solved your issue.. as they are here for the very purpose.. well.. when i too googled the error.. it stated about the arg-list too long.. and now you referred a article that discusses that it is a very BUG16:38
Manouchehrino mods have replied as far as I can tell...?16:38
molawhat do mean by snaps16:38
molasnapstores or anything else16:39
Manouchehrilike I program I installed through snapd16:39
leftyfbmola: the support provided here is by the community. Not "mods"16:39
molaunderstood leftyfb.. now be normal16:40
molayou installed a program through snap.. or some package for the program.. please specify this16:42
Manouchehri`sudo snap install ipsw`16:42
molaclear the snap cache by this sudo rm -rf /var/cache/snapd/16:48
molacheck again if this works16:48
molaif the first one doesn't try sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade.. it's usually recommended to do- before installing anything.. in-case you forgot16:51
oacno no no please don't16:51
molaoac what happened16:51
leftyfboac: can we help you with something?16:52
oacjust probably not a great idea to `sudo rm -rf /var/cache/snapd`16:52
leftyfbmola: they aren't having a problem installing the snap. Only when it runs. Clearing the snapd cache isn't going to affect anything. Nor is updating apt packages16:52
molanot the snap i understand.. the program right16:53
leftyfboac: deleting /var/cache/snapd/* isn't going to hurt anything16:53
molaoac you can just reinstall that if in case anything goes teribbly wronf16:53
leftyfbbut it won't fix anything either16:53
molaipsw is a program i looked for jaibreaking iphones or what16:54
molathis is what i got from there github:   ipsw [command]16:55
molaAvailable Commands:16:55
mola  debugserver     Prep device for remote debugging16:55
mola  device-list     List all iOS devices16:55
mola  diff            Diff IPSWs16:55
mola  download        Download Apple Firmware files (and more)16:55
leftyfb!paste | mola16:56
ubottumola: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:56
Manouchehrimola: don't think clearing the cache is gonna make a difference16:59
molaplease why yo guys activated the quite mode16:59
molai understood.. i was wrong16:59
oacManouchehri: have you taken a look at this yet? https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/dbus-error-system-error-e2big-error/29227/316:59
oacNot that there appears to be any real solution there...17:00
Manouchehrihaha yeah, I was bout to say I don't see any solution17:00
Manouchehrimy current guess is maybe it's related to journald at the user level17:01
Manouchehrinext time I run into it I'll try that17:01
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 7119 in systemd/systemd "systemd-journald Argument list too long" [Open]17:01
molaso the issue got fixed now for you manochehri17:02
Manouchehrino clue what gave you that impression17:02
oacInteresting, it looks like it might be an incorrect error code. E2BIG instead of ENOSPC, where the latter is caused by journal size being too large. I'd definitely give truncating the journal a try.17:03
molanothing leave it17:04
molajust for the logs lol17:05
molanothing related to ipsw related error17:05
molawhat are you saying17:05
ufwhen setting up a simple cron job, but for a complicated command with parameters and stuff, do you need to escape the command or something?17:08
ufi mean when there's characters like >, &, ", etc. in the command17:09
leftyfbuf: I would use a systemd timer instead of cron17:10
leftyfbuf: because it's the modern way of running scheduled jobs. There's more capability and less chance you run into escape or ENVAR issues17:12
ufdoes that really require a service AND a timer?17:24
leftyfbit's really not that difficult though17:27
spmkdeuf: here's a good article on how to set that up: https://silentlad.com/how-to-use-systemd-timers-(cronjob-alternative)17:30
ufi just cant see myself remembering i did any of these in a few months17:30
spmkdeand here's a good intro on the timer format: https://silentlad.com/systemd-timers-oncalendar-(cron)-format-explained17:30
leftyfbthe logging is worlds better as well17:31
