orbisviciscoming back to linux audio after some time, jack is behaving strangely. there seem to be two servers, one started by qjackctl and one started by all other apps (patchage, ray-session, ardour, carla), but they seem to share settings / patch connections?03:35
orbisvicisWeird thing, I can't find any running processes with the name *jack*03:36
orbisvicisalso all the jack patchbays I've tried have really really super blurry fonts05:09
orbisvicisdoes anyone know anything about that?05:09
orbisviciscan anyone recommend something like madjack but more full-featured?18:27
gordonjcpoh, I hadn't heard of that, that looks fun18:45
gordonjcporbisvicis: what features does it lack?18:46
orbisvicisgordonjcp: qmadjack: queue multiple tracks, remember the tracks across sessions18:49
orbisvicismanage tracks in a playlist18:49
orbisvicisbasically I'm looking for something like a regular media player, but controllable via osc18:50
gordonjcporbisvicis: oh, that's the whole point of OSC18:52
gordonjcpjust make it play stuff using OSC, and write your script to keep track of state etc via OSC18:53
orbisvicisyeah but I've got to make this easy-to-use for non-computer people18:56
orbisvicismaybe mpd + osc-mpd + ymuse19:00
CristianDelgado[Had you tried linux media player?19:28
CristianDelgado[Sorry linux show player19:29
CristianDelgado[It works via osc and midi19:29
CristianDelgado[orbisvicis: https://www.linux-show-player.org/19:29
orbisvicisCristianDelgado[: wow thanks, that looks like exactly what I need. I'll have to test it since it doesn't have a jack backend and my setup is veery sensitive to latency20:06
orbisvicishmm the github page mentions osc but the docs talk only about midi messages20:11
CristianDelgado[There is a osc to midi bridge20:16
CristianDelgado[I used this many times in performances and works great20:18

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