PvtJokerhello Guest8517:42
Guest85I have Legion 7 Slim17:43
Guest85i installed ubuntu lot of versions but i dont have sound17:43
Guest85from windows 11 i have17:43
Guest85can someone help me with this :(17:43
PvtJokerGuest85 in the future you should not share that17:43
PvtJokerit has your serial number17:44
Guest85its not my its random legion 7 slim but whats problem?17:44
PvtJokerSerial Number:MP2FMFL017:45
lavaballis /etc/netplan still being used?i want to add a permanent route. ip r a ip1 via ip2 lalal, you know how it goes.17:45
PvtJokerGuest85 what chipset does your audio use?17:46
Guest85im not in near laptop its from my friend17:47
PvtJokerask your friend to type : sudo dmesg | grep audio17:47
Guest85i installed ubuntu she asked but no sound :(17:47
PvtJokerthat should return some information to give us a clue17:47
oacIn the settings, do you see if any audio devices are appearing? Is it possible the wrong one is selected? e.g. HDMI audio output instead of the built-in sound card?17:48
leftyfbGuest85: when you're near the laptop, let us know and we'll be happy to help you. Or tell your friend to join here to get help. We can't troubleshoot adequately with an unknown time buffer17:50
PvtJokeroac : good one. i had not thought of that :)17:50
Guest85its realtek chipset17:51
Guest85can someone help me with that17:53
leftyfbGuest85: let us know when you can run commands on the laptop and we can troubleshoot17:54
Guest85what commands?17:55
oacGuest85: What Ubuntu version is installed?17:57
oac23.04 or 22.04?17:57
oacthe latter is the latest LTS (sometimes default) and the former is the actual latest17:58
leftyfbGuest85: ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ; lspci ) | nc termbin.com 999917:58
leftyfbGuest85: run that and paste the resulting URL here17:58
sidjamesServer user only here, 22.04: Netplan. Does Desktop still use Network Manager?18:05
sidjamesCool. Switching then, I'm more familiar with that.18:08
leftyfbsidjames: network manager really isn't meant for the server. You should be using netplan18:10
sidjamesNo, I mean I'll switch to Desktop18:10
leftyfbjust to manage networking?18:11
leftyfbsidjames: what exactly is the issue?18:12
sidjamesNo issue really, I just know Network Manager much better18:13
leftyfbsidjames: seems silly to add additional overhead to your server and complexity when nothing is actually broken18:15
mefistof1lesusing ubuntu jammy with  http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu as repo18:29
mefistof1lesI get random transfer drops with it, is there anythign I should be changing to get better transfer rates?18:30
mefistof1lesit starts pretty fast and all of a sudden it drops18:30
mefistof1leschose another mirror and it's working as expected18:36
PvtJokerI'm having trouble with a CIFS mount showing up as read-only :18:42
PvtJokersudo mount -t cifs -o username=patrick,password=nope!,rw,user // Patrick/18:43
leftyfbPvtJoker: can you write to it as root?18:43
PvtJokeri will try18:44
PvtJokeryes i can write : sudo nano test.txt18:45
leftyfbPvtJoker: if so, then it's not mounted read-only, you just haven't set the permissions properly. You can try something like:   uid=$(id -u),gid=$(id -g)18:45
PvtJokerleftyfb it works! never would have gotten that myself! thank you18:46
leftyfbPvtJoker: first result on google when searching for "cifs mount read/write"18:47
PvtJokerah noted18:47
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Guest1875can someone help me with my new legion 7 slim19:02
Guest1875no sound19:02
leftyfbGuest1875:  ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ; lspci ) | nc termbin.com 999919:03
leftyfbGuest1875: run that and post the resulting URL here19:03
Guest1875ok 2 min please19:03
Guest1875leftyfb https://termbin.com/5x6p19:11
yes-ubuntuHello! Is there a chat room for nano text editor?19:12
leftyfb!alis | yes-ubuntu19:12
ubottuyes-ubuntu: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»19:12
leftyfbGuest1875: did you try looking in the settings to select an audio output device? It looks like you have audio on the motherboard and over HDMI through the GPU19:13
yes-ubuntuleftyfb: thank you!19:13
Guest1875leftyfb i need turn on sound laptop is without sound there is no hdmi19:13
Guest1875on windows its work but on ubuntu ints without sound19:14
leftyfbGuest1875: did you try looking in the settings to select an audio output device? I19:14
Guest1875leftyfb 1 min i will check it again19:15
Guest1875leftyfb https://ibb.co/jh0DzwD19:16
Guest1875here is screen19:16
leftyfbGuest1875: settings -> sound19:16
oacYeah, that looks like pavucontrol, is that preinstalled?19:17
Guest1875leftyfb https://ibb.co/gdqvz7D19:17
Guest1875oac yea here is also pavucontrol19:18
oacIf you have pavucontrol ("Volume Control"), you could also check the "Playback" tab to see if certain applications have different output devices selected19:18
Guest1875oac https://ibb.co/Dg1CtC819:19
Guest1875any other options?19:22
oacGuest1875: It doesn't look like there's an output device selected for firefox, not that I can see how to select one (I have a dropdown to the right of the application name). Could you possibly open another application like Rhythmbox/VLC/Spotify/Amberol and see if audio works for any of them?19:22
leftyfbGuest1875: settings -> sound19:23
Guest1875leftyfb and?19:26
leftyfbGuest1875: please screenshot what it looks like, preferably with the dropdown under "Output Device" showing all the options19:26
Guest1875leftyfb https://ibb.co/7pxQNpc19:28
Guest1875oac https://ibb.co/7pxQNpc19:28
Guest1875still no sound19:28
leftyfbGuest1875: what other options are under "Output Device"?19:28
Guest1875only speakers19:29
leftyfbGuest1875: since your system has both onboard and audio through the GPU, I would suggest installing the proprietary drivers for your GPU with: sudo ubuntu-drivers install19:30
Guest1875this help19:30
leftyfbmy guess is the lack of proper drivers is confusing your system into believing the default/only audio is the GPU19:31
leftyfbGuest1875: you're asking if my suggestion is going to help?19:31
leftyfbGuest1875: that's the whole point of asking for help isn't it? Someone suggesting something to try and seeing if it works19:32
Guest1875Traceback (most recent call last):19:32
Guest1875  File "/usr/bin/ubuntu-drivers", line 513, in <module>19:32
Guest1875    greet()19:32
Guest1875  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/click/core.py", line 1128, in __call__19:32
Guest1875    return self.main(*args, **kwargs)19:32
Guest1875  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/click/core.py", line 1053, in main19:32
leftyfb!paste | Guest187519:32
ubottuGuest1875: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:32
leftyfbGuest1875: sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo ubuntu-drivers install19:33
mefistof1lesoh no, upgraded ubuntu and nvidai drivers are now failing... damn19:34
Guest1875leftyfb i use that last  command  im waiting19:34
leftyfbmefistof1les: define "upgraded ubuntu". You're upgrading between releases (which ones) or just ran normal package updates?19:35
oacOne thing I notice: in pavucontrol under "Playback" the Firefox application had volume levels appearing on the slider, but in Settings->Sound there are no levels appearing. So I would bet the problem is not with sound drivers, but with sound configuration not correctly sending sound to the "Speakers - Built-in Audio" device19:35
mefistof1lesleftyfb: no, same release19:36
mefistof1lesjsut did an apt upgrade19:36
oacleftyfb: How else would you explain why there is no sound peak level in Settings->Sound? That is input volume to that audio device19:37
leftyfbbecause it's not detecting the output sound device properly, potentially due to the lack of proper drivers for the HDMI audio output built into the GPU which is confusing the system to believe that GPU is the default/only audio device19:39
cbreakanyone got any idea if ubuntu still has devs? There doesn't seem to be any activity on this basic functionality breaking bug like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/197159419:41
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1741074 in firefox (Ubuntu) "[snap] chrome-gnome-shell extension fails to detect native host connector" [High, In Progress] [duplicate: 1971594]19:41
Guest1875leftyfb black screen19:42
mefistof1lescbreak: it definitely has devs, but they are probably busy with higher priority things19:43
leftyfbcbreak: from what I understand, that bug is actively being worked on. You'll just have to wait19:45
leftyfbGuest1875: after a reboot?19:45
Guest1875leftyfb 1 min19:45
Guest1875leftyfb same19:47
cbreakleftyfb: cool19:47
cbreaka coworker switched to the firefox ppa, so I've been considering that too, but ...19:47
oaccbreak: if you need to use that particular feature on Firefox, you could try the firefox flatpak instead, the sandboxing might be more flexible there.19:47
leftyfbGuest1875: if so, try hitting CTRL+ALT+F1 and running: ubuntu-drivers devices19:48
leftyfbGuest1875: pastebin the results19:48
Guest1875im using anydesk can you send me command please19:49
cbreakoac: hmm... that might be an other way. But probably won't work. At work we use some shitty VPN software (F5 somethingsomething) that is browser integrated, and some also-terrible file transfer software (IBM Aspera), both of which are probably integrated badly19:49
cbreakfor these I have an LXC container with 20.04, so ...19:49
cbreakbut for home, maybe that works, here my only problem is 1password not integrating19:50
Guest1875leftyfb there is any option to send that command  in terminal?19:53
leftyfbGuest1875: huh?19:53
oaccbreak: the firefox snap works for me with the Bitwarden extension (autofill, etc.), so not sure what would be causing problems with 1password unfortunately19:53
Guest1875leftyfb im with anydesk19:53
Guest1875i cant send that command19:53
leftyfbwhy not?19:54
leftyfbGuest1875: doing this type of troubleshooting remotely over anydesk is ill-advised19:55
Guest1875leftyfb there is nothing happend19:55
leftyfbdefine "nothing happened". What do you see?19:55
Guest1875user type his password19:55
Guest1875and same screen19:55
leftyfbdefine "same screen"19:56
leftyfbCan they login to the console?19:56
Guest1875im in terminal19:56
Guest1875when i press ctrl+alt+f1 there coming login screen19:56
oacGuest1875: are you saying they do get to a login screen and the black screen only occurs after they log in?19:56
leftyfbright, login19:56
Guest1875she type password and login19:56
cbreakoac: the extension works, but it can't communicate with the desktop application19:57
Guest1875oacno there is no more black screen we restarted19:57
leftyfbwhat happens when she logs in to the terminal?19:57
cbreakso I have to log-in twice, and it can't use system-unlock, and cross-sync19:57
Guest1875leftyfb nothing there is just terminal window19:57
leftyfbGuest1875: are you saying they have a proper desktop environment now?19:57
Guest1875when i need press that command and where?19:57
leftyfbGuest1875: lets take multiple steps back19:58
Guest1875i need close all windows and press ctrl+alt+f119:58
leftyfbGuest1875: does the machine currently boot up to an ubuntu desktop screen?19:58
Guest1875yes we are in ubuntu19:59
Guest1875desktop screen19:59
leftyfbok, then we do not need to open a TTY to debug that part of it19:59
leftyfbGuest1875: open the "additional drivers" app19:59
leftyfbok, perfect20:00
Guest1875i tried using x.org20:00
leftyfbit looks like you have proper drivers installed now20:00
leftyfbGuest1875: what? What about x.org?20:00
Guest1875i changed this from x.org to what u see on screen20:01
leftyfbwhat do you mean exactly?20:01
Guest1875when i install ubuntu there is no sound and i think it was nvidia driver20:02
leftyfboh, I see20:02
Guest1875and select option20:02
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leftyfbdid you JUST pcik the first one now?20:02
Guest1875and installed restarted and still no sound20:02
Guest1875not now20:02
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Guest18752-3 hours ago20:02
Guest1875maybe 420:02
leftyfbok, so you have rebooted since you selected the 535 driver?20:02
leftyfbwhat are the options under settings -> sound -> Output Device ?20:03
Guest1875only one option20:04
Guest1875speakers built in audio20:04
Guest1875maybe i need download driver from nvidia website?20:04
leftyfbyou could try the other driver options in the list but I don't have a lot of confidence one of them is going to work any better20:06
leftyfbI'm kind of at a loss here, maybe someone else can assist20:06
Guest1875leftyfb thank you bro <320:06
Guest1875leftyfb for your help and humanity you are the best <320:07
Jakovwhat is shortcut to select all text in gnome terminal @ ubuntu20:07
leftyfbthere isn't one20:09
leftyfbJakov: https://askubuntu.com/questions/692975/how-to-perform-a-select-all-via-keyboard-in-recent-versions-of-gnome-terminal20:11
leftyfbJakov: first result on google for "gnome terminal select all"20:11
oacGuest1875: can you please go to Settings->Sound and try out the "Test" button next to the "Speakers - Built-in Audio" output device dropdown?20:12
Guest1875no work20:12
Guest1875maybe i need update bios?20:13
oacIs there any way you could plug in an HDMI device with audio output and see if the audio works through there?20:13
leftyfbthey left20:14
taylanHi all, I'm on 22.04 LTS and the latest version of Apache2 available (even with backports) is 2.4.52.  There seem to be some important bug fixes and improvements to mpm_event and mod_http2 in versions after that, so I wish to install the latest version.  Does anyone know if there's a package available in some third party repos?20:14
taylanOtherwise I might compile from source, but I'm not sure if it would be difficult to integrate the manually installed version into the system, like with systemd and all?20:15
leftyfb!latest | taylan20:16
ubottutaylan: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.20:16
oacDoes anyone here know about the internals of EFI boot variables? I'm trying to understand what the value of a Boot#### variable should be, but I'm not seeing where the contents are actually defined: https://uefi.org/specs/UEFI/2.10/03_Boot_Manager.html#boot-manager-programming20:17
taylanThanks for the pointer (PPA), I found this :)  https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/apache220:18
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chrischrisjnrhey all, has anyone had the issue using a mac and ubuntu where the mic doesnt work?20:49
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.20:49
oacI assume you don't mean using Ubuntu Asahi ?20:50
chrischrisjnrRunning 22.04 on a MBP A1425 (2012 MacBook Pro)20:50
chrischrisjnrNeither the internal mic nor a mic connected to headphones work20:50
chrischrisjnrNot Ubuntu Asahi20:54
Aavarchrischrisjnr: not at all or in some applications?20:55
chrischrisjnrnot at all20:55
Aavarchrischrisjnr: could it be a permissions issue? Does it work at root?20:56
chrischrisjnrDoesn't work at root20:57
Aavardoes it show up as a device at all? Or in a mixer?20:58
Jakov*what is shortcut to select all text in gnome terminal @ ubuntu20:58
AavarJakov: https://askubuntu.com/questions/692975/how-to-perform-a-select-all-via-keyboard-in-recent-versions-of-gnome-terminal21:00
chrischrisjnrdoes not show up at all21:11
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Guest54Okay. So I cant find the right google search terms.  My wlan is connected to a router, and internet is working.  I'm running a dhcp server on eth0 - and devices can connect and transfer files between eachother.    But the dhcp server does not provide internet access.  How do I do that? I cant find the right guide on the internet.22:16
Guest54running ubuntu-server by the way.22:17
jeremy31Trying to share a wifi connection over ethernet?22:20
leftyfbGuest54: is this server or desktop?22:22
leftyfbGuest54: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/zvmC3Db5M9/22:23
leftyfbrun that script as root on boot. Probably from /etc/networkd-dispatcher/routable.d/22:23
Guest68I want to ask, I wasn't able to install ubuntu v23, so I installed v22 should I try to update it to v23 now?22:27
mefistof1lesGuest68: weird, what was the reason that you were unable to install v23?22:27
leftyfb!yy.mm | Guest6822:27
ubottuGuest68: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle22:27
Guest68apparently, v23 wasn't able to detect my windows (Yes, I have dual boot set up)22:28
Guest68Oh that's nice to know, thanks!22:28
leftyfbGuest68: Ubuntu does not need to detect Windows22:29
leftyfband the version you are referring to is Ubuntu 23.0422:29
Guest68Yes it does, otherwise I wasn't able to select the partition22:29
mefistof1leswell, it should for you to be able to dual boot, true22:30
mefistof1lesodd that the 23.04 didn't do that22:30
Guest68Yeah, I also asked it here, then a nice guy suggested me to give 22.04 a try22:30
leftyfbGuest68: I would suggest sticking with 22.04 anyway. It's supported until 2027 whereas 23.04 will be End of Life in January.22:31
Guest68Yeah makes sense, I liked the ui of 23.04. The reason I am using ubuntu is to learn about the linux terminal, which I believe will be mostly same in both. I think I will stick with 22.04, thanks for help! Appreciate it22:32
Guest54leftyfb Thanks for your help and miniscript. It didnt work, but what did work was  "nmcli connection add type ethernet ifname eth0 ipv4.method shared con-name local "23:12
leftyfbThat’s assuming you have network manager installed on a server which isn’t default23:12
leftyfbAlso, the script does work23:13
Guest54okay - well thanks again for helping me along23:13
graceHow can I install libgnomecanvasmm ?23:15
sarnoldwhat do you intend to do with it once it's installed?23:16
gracefinish building gladish23:17
sarnoldgrace: try sudo apt install libgnomecanvasmm-2.6-dev  -- or if you're not on focal, whatever version number actually matches :)23:17
graceits a core package with probably a bunch of deps, and I don't want to build core packages23:17
graceI'm on 23.04 and that package no longer exists23:18
gracefrustrating, I know23:19
graceis there a ppa with those packages?23:21
graceI installed ubuntu-studio yesterday and its missing what I consider core packages: gladish, patchage, madjack, claudia23:23
graceand non-mixer23:23
graceI'm considering going to another distro23:23
sarnoldgrace: I don't think there's any ppas, launchpad normally reports ppas with other versions on the package page, near the bottom .. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgnomecanvasmm2.623:23
gracehmm, whats that sandbox that builds packages from source packages ?23:24
gracelet's do that23:24
sarnoldhttps://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=895562 -- the removal bug filed in 2018 .. living the gnome life :(23:25
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Debian bug 895562 in ftp.debian.org "RM: libgnomecanvasmm2.6 -- RoQA; unmaintained upstream; no rdeps" [Normal, Open]23:25
gracesay I download the libgnomecanvasmm2.6_2.26.0.*{dsc,orig.tar.gz,build1.debian.tar.xz} files, how can I then build the package in ubuntu's build sandbox ?23:30
gracepbuilder, I think that was it?23:34
sarnoldyeah, pbuilder or sbuild; you can also set up a ppa and run the builds on launchpad instead23:35
gracemeh, kiss23:35
sarnoldgrace: heh that's actually why I suggested it https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jammy/en/man1/backportpackage.1.html23:39
sarnoldgranted, if it doesn't just build, then you've got a problem to sort out23:39
sarnoldand if that happens, having a local build system would probably be easier / faster23:39
WeeBeyHi, I have a question frens. I'm backing up my ~ to re-install os clean. I'm on 22.10. If I install 23.04 and move my home back, will things break since I'm keeping the configs saved in my .config from 22.10?23:47
plt2Question is the correct gdlib for php 8.2?23:48
plt2php8.3-gd - GD module for PHP23:49
Toadisattvait'll probably be less likely to break things if you do the internal upgrade instead clean install + copy23:49
Toadisattvainstead of*23:49
WeeBeyToadisattva, yeah but I want to set-up luks. Hmm.23:50
sarnoldWeeBey: a lot of that depends upon the applications you use and how graceful they are with older files. most programs do fine.23:51
WeeBeyhmm. Arg. Should be fine (i usually say then suffer for days).23:51

